Chess and Boardgames (CAB) Club - Mondays at Lunch 
Performing Arts Club - Wednesdays at Lunch 
GSA - Wednesdays at Lunch 
Badminton - Wednesdays at Bob Nevin

Are you looking for a buddy to workout with? If so, then you should attend the Workout Buddies Meeting on Thursday April 18 at lunch in room 113 to find out more information. 

Are you interested in being a tutor? Or are you looking to find a tutor? Then look no further, NSS Leadership is happy to announce VOLUNTEER TUTORING . If you are interested in tutoring or looking to find a tutor please see the front office for the sign up sheet. 

Meditation Mondays 

Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Do you need a space to relax and unwind? Are you interested in learning about practical techniques that you can integrate into your life?
Share your presence with us, and let’s create some positive vibes.
Where: Room 113
When: Mondays at lunch

Yearbook Club!!!

Do you have a passion for photography, art, and design?  Are you looking to get involved in your school community?  Would you like to join a team in helping to capture the year’s best memories?

The Yearbook Team will:

  • collect, organize, and select photos from throughout the year.
  • create and design pages in the yearbook.
  • have tonnes of fun together!!!

Hope to see you there!

We will be meeting in two locations:

  • Art studio with Ms. Ogston - TAs: Ogston, Belland, Beaudin, Biegler, Poland
  • Room 113 with Ms. McGregor - TAs: McGregor, Boughton, Moos, Topp, Howell, Zado

GSA Gay Straight Alliance

Wednesdays at lunch (Room TBD)
ALL students are welcome to attend the GSA meetings. Students who attend the meeting will help determine the direction of the GSA based on the needs and goals of the student population at NSS. The GSA will be a safe place for a all students to gather to discuss and celebrate the uniqueness and importance of diversity and inclusiveness. If you have any questions please see Mr. Zado and Clare who will be the teacher supporters.

YA Teen Scholastic Book Club!

Each month, the online flyers are filled with trusted, excellent quality YA TEEN books that are just right for your teen’s reading level and interests. You can still also order from ARROW flyers (middle school and junior high) as well as Preschool – Grade 6. 

Selections change monthly! Scholastic is a very affordable way to purchase books. 

Plus, your order helps our NSS classrooms earn FREE books and resources!

Here are some books for this month: ‘The Grand Escape’ by Neal Bascombe, ‘Resistance’ by Jennifer E. Neilsen and ‘Tough Issue Pack’. Once you’ve made your selections, please order online at

Please email Mrs. Laila Moos if you have any questions at


Are you interested in working together to enhance the school community and build school spirit? Please join us for Leadership Tuesdays at lunch in Room 113.  All students are welcome to join at any time during the school year!

Speakers’ Bureau

Interested in improving your public speaking skills? Looking to become an ambassador for your school and your sport? Then the Speakers’ Bureau may be for you! 

Several opportunities to speak to elementary and junior high students are available throughout the school year. Please come see Mr. Zado for more information.

Peer Tutoring

For those students who would like to help fellow NSS students with subjects or those who would like a little assistance with classes, please feel free to work together in Room 118 on Wednesday’s period 1. If there is more interest we can expand the peer tutoring program.

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Friday, Sept 25 is a system-wide non-instructional day. There are no in-person or online classes for students. Students in the hub can still access their course materials but teachers are not available to respond to questions. #WeAreCBE #yycbe

Here is an opportunity for #WeAreCBE student leaders interested in volunteering in the community. Deadline is Sept. 28

Congratulations to Henry Wise Wood student Suchir, who got to be Mayor for a Day yesterday #WeAreCBE

Congratulations to F.E. Osborne School. Students raised over $10,700 for their #TerryFoxSchoolRun (surpassing last year’s total of $2,995!) Way to go! #WeAreCBE @feo_eagles_cbe

Many #WeAreCBE schools will be honouring #OrangeShirtDay on Wednesday, Sept. 30 to recognize the resiliency and bravery of residential school survivors