Graduation Tuesday June 29, 2021!

  • Let’s be thankful we get to have a graduation ceremony this year!
  • This is the current plan – we must be fluid as the restrictions may change
  • Be sure to eat a good breakfast!
  • 3 min appointment time slots –book your appointment at the front office – only 1 grad at a time
  • DO NOT BE LATE!  Do not be too early! Do not group together!
  • Pick up your graduate gown and cap (leave suit jacket/purses with parents)
  • Walk across the stage - grad certificates awarded, professional photo
  • Exit, family photo time
  • return gown, keep your grad cap, pick up suit jacket/purse


  • All will be recorded and put on private YouTube
  • Valedictorian – applications due April 30 12:30pm.  Speak off May 14 12:30pm
  • Toasts
    • To parents
    • To teachers
    • To students
  • Grad Video - Who wants to organize and compile?? baby, graduate, sport, casual
  • Event Ends  - Guests to leave and proceed to private ceremony if planned/allowed

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