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One of the most important ways parents/guardians and community members can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on the school council. Under the School Act, a school council is a collective association designed to advise the principal and the CBE Board of Trustees on matters related to the school. School councils have legislated advisory and decision-making authority. They are different from Parent Societies & Associations, whose main function is to raise funds for the school.​​ You can find more details in the CBE School Council Handbook​.​​​​

School Council

The School Council provides support to school administration and are a requirement for each school. We are in need of School Council volunteers, including Council Chair as the past chair has stepped down. Typically there are 8 meetings (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May) per year. Each meeting we discuss the happenings at school and gather parent input and feedback. At times we will share official results of surveys and academic performance as per requirements. We are in need of volunteers to come forward with an expression of interest to participate formally on the council - usually 3-5 for a school our size. All parents are invited to attend on an informal drop-in basis for which ever meetings they are available for and interested in. Typically we will have an information session as well to provide parents with helpful insights, tools and resources to support their parenting of high performance student athletes. This month's session is about mental fitness and is described below. 

Meeting Dates/Schedule

See our Calendar page for dates and times.

Our Members

Chair: Nadine Yacey
Vice Chair: Kari Kerr
Secretary: Cheryl Sawatzky
Secretary Backup: Christina Chase-Warrier

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