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May Update for June News

May has been an interesting month! We began on a high note sharing our 18 hole, Hot-and-Cold-Temperature-Themed, Mini Putt Golf Course with the entire school. The children worked for a week to perfect their unique holes designing their own flag. The classes all enjoyed playing mini-putt during their gym times and using our scorecards. It was so much fun to watch all the different grade groups enjoying the course that was set up in the hallways and Learning Commons. It was especially fun to see all the “hole in ones”. 

Switching to online, took a little wind out of our sail but we practiced our growth mindset and the attendance was amazing! We gave it our best and had fun learning together even having “Bring your Pet to School Day”. During our time online, we worked on real-world math projects, created a Calgary Mini-book and a Calgary Travel Brochure. 

Now that we are back, the children are focused on completing our year-long Social Studies inquiry. We have suitcases/magic books full of all the souvenirs we have collected for our journey that began back in October. We are so excited to show our parents this awesome collection of memories. On Friday, May 28th, we will celebrate Canada Day in May! 

We are so excited to create more memories during our last month together in June as we prepare for Grade 3! 

April Update for May News

Grade 2 Adventures

We continue to learn, wonder, play and discover new things every day in our grade 2 classrooms. This month has flown by and we are excited for our final 2 months together. The weather is warming up (some days) and we have lots of energy left and lots of learning and fun to be had.

Here is some of what we have been up too!

Language Arts

This month the children wrote a class book that will live in our Library to be shared with others. It is called “Stories about Perserverance”. Each child shared personal narratives about challenges that they have faced and provided advice about overcoming fears and self doubt.

We began “Book Clubs”! Each day the children meet in their group to read aloud a chapter book and discuss their comprehension through a variety of roles including: star summarizer, word wizard and imaginative illustrator. We are working on spelling sight words correctly in Grade 2! 


In Math we have been working on addition and subtraction strategies up to 100. Some of these strategies include: decomposing numbers, using open numberlines and standard algorithms. We are working to build a better capacity for mental math by engaging in many number games including: addition and subtraction war and 21. 


Mother nature sure has cooperated in helping us learn the concept of hot and cold temperatures. We’ve experienced it all in the past month! We learned how a thermometer works and did some experiments to see how it works in real life. We learned how humans and animals insulate themselves to keep warm and cool. To show what we know we participated in The Great Grade Two Ice Cube Challenge and designed, built and tested our very own insulators to see how long we could keep our ice cube cold. We were excited to have a virtual field trip and spent an afternoon exploring liquids virtually with a real scientist. Mrs. Pompu demonstrated how to make rock candy and we saw first hand the transformation of solids, liquids and gasses. Our teachers guided us through a variety of experiments where we practiced the “Art of Science”. We combined a variety solids and liquids and observed how they changed. These changes created incredible artwork! 

Earth Day

This year we knew that Earth Day was going to be cold and snowy so our classes celebrated one day early. We spent time outside doing some much needed imaginative play in the forest. We created a mud kitchen and made habitiats for our little creatures. Great fun was had by all!


April News - March in Grade 2

March has been such a terrific month in the Grade 2 classrooms!

At the beginning of the month we were busy planning our Maud Lewis Art Gallery. The children completed their beautifully painted canvases and reflective write-ups. We made posters, tickets and prepared for all the jobs required to run a Gallery all day. We loved hosting the classes (K-6) as they explored our Gallery and learned about our favourite Nova Scotia born artist.

As we continue to learn about how cities in Canada including: Calgary, Saskatoon, Metaghan and Iqaluit “build community”. We learned about the Arctic Games, Acadia Days and Vesna Festivals and we wondered what our own celebration could look like here at Nellie McClung School. We created the first official “Nellie Days”. The children were delighted to play outside all afternoon engaging in fun experiences such as: parachute, tug a war, scoop toss, ring/stick relays and outdoor painting. To top that off, Scarlet’s mom provided Tim Hortons hot chocolate for all the grade 2 children. Thanks to Grade 6 students Maya and Malik who served the hot chocolate. We captured joy, cheered each other on and had fun together as a community.

In math, Grade 2 students are working on learning strategies for adding and subtracting numbers to 100 through math talks, guess my number games, card games (Count up, Count down, Salute). In Literacy, we are working on Informative Writing including “How to make …”.  We made some yummy trail mix and sent home our recipes!  Our March Madness Book Tournament has been so much fun and we are getting down to the final 4! In Phys-Ed we have completed a dance unit and no learning a cool sport called Handball.

March 2021

This month we welcome our student teacher Ms. Elizabeth Pompu back to our Grade 2 classrooms. This term she is working in Ms. Tackaberry’s class! 

February is a month to explore friendship and kindness in our Grade 2 classrooms. We have been working hard to remember to be kind and to value the relationships we have developed in our Nellie community.

We finished our amazing stories inspired by Jory John (The Good Egg) and have proudly displayed them for others to read. We also completed our unit on magnets by creating our own magnetic-powered cars and race tracks.

In literacy, we are creating a Rainbow Wall to post the sight words that we know and that we are learning to write with correct spelling. We are practicing re-reading our work and editing our sentences to make sure that our readers can understand our writing.

In math, we are learning addition and subtraction for numbers to 100. We are learning how to compare and contrast numbers by using less than, greater than and equal too. We are playing SO many games to build our number sense (and have fun). Some of the games we love are: SKUNK, PIG, NIM and BIZ BOP.

We are busy travelling (in our imagination) to the Dynamic Communities of Canada. Most recently, we are remembering the past and exploring our natural resources.  We are learning about renewable and non-renewable resources. Together we are now learning about the amazing folk artist Maud Lewis of Nova Scotia. Maud was born in 1903. Maud was born with a physical disability that made it challenging for her to hold a paintbrush. She is a wonderful example of someone who followed her dreams with perseverance and determination. We visited our own Maud Lewis Museum (set up in the gym) and we are painting our own Maud inspired art piece using canvases and acrylic paints. We plan to host our own Maud Lewis Gallery for our Nellie friends. 

This month we took part in PINK Shirt Day! This is a good day to celebrate friendship. We talked about the difference between everyday conflicts (we call then Tangles!) and bullying. We want to be kind friends who care about other people and bring light and joy to others.

February 2021

Grade 2 students and teachers were thrilled to be back together again at Nellie after a fun week of learning online. The cold weather has not got us down, in fact, we are busier than ever! 

We have been working on our narrative writing this month looking at: characters, setting, problem, events and conclusion. We are using the 5-finger retell to solidify our understanding of what makes a great story. Together we are building classroom lists of “juicy words” to help make our stories more descriptive and interesting. We are using our mentor author Jory John (the Good Egg, The Bad Seed) to inspire our own characters! Some examples are: The Smooth Strawberry and The Lonely Bean! 

In math we are using our mental math and our strategies to solve math riddles. Try this one: 

I am an even number.

I am > than 30.

I am < than 40.

I am 5 nickels plus 1.

Who am I?

We are exploring the scientific properties of magnets through hands-on activities which have been great fun. In social studies, we continue to travel (in our imaginations and on our pretend airplane) across Canada. We are discovering and learning about our dynamic communities including: Metaghan, Iqaluit and Saskatoon. We are still making souvenirs along the way and have a great collection of memories that we keep in our suitcases and magic books! Most recently, we made little hooked rugs and posters. We look forward to February - a month to celebrate friendship, love and positivity! 

 Making Words, Fun in the Snow, Weaving, Exploring Numbers, Brainstorming Characters with Juicy Words.

December 2020

It’s November and our Grade 2s are growing and learning each day together!

This month, we remembered our soldiers who fought for our freedom and painted beautiful poppies. Together, we are building our growth mindsets by learning about our fantastic elastic brains! We wrote our own Beautiful OOPS book to show how we learn and grow by making mistakes AND how we can find opportunity in our mistakes. We had a blast pretending to be secret spy agents during our Mission Impossible obstacle course in the gym.  In math, we are learning to solve real-world math problems and building our number sense. As writers, we are learning to stretch sentences by adding details and descriptive words.

Our big project this month has been our “imagination trip” to Canada’s Dynamic Communities. We boarded our pretend flight with our passports and we are collecting artifacts and souvenirs along the way and creating a scrapbook of our adventure and learning! We are even making stuffed dolls of ourselves to help us build our stories as we explore.

November News

October has been such a fun month for us in Grade 2. 

We are really in the swing of things and we look forward to being together each day. We especially love the snow this month and playing basketball in the gym! 

We have been working hard in Science this month learning about Small Flying and Crawling Animals. Together we created watercolour Insect Classroom Alphabets, which was just what we needed! We followed our own interests and researched about an animal of our choice. We are reading non-fiction books from our school library to learn new and exciting facts. We painted, used plasticine, drew like scientists and learned to write jot notes.

We are writers! Together, we are using mentor texts (picture books) to identify the beginning, middle and endings in stories. We are writing our own stories using graphic organizers and brainstorming ideas to develop complete stories with interesting events and juicy words. 

In math, we have been playing dice and card games to build our mental math skills for adding numbers to 20. Some strategies include: Making 10, doubles, doubles +1 and doubles +2.

Grade 2 Hub

We have been busy learning all about Small Crawling and Flying Animals in science. We have learned about bumblebees, butterflies, ants and spiders. We have been using science to incorporate some art into our learning. Here is one of our projects we worked on. We designed an art hill where we imagined how ants live and meet all of their basic needs.

In math we have been learning about even and odd numbers and patterns. Did you know that 47 is an odd number? We have been practicing looking at the ones digit to tell us if numbers are even or odd. We now know that 47 is an odd number because the ones digit is a 7 and 7 is an odd number.

To finish off our patterns unit, we showed our knowledge of increasing and repeating patterns by making a Pattern City. Here is an example of a Pattern City one of our students made. Can you see all of the increasing and repeating patterns in their work?

We have also been doing lots of different literacy activities. We read lots of fun stories, listened to interesting books and worked on writing activities. Each day we also learn about short and long vowel sounds. We are beginning to feel really confident identifying these sounds in different words! 

We can’t wait to continue learning in November! 

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