Grade 3

June News - May Update

Mrs. Milligan’s Grade 3 students had this to say about on-line learning

Violet “I like being at school because I can play with my classmates. I also missed my teacher.”

Kingston “I liked on-line school because I didn’t have to ask to use the bathroom!”

Sophia “I like on-line learning because the day felt shorter. My favorite activity was when we did the on-line fieldtrip where we built Strong Structures with Scientists in School.

Hawraa “Working in school is easier because you have the teacher to help you.”

Abdul “I liked going on the Google Meets, they were fun!”

Jack “I liked eating lunch with my brother and I liked finishing my work early when I was working from home.”

Brooklyn “I like on-line school because your parents can help you if you need it but I like being at school because I can talk with my friends.

James “I liked on-line learning because I didn’t have to wait for other people, before I started my work.”

Aidrian “I liked working with my mom during on-line learning.”

Fatima “Sometimes on-line schooling was difficult because my computer wouldn’t always work properly. I also missed going outside to play with my friends.”

Khalid “My computer kept glitching during my Google Classroom meets and I had to keep rejoining the meeting.”

Jade “I like doing my work at school because work is easier and the teacher helps you. I also like working with my friends.”

Josh “I didn’t like being on line because I didn’t get to see my friends and I missed my teacher.”

Rowan “I like being at school because I get to see my friends and my teacher.”

Sam “I like being at school so I can play soccer with my friends.”

Lars “I like on-line because you get to eat with your family and I like school because you get to eat with your friends.”

Yuki “I like being a school because I’m with my friends.”

Ms. Vicki’s Room 13 Quotes

What will you miss most about Grade 3?

Xavier – The great teacher!  AKA Ms. Vicki

Minky – I’m going to miss Ms. Vicki because she is so funny and a great actor.

Jania – My friends and teacher, Ms. Vicki

Emily W – I am going to miss Social Studies art projects.

Archie – My friends and my teacher, Ms. Vicki and our room!

Kinsley – I’m going to miss the fun projects we did, and my friends.

David – I’m going to miss my friends, Ms. Vicki and a little bit I’m going to miss wearing masks!

Jasper – I’m going to miss Ms. Vicki, and giving her candy!

Saya – I’m going to miss writing my passion essay in writing, and Ms. Vicki.

Sophia – I’m going to miss Ms. Vicki, and I’m going to miss all my friends.

Dante – I’m probably going to miss the Social Studies airplane we flew on to Ukraine, and I’m going to miss Ms. Vicki.

Rachael - I’m going to miss my friends.

Yana – I’m going to miss the bunny on the white board that’s never been erased!

Gabby – I’m going to miss my unique, marvelous teacher, Ms. Vicki.

Olivia – I’m going to miss leaving my friends, except Saya because she is going to Louis Real.

Emily C – I’m going to Ms. Vicki.

Salmon – I’m going to miss the projects we did for the environment.

Tom Thomson, Group of Seven Artist

Ms. Shannon’s Class Celebrates Canada Day in May

We are impressed with the diversity and strength of our nation, we have much to be grateful as Canadians. This week in Room 9, we studied the artwork of Thomson whose love for the Canadian wilderness is evident in his paintings which reflect natural elements, subtle and bold use of colours, and bring feelings and thoughts. Students were asked to select one of Thomson’s paintings (images) as inspiration for their art. We spent time reflecting on our choices and what we noticed, using our artist’s perspective (shape, line, colour, mood and tone).  Next, we used the image of the maple leaf and felt markers to reflect these elements which Thomson inspired in us. Grade 3 students shared:

  • I chose this art work because it popped off the page for me. – Andy
  • I chose this picture because it reminds me of water shining in the moon light and it makes me just stop and think. – Madison
  • I notice that the pine tree is in the view of the lake with the hills, I love lakes and trees. – Tim
  • I chose this because it reminds me of Burntstick Lake. – Eloise
  • I picked this image because of the wintry landscape. – Richard
  • I chose this because it wasn’t totally real(istic) and it caught my eye. – Becca


May News - April Update

The Grade 3’s have spent the month of April completing a variety of projects.  The first was Mrs. Milligan and Ms. Vicki’s classes experiencing the calm, dimly lit atmosphere of a Poetry Café. While the student audience sipped Hot Chocolate and enjoyed Mini Oreos, each student had the chance to perform two of their favorite poems.  The students wrote and read one of their own poems, and then chose a different published poem for their second piece.

With the completion of ‘The One and Only Ivan’ novel, the students dived into writing persuasive writing essays. In Mrs. Milligan’s class the strongest arguments came from the question; Should animals be kept in habitats or zoos? Two students argued that the best place was in their natural habitat, nine believed the zoo was the right place and one said animals should be left in the wild.  Ms. Vicki’s class was divided between whether a sanctuary was better than a zoo for Ivan and Ruby, two characters from our novel study of ‘The One and Only Ivan’.  Thirteen students argued that the zoo would be the best place for Ruby and Ivan, while nine students claimed the sanctuary would be the preferred habitat.

To further show the knowledge of their countries they studied with their partners over the last few months, the students wrote, rehearsed and recorded an Air B&B podcast to entice travellers to stay at their humble abodes. Watch for a note in their agendas to inform you of the date they will be broadcasted in our Google Classrooms. As a final celebration, all three classes displayed their houses in the Learning Commons for all the school to peruse and admire. 

In math, we are winding up our measuring of length, mass and perimeter using standard and non-standard units. To incorporate a real-life experience the students measured the area around our school playground and then calculated the perimeter.  Working with a partner, they then created their own miniature playgrounds and counted each grid square as a meter. The students learned about coordinates, and how to figure out the area of the playground apparatus they chose to design, create and place in their playground. Some students developed moving characters as well. Ask them to explain how they made their characters mobile.  As a concluding activity for this math unit the students busily cut, folded and glued 2-D paper shapes to construct 3-D objects, which proved to be a challenging task for small hands!    

Mrs. Milligan, Ms. Vicki and Ms. Shannon

April News - March Update

This March saw all three classes tackling poetry in Literacy. After studying several types of poetry, Ms. Shannon then guided her children to write poems of their own. After having accomplished this task, she created a Poetry Café afternoon where students recited poetry while imbibing juice and munching on savory snacks! Mrs. Milligan and Ms. Vicki based their poetry around the novel they are studying presently. Students wrote four different kinds of poems about the main characters of, The One and Only Ivan. Each poem was accompanied by a sketch of the character. We wrote Acrostic, Haiku, Cinquain, and Bio poems.

Math has been an exciting endeavor this month!  We began with revisiting standard and non-standard measurement concepts.  Students learned how to use rulers, and had tons of fun measuring items in the room, including themselves!  They worked with a variety of non-standard units to measure things, as well.  Ms. Shannon’s students studied area and perimeter, in preparation for the building unit we will be delving into after Spring Break.  Then we moved into the ‘Calendar’, where we examined how many days are in each month, as well as learning the months themselves.  ‘Time’ was our next concept, and we dove in to learn how to read both analogue and digital clocks.  Students used the five times table to discern how the numbers on a clock relate to the number of minutes that pass in a day.  Finally we broached fractions!  Ms. Knight visited classes and brought her own brand of fun to the table!  She presented the students with unmarked rods of different sizes, asking them to order them in their own way.  Once that was accomplished, she then had them create a picture with the rods where the sum of all the pieces had to equal the number 100!  Please ask your child what picture they created in this wonderfully challenging activity!

In Social Studies Mrs. Milligan and Ms. Vicki’s classes researched, and then built the types of homes the residents of the four countries we continue to study live in.  Students used popsicle sticks, toothpicks, rocks, plasticine, paint, plastic trees and flowers to make magical and authentic creations!  Ms. Shannon is focusing on Peru and India for her building projects, and students will use the knowledge gained from the measurement unit in math they are studying, to build their houses.  Next, Ms. Vicki and Mrs. Milligan swapped teaching caps for pilot hats as they took their children on a glorious simulated plane ride to Peru, India, Tunisia, and Ukraine!  Students were given boarding passes, and once aboard were served juice and chips from a serving cart while watching inflight travel videos of the four countries for their enjoyment!  Currently, Mrs. Milligan and Ms. Vicki’s classes are writing travel journals that document the imaginary trip the students are taking to their country of choice, based on the research they have done over the past three months.


We are ALL looking forward to the upcoming break, and wish all of you our very best!




March News - February Update

Chinese New Year

For Chinese New Year, we made lanterns and played a fun Kahoot game! The Grade 3s had fun learning about how the Chinese New Year is celebrated. Did you know that this is the Year of the Ox?

 Pink Shirt Day

After watching videos and having a class discussion, we celebrated our ideas about anti-bullying by designing out own pink t-shirts with cool and effective messages which reinforce messages of kindness through pink t-shirt logos.

Daily Life Student Presentations

Every student in Ms. Shannon’s Grade 3 class studied one of four countries: Tunisia, Ukraine, India or Peru. Then, we made digital slideshows in Google Classroom to write about typical life from the perspective of a child, in writing and through digital images. After completing and editing our slideshows, we presented them in small groups in a jig-saw activity. The jig-saw helped every student have an opportunity to learn about the different countries by viewing presentations from the other countries.  After each presentation, students gave each presenter feedback. We learned about different amazing food, homes, landmarks and more and learned from each other!

Narrative Writing

We used a picture prompt to generate brainstorming and did our story planning using a method called BOME (Beginning, Obstacle, Middle, Ending) which Miss Vicki created. We wrote stories about the giraffe, koala and zebra. Some of us described our story obstacles as: a wormhole, scary spiders, hunters, charing lions or tigers, and more! We are learning how to write using strong sensory words to interest and intrigue our reader.

February News - January Update

Awareness of Growth Mindset

Students compared and contrasted two different types of mindset. A “Fixed Mindset” is a way of thinking that tells us we are born with gifts and talents that give us success. No amount of work or effort will change this mindset. A “Growth Mindset” is a way of understanding that all success requires making mistakes, having failures, and that we must work at getting better. For example, this sounds like “I’m not smart enough or I can’t do this.” (Fixed Mindset) In contrast, saying to ourselves that, “I can work to improve or I need to keep going.” (Growth Mindset) Students are listening to read aloud, viewing videos, and creating reflections in their Visual Journals to gain more awareness of these two Mindsets. Our next steps will be to practice using positive self-talk through role plays and drama.

Marvelous Multiplication in Math

We have been solving Math problems using multiplication strategies and students have practiced forming equal groups, creating arrays, repeated addition, skip counting, and use of a number line or chart to gain skills and confidence. Through dice and card games and real world problems, students have a better understanding of how to approach solutions which require multiplication. Other problem-solving tasks, such as “Would You Rather …” help to reinforce these key decision making Math skills.

Ukrainian Tile Art (Rooms 12, 13)

This art was created using symbols and colours which represent Ukrainian values such as faith, health, nature, and virtues. Students chose a symbol and drew this on their canvas, then chose specific colours and symbols, and coloured these in markers. After creating their tile, students described the meaning of their symbols and colours.     

Daily Life in a Global Community (Rm 9)

Students first chose a global community to study and then research indicators of the quality of life, including types of food, clothing, housing, education, family life, and leisure and recreation. Using their background knowledge, students next used a Google Slide template to draft a perspective writing, based on the perspective of a child living in either India, Tunisia, Ukraine or Peru. We are continuing this work and learning how to enhance our writing using specific vocabulary, descriptive details, effective headers, and fabulous images. An important part of this process is using both teacher and peer feedback to revise and edit slideshows. We are amazed at the progress we have made so far!


January News - December Update

This has been a whirlwind month for all of us in Grade 3! 

 Mrs. Milligan and Ms. Vicki’s students are working on writing our Animal Narratives, based on the animals we studied during Science.  We learned about BOME; Beginning/Obstacle/Middle/End, and are applying our knowledge to create some wonderful stories!  At this point, students are working on finishing their rough drafts.  They will then do a good copy and illustrate it accordingly.  Ms. Shannon’s class has completed their Mystery Animal in the Basement narratives.  They are entertaining pieces that have left us guessing!  Ms. Shannon’s next narrative writing activity is about the animals they studied in Science, while Ms. Vicki and Mrs. Milligan’s classes will try their hands at the Mystery Animal in the Basement assignment.

In Room 9, after reading the story, Brave as a Lion, students created their own poppies. By using mixed medium of glue, pastels and acrylic paint, students depicted their own personal meaning to how we remember our veterans and those who died in service.

‘Global Communities’ is the area of study we are tackling in Social Studies!  The four countries we are researching are; Peru, Tunisia, the Ukraine, and India.  We are looking at how a variety of factors effect the quality of life in each of these countries.  Students will examine topics such as natural resources and employment; housing; health care; arts and culture; food; and climate.  Currently we are closing our study of Peru, and we are in the process of completing two fantastic pieces of art!  Students painted backgrounds, and then drew llamas on them. Next, they used found objects to create the fur of the llama, and the decorations that embellish them.  Our second project was to weave a rug that we placed on the llamas back!  Now we are moving on to Tunisia.  To kick off our study, Fatima’s mom Zekri prepared and presented a wonderful Power Point on Tunisia, which is the place of her birth!  We are so lucky to have the benefit of her personal knowledge about this next country of study.

In math, we are now looking at data and graphing, and will then touch on multiplication before the Winter Break.

As part of our whole school Wellness focus, our three classes read, ‘Be You’, by Peter H. Reynolds.  This is a Growth Mindset book, which helps students develop habits of positive affirmations, and is a celebration of who we are as individuals.  We also looked at, ‘I Can’t Do That, Yet’, by Esther Pia Cordova.  We are examining growth and fixed mindsets, and these two books have helped us in this endeavor.

Looking forward to letting you know what is happening in Grade 3 in December

Mrs. Milligan, Ms. Shannon, and Ms. Vicki

November News - October Update

Animal Research Projects

We have almost completed our final copies of our Animal Research booklets, which taught about: appearance, habitat, food, prey/ enemies, life cycles, and interesting facts. Rooms 12 and 13 focused on barnyard animals, to connect with our novel study on Charlotte’s Web. Room 9 chose animals found in Fish Creek Park since it is a place many students have been to.

The crowning achievement of our research projects will be student presentations to their peers.

Grade 3 classes used technology in Google Classroom to follow a guided drawing video of their animal. Students will be proud to display their mixed media, watercolour, in the format of a rural landscape which depicts background, midground, and foreground features. (guided drawing/ research photos)

Our place value robots have been a visual treat to reinforce concepts practiced during Math.

Students learned how to represent numbers in standard form, base 10 models, expanded form, and word form. We used Math games to augment this learning. Our favourites were Place Value Yahtzee and Race to Clear the Mat!  (place value robot photos)

Student teachers from University of Calgary

Mrs. Milligan is mentoring Ms. Sidof and Ms. Shannon will be mentoring Ms. Friesen. Both student teachers are excited to be joining the Nellie McClung Grade 3 team and can’t wait to meet students on November 2nd.


Sshh! There’s a secret animal living in my house! In November, we will be developing a narrative writing piece where students will be using three clues to lead their reader into guessing a secret animal living in their house. This is an extension of our animal research and a connection to our novel study of Charlotte’s Web. We will explore how to use our imaginations while developing a strong writing craft to intrigue our audience.

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