Grade 1

May Update for June News

The Grade 1's have been busy and shown us they can learn here (at school)! They can learn there! They can learn everywhere! The children have become more savvy with online learning using the Google Classroom and Google Meet. They began projects online which have carried over into the classroom.  

In Math, students learned about measurement and 3 dimensional solids through videos, picture books and hands-on activities to put their knowledge into action. They have also done estimation riddles, word problems and learned many new math games.  

In Science, students chose an animal to research and learn about its appearance, habitat, offspring, predators, diet and interesting facts. They used child friendly internet sites to learn about these details. We also continue to study the changes in season and have been looking for signs of Spring in our world.  

In Social Studies, students began a project about their family. Sharing about who is in their family, the activities they like to do together, holidays they celebrate, traditions, special food they share during special times. Students are now learning interviewing skills and will learn more about their family’s history by interviewing a family member.  

We are so happy to be back at school. We think that it is very cool! The last month of school is here and we have created many special memories that we will hold dear. Enjoy the sun and have lots and lots of fun! 

April Update for May News

Wow April has been another busy month for the grade ones! They have learned about real-life skills and the many occupations in our communities. They have continued to build and design their communities and learned about different buildings and services. Then they began to examine playgrounds to determine what components are needed to create a great playground.  Students then chose equipment, then adding up the prices of each piece, after they have their supplies they then drew blueprints to design the best playground. Now they have begun to build the best playground for their community.

The students are now learning about marketing. They are using their knowledge of persuasive writing to now apply it to create and publish their advertising materials to promote their community and persuade home buyers why their community is the best.

We are also so excited to be learning about our Nellie McClung Praying Mantis Ootheca. It is amazing to be watching the lifecycle of this insect in real life. Students have observed, sketched and written facts about the different stages of this lifecycle.

They have also been learning plenty about emotions that they can experience in a single day and beyond. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. They have shared different words that mean these emotions, so they are able to recognize when they are feeling whatever they are feeling. The classes watched Inside Out that showcased these emotions in another way.    

On Earth Day students read poems, “Earth Day Mix-Up” and the book Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Year to get a better understanding of how to help the world they live in. As an exciting Earth Day project, they created Seed Bombs, where they were able to plant wildflower seeds into a paper ball. They then could take them and throw them at the ground to spread the seeds so they could grow. 

It has been a great month for Grade 1’s! They cannot wait to share what they have been working on. Stay tuned! That is the life in grade 1 this month!

March Update for April News

Spring has and the sprung and the flowers and learning continue to bloom in Grade 1.

The world better get ready because the Grade 1's are learning to persuade you. They are learning all about persuasive writing and have created expert topic lists. They are coming up with reasons to make it hard for someone to say no. 

The Grade 1 planning commissions (Greenbridge and Smartland) continue to plan and are starting to see their communities grow recognizing the importance of greenspaces and recreation areas. All the seeds that help a community to grow together. The planning commissions have begun discussions about the best placement of services to meet the needs of services and customers.

A good plan is important both on the inside and the outside. Students worked on designing their dream bedroom. They began with a shopping trip to see all the amazing choices (furniture, textiles, paint colors as well as special decor items). They then created a list of items they would like to purchase, added up their bills and then blueprinted the bedroom for visual appeal. 

As we know water brings things to life. The students discovered the beauty when adding water to sunset pictures they created with watercolor pencils. Students used these new art techniques to create their own piece of work.

Our Grade 1 student seedlings will continue to grow as we enter the season of Spring!

February Update for March News

Grade 1 February Learning Menu


Story writing

Filled with settings, characters, problems, solutions and conclusions. With an extra helping of delicious juicy descriptive words.

Literacy centers

Covered with making words (spelling and word families), retelling story details, listening to stories on Raz kids, literacy games, drawing and writing all topped with a weekly guided reading slot.


Math with Meals, Menus and Money

Planning menus for our restaurant chefs, writing enticing descriptive menus for customers, pricing and making the food with plasticine, dining at all the restaurants, writing receipts, adding up our meals and of course paying for the meal on our credit cards.

Designing a Dream Bedroom

Thinking like a designer! Choosing all the elements of a bedroom (furniture, textiles, paint and décor). Comparing prices (least, greatest) and adding up the costs.

Grade 1 Games

Skills practiced and reinforced with a buffet of math games, seasoned with fact families, addition, subtraction and shapes!


The full meal deal!


This course starts off with a tasting of observing and exploring the parts of a community, followed with a simmered understanding of a community, then sauted with the planning and history of our Calgary’s communities; past and present. 

Building a community

To begin, an awareness of the delicious blends of local types of housing and amenities. Then the project is encrusted with step by step ingredients to build and promote these new scrumptious communities with students marketing skills. Learning about this is finished with the designing of a new Calgary Community that will leave you wanting to move here! 



Love, caring, sharing and friendship mixed through Art and literature, drizzled with some poetry. 

100 Day Collections

Rich learning buttered with 100 Nice notes,  zesty juicy words, counting in a variety of ways (1’s, 2’s, 5’s’ 10’s, 20’s, 25’s and 50’s), comparing the size of each unique collection, measuring with our collections,  moving our bodies in different ways for 100 seconds throughout the day. This dessert will leave you with lasting memories!

Pink Shirt Day

Melt in your mouth sweetness that brings an awareness of the difference between conflict and bullying. Local focus on positive steps to create a kind, caring, safe school community. This is a dish you will not easily forget! 


January Update for February News

Dear Community,

The Grade 1 students have been busy this month! 

Did you know that when a line bends, a shape begins? We explored shapes throughout our school learning about the different attributes that they have. We used these attributes to support us with creating shapes in art. We’ve also been exploring the concept of subtraction and how it relates to our everyday life. When do you use subtraction in your day? 

Did you know that as of December 21, it was officially winter? We began exploring the Winter season and how it compares to Fall. We looked for the signs of winter and represented the impact it has on trees through a multi medium art project. How has winter impacted you so far? 

Did you know that being a responsible citizen means making our communities a better place? We have been exploring the roles and responsibilities that we play in our different communities through books, games, videos and discussions. We were fortunate to have our school Constable speak to our classes and discuss the important service that they, as well as all of us, play in creating a safe and caring community. 

Did you know that there are important elements in a story? Through literature, we have explored the characters, setting, problem, attempts to solve the problem and conclusion. Through play, we have been creating our own stories and sharing them with others. What’s your favorite story? 


Your Nellie McClung Grade One Friends

November Update for December News

November in grade one smells like . . .

. . . Healthy foods being eaten at morning snack.

. . . The sweet success of completing a making words literacy center! 

November in grade one sounds like . . .

. . . Students using positive self-talk when the work is challenging . . . I’ve got this!

. . . Everyone quiet reading during read to self time

. . . Students practicing their skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

. . . Everyone saying “hit!”, “miss!, “boom!” in our 100 chart Battleship game

. . . Children saying “ I think I can. I think I can as they work to overcome something they were struggling with. 

November in grade one tastes like . . .

. . . The bread and butter of acquiring reading strategies like Eagle Eye, Stretchy Snake, Flippy Dolphin and Chunky Monkey

. . . The meat and potatoes of painting a clear picture when writing for audience 


November in grade one feels like . . .

. . . Never giving up when a task is challenging 

. . . Always trying our best!

. . . Everyone belonging to a group and knowing that there are similarities and differences


November in grade one looks like . . .

. . . Everyone using strategies to subitize in math

. . . Students using our writing exemplar wall to self assess their writing pieces

. . . Students sharing their reasons of why it is important to belong to a group. 

. . . Colouring fireworks when a connection has been created between neurons in the brain

October Update for November News

It has been a spectacular month of learning in October. It is wonderful to see the children making such positive progress with their reading and writing skills. We have begun to have small group guided reading sessions and literacy center activities each morning. 

As part of our color study in Science we connected our learning to real world experiences. We began by modelling our work after Paint companies by color matching and learning about the descriptive color names. Students used tints and shades to match color to paint swatches from the hardware store. 

We then began our study of cupcake companies in Calgary - Crave and Bliss & Co. Classes wrote group letters, asking questions then sent them off to these companies to gain some professional advice. We then made salt dough cupcakes and salt flour icing. After watching videos of these companies preparing cupcakes students created their own color icing and used the piping technique to apply it. 

We were so excited to receive letters back from each company complete with information and pictures. Students then wrote their marketing information for each of their art cupcakes which included the color names of the cake and icing and imaginary flavors. We then shared these with the companies in hopes that maybe we could share our ideas to help them create new cupcakes in their stores.

We want to send a huge shout out and thank you’s to both Crave Cupcakes and Bliss & Co. for not only inspiring our grade one students but supporting them with seeing how our learning in class is related to jobs in the real world.

We are now learning about our five senses and have been including them in our descriptive writing tasks. Students have been building vocabulary skills to describe what they see, hear, smell, taste and touch. 

In Math we have continued our work on patterns in our world. We also did some hands on activities to learn about solving addition and subtraction word problems. 

In Health, we have been studying the brain and how to keep their brains healthy. Students have been learning to develop a growth mindset and positive self talk. After watching a variety of inspirational videos and listening to powerful stories students have chosen three positive messages to remember when they are faced with things they find challenging. 

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