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CBE Board of Trustees Approves Closure of the National Sport School
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The Future of National Sport School
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Positive COVID-19 Notifications after June 30, 2021
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Year-End Message from the Chief Superintendent
  • CBE Board of Trustees Approves Closure of the National Sport School

  • The Future of National Sport School

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  • Positive COVID-19 Notifications after June 30, 2021

  • Year-End Message from the Chief Superintendent

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Principal's Message

As this school year closes

​Hello NSS Families,
As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close I just wanted to provide an update on staffing for the 2020-2021 school year. We are sad several staff members will be moving on next year. 
Mr. Nathan Kravetsky (Math 20-2, Blast and Athlete Development) – Mr. Kravetsky joined NSS  February of  2020.  During his short time in class, he made strong connections with students and was adapting to the unique learning environment of NSS.  As we moved to pandemic learning Mr. Kravetsky worked hard to ensure all of his students had the opportunity to be successful.  We wish Mr. Kravetsky all the best in future teaching assignments.
Ms. Kirandeep Sharda (Humanities 9 &10, Social 20) – Ms. Sharda has been with NSS since February of  2020 (in for Ms. Lara Moos) and has done an amazing job with the students; not only in class but during the transition to on-line learning.  Her knowledge of the subject areas, use of technology and rapport with the students allowed her to be a great fit in the NSS community.  Ms. Sharda is an excellent teacher and will have many teaching opportunities in the future.
Mr. Gordon Phillips (Math 10C, Math 20-1, Science 9, Physics 20, Physics 30) – Mr. Phillips joined NSS in September 2019 as a part-time teacher but quickly his position developed into full time as enrollment increased.  Mr. Phillips easy going nature and personality quickly won over the students at NSS and many would have thought he had been on staff for years.  As a first year teacher, he adjusted easily not only to the unique learning environment of NSS but to the multiple courses to prepare.  Mr. Phillips has become a master teacher in a very short time and with his area of expertise I am confident he will be working in another high school next year.
 Ms. Emma Pak (Science 10, Sports Medicine, Athlete Development) – Ms. Pak started the year at NSS in August of 2019; she was excited for her first high school teaching experience.  Ms. Pak stepped into her teaching assignments full of energy and enthusiasm.  Her kind, caring personality is respected by students and her attention to detail was valued by many.  Ms. Pak is currently expecting her third child and will be looking forward to a year at home with her new baby.  When she returns to teaching, I am sure she will provide many great learning experiences for students for years to come.
Ms Lara Moos (Humanities 9 &10 and resource) – Ms. Moos has been a member of the NSS staff for the past 3 years in full and part-time roles.  Her commitment and passion to student achievement is seen everyday in the way in which she works with students.   Ms. Moos understands the needs of students and finds way for all of the to be successful.  She has been a very valuable member of staff working with students with complex learning needs and getting them on track in all of their classes.  With all of her experience and kind manner with students Ms. Moos will be sure to have a great future in teaching.
Ms. Erinn Anderson (Ogston) (Art, French, Design Studies and Media Arts) – Ms. Anderson has been teaching at the National Sport School for the past 5 years.  Her incredible range of skills and abilities allowed NSS to offer many options all in one block.  Ms. Anderson’s room was always filled with students in multiple grades, multiple classes, and working on different projects.  Her ability to juggle all of these classes and levels is something that will be tremendously missed.  Very often students who were not even in Ms. Anderson’s class would ask to work in her room because of the positive class atmosphere.  I know the staff and students of NSS will miss Ms. Anderson’s cheerful demeanor and tremendous skill set.  We know she will become a very valuable member of another school very soon. 
Ms Bell McGregor (Humanities 10, English 20, Social 20 & 30) – Ms. McGregor began teaching at NSS 8 years ago.  Her ability to connect with students and bring out the best in them is something that all NSS students have really valued.  Ms. McGregor is deeply invested in her teaching; always looking for new methods and ways to engage students in learning.  She has always taught students to express what they believe in and isn’t afraid to talk about difficult subject matter.  The positive energy Ms. McGregor brought to our community will leave a void; not only in the classroom but in the staffroom.  She will be missed in so many ways for the time and energy she has invested in her time at the National Sport School.  The school where Ms. McGregor lands will be very fortunate to have her.
Ms. Topp will be returning to the classroom at NSS next year after her role as assistant principal this year. She is an excellent leader and contributed many hours to the role this year.  I can’t thank her enough for all of the time and energy it took in the AP role this year.  NSS will not have an assistant principal next year as the size of the staff does not allow for that role.
Finally, I will be returning to the role of Acting Principal next year and returning to the classroom to teach a few Athlete Development classes.
It has been a year like no other at the National Sport School.  The support of the students, parents, alumni, partners and staff pulled us through to next year and beyond.  I commend the students for staying focused and dedicated to their studies during such a turbulent year.  Their ability to be excellent shows their character and I know this will lead to great success down the road. 
I wish everyone a safe and healthy summer.  I hope we see the world return to a new normal that includes a return to school and sport; this would allow everyone to do what we all do best.  To our Grade 12’s moving on, I wish you nothing but success and happiness; I am so sorry the year had to end like this without a proper good-bye.  To our returning students, we are really hoping for a return to school September 1st.
Best Wishes,
Mr. Rob Jewan, Principal (Acting)

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