Program, Focus & Approach

Literacy and Numeracy are Key

Mount View School provides a quality learning environment for all of our students that inspires them to achieve success and fulfillment by reaching their full potential. Through the Alberta Education Framework for Student Learning, students develop a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy at our school. Literacy is the basis of the 21st learner and we are focused on ensuring that all students are able to read and write. Students learn math in authentic and relevant ways so they are able to solve problems in meaningful ways. Being literate and numerate means going beyond the basic skills of reading, writing and solving simple arithmetic problems to acquiring, creating, connecting, and understanding information.

This is pursued through the lens of our motto: 

Climbing to Higher Heights: Every Step Counts 

Our focus is to support, nurture and engage students in meaningful work to ensure their success as young learners. Our desired impact is to bring wisdom, courage, foresight and shared leadership to the work so time, talent and resources are used to personalize learning for all students. All students are supported in their pursuit of achieving their potential. Our team of professionals are committed to work together as a community to optimize student learning.

Together, we are creating a collaborative school culture in which the following competencies are developed: collaboration and leadership; critical thinking and problem solving; creativity and innovation; social responsibility and cultural, global and environmental awareness; communication; digital literacy; and lifelong learning, self-direction and personal management. Voices are valued as we work toward our common purpose. The school is a rich interactive environment. We plan for meaningful learning experiences and connections that deepen the learner’s understanding and curiosity. 

School-wide teaming is evident and active parent involvement enhance our ability to use flexible groups, develop rich learning tasks, and effectively use staff and parent expertise to meet our children’s learning needs. A safe and caring environment has been established where everyone is encouraged to take risks in their learning.

At Mount View School you will observe engaged learners who are striving to meet high expectations. Every child matters at Mount View School.

Resource Services

Resource support is provided for students at the school level through our school learning team. If necessary, we can access further learning supports through our area learning team. We are fortunate to have several specialist teachers at Mount View School, including the following:

  • Music teacher
  • Literacy Lead teacher
  • 2 Galileo Learning Lead teachers
  • Library Technology Specialist


Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s daily school activities and to review together the daily agenda for any important messages from the teacher. Parent’s interest in schoolwork is an important and motivational factor for a child’s success. If students encounter difficulties, we invite you to communicate with the teacher so that the problem can be addressed.

The Value of Non-Instruction Days

You will note on our school calendar that students are dismissed every Friday at 12:40 PM. We believe that we are an effective learning community and we intend to continue to be so. Research tells us that the difference between a good school and that of a great one is where the staff functions as a Professional Learning Community. To do so the staff needs to meet and plan together, and Friday afternoons provide staff with that opportunity. 

Many classrooms in Calgary are experiencing more complex and dynamic learners. Ours are no exception and the expertise and time needed to address the needs of all learners continues to grow. On non-instruction days our staff will be working on team planning and continually developing their skills. Thank you for supporting our staff in doing the very best they can for your children.

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