Grade 4

September Update | The First Few Weeks in Grade 4

September has been all about getting to know each other and creating a classroom family. Students worked on a recipe for what will make for a  successful grade 4 year. By using units of measurement, descriptive language and creativity, students built their own recipe with a set of ingredients and directions. The symbol for our recipes was a cupcake and we used pasticine to model a vibrant cupcake.

Our Brown Bag Autobiographies were a huge hit! Students were given the opportunity to bring in items that show who they are. Watching the students share items from home, pictures and collectables was a time during our school day where each and every student was engaged and fascinated by who their classmates are. We learned so much about one another and fine tuned our listening and audience manners!

The grade 4 team introduced our sharing circle that we like to call “ Spill the tea”. Every Friday we will gather as a class and sip on herbal tea while sharing our reflections from the week. Students were astonished that we gave them “fancy” cups and warm tea to drink! Some liked the taste, others decided to sip water. 

We look forward to continuing to build connections with your families and our school community!

The Grade 4 Team

June Update | Magical May in Grade 4

Room 11

Class President

The thought occurred to me while we were reading F.I.A.T. (Fish in a Tree), Ally Nickerson became class president and then I asked if they wanted to have a class president.  They said yes.  So we had a vote and Adalyn won by 4 votes.  But I’m not sure what the class president does!


Hi class president here, Addie.  I would like to talk to you about kickball, baseball and soccer together.  I like pitcher because you get to roll the ball to the kicker.


This month we started a novel study called Fish in a Tree. It is an exhilarating, expressive, once in a lifetime book about a girl named Ally who can’t read. I have a powerful quote, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” I love the powerful quotes the book has, they are awesome and so is Ally.


In this Magical May month, we started something new in music.  We started playing Octopus Garden on the ukelele (it is by the Beattles).  We are pretty good at it if I say so myself.  I think it is a pretty song.  I am happy we are back to the ukuleles.  They are fun to paly on.  I think we have gotten really good at ukuleles.  We know lots of notes that Mrs. Dennison taught us.  I like learning the ukulele.  It is quit peaceful in my opinion.  This is my favorite thing about it.


We did a project called From Far and Away.  We searched up our last name and wrote a few facts about our last name.  My last name “Sevrens” is Brittish.  I learned that my dad’s uncle is named Jake and that’s my brother’s name!  Also, their birthdays are only 3 days apart (but the year is different).  I interviewed both of my parents.


Welcome back this Magical May.  I am going to talk about kickball.  This week the grade 4’s we did kickball and it was awesome.  There were two teams.  The Pickles and the Animals.  The Pickles had tons of moving players and the Animals had lost of fast runners.  It was always a fierce match each time but it was awesome.  That was my writing.  Thank you.

May Update | Room 11’s Amazing April

This month of April we started lacrosse. It’s a very fun sport because it’s just like hockey but with no ice, and you’re holding a ball in a stick. I wish we could do proper games in school, but we can’t do them because we don’t have the right equipment to help us from getting hurt when you get hit by the ball. This was my favourite part of April.

April was Awesome! I really loved playing outside with friends at recess, doing Math, and most of all getting included in everything. It made me feel fabulous! I really enjoyed everything we did because everyone was happy and having fun and that makes me happy! Whenever someone has a hard time, people know just how to cheer them up.

This month we started a novel study called Fish in a Tree. It is an exhilarating, expressive, once in a lifetime book about a girl named Ally who can’t read. I have a powerful quote, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” I love the powerful quotes the book has, they are awesome and so is Ally.

We started lacrosse this month.  It is so fun, and it is actually our national sport. We practiced a lot of passing with a partner; that’s super fun! We just started to do games. It’s so enjoyable...but hard!

In April, we did Earth Day tear Art of our planet! It was fantastic. I just finished mine. It looks like paper that was tie-dyed, thrown in the trash, eaten by a bird, regurgitated onto the ground, but I still like it.

“A highlight this month was the Hansel and Gretel Opera. I really liked the opera because it was hilarious, especially when the dad made his entrance. It was also funny because the dog ate the chocolate cake. The part that made me burst with laughter was when they go to the “candy house” and it turns out to be a “food truck” instead. The witch came out and HE was a man dress up in a dress wearing a cupcake hat! Though, I must admit, there was a few weird parts like how the dad was dressed up like a fireman. I had a favorite part of the opera, it was when the dad came home with McDonalds!”  ~ SHAAN, ROOM 10

“A highlight this month was creating the “INSTAGRAM” poster for the main character in our novel Fish in a Tree. This is the new book that we are reading as a class. I liked this activity because we got to draw a picture as if Ally Nickerson (the main character) was posting a picture and then write about the picture.” ~ AYA, ROOM 10

“This month I really enjoyed gym because we got to learn overhand and underhand throwing. Plus we got to play one of my favorite games called “Not in my Backyard”. We played that in grade 2 and I have always loved it. My least favorite thing in April was when I was away for almost a week. I missed a game called “Monster Ball”. It seemed fun. I really missed my teacher, the school and my friends that week.” ~ ADAM, ROOM 10

“An interesting activity we did this month was learning Morse code.  It was fun decoding codes and it is interesting to see what they say. I also like Morse code because it is like you're sending a secret message to someone. Another reason why Morse code is unique is because some letters have longer beats than others. So that is why Morse code is fun.” ~ MAKS, ROOM 10

April News - March Update

My favourite activity this month was Floor Hockey. You get hurt a bit, but you just get right back up. It is a good break from sitting in the classroom. Can you guess what my favourite position is? Well I have two. Goalie and offense. I prefer not to play defence because you have to protect the net...wait, isn’t that what goalies do? I like to play offense because you get to count your score going up, and you get to battle!

~Lilia Room 11

A highlight this month was when we did our Wool Art. Our Wool Art is a scene of Alberta. Some of the pictures made me feel like I was on a trail in the mountains, others made me feel like I was sitting in the forest reading a book, and one made me feel like I was actually in the Badlands. To make our super art, we used a spiky needle. It was so cool seeing everyone’s wool art, and making this project...I hope we can do it again.

~Lily Room 11

This month I learned about Father Albert Lacombe. He was a famous Catholic priest and he didn’t like eastern Canada, so he moved west. He met the Blackfoot Nation and stopped a war between the Blackfoot and Cree Nations. He was probably really brave. I would have loved to have met him, but sadly he died in 1916.

~Alistair Room 11

My favourite activity this month was music because we are making our own songs with chimes. It was really fun because Kaity, Lilia, and I all had handbells, so now we have a new instrument. I love music...there’s lots of instruments and you get to make your very own songs!


St. Patrick’s Day was in March! It was the best ever! We counted coins in Math. I was one of the first done, and became a marker. I helped a lot of people. We also read a St. Patrick’s Day story. We estimated how many gold coins were in Mrs. Knight’s jar. I was going to guess 464 but I did not (if I had, I would have won). At the end of the day we played a game, and each of us was given a candy coin.


  • This month I really enjoyed mixing the colours like “Primary colours, Secondary colours, and Tertiary colours”. It was very fun! ~ Isabella, Grade 4, Room 10
  • A highlight of this month was the “wool art”. It was fun because we got to do our favourite places in Alberta. ~ Aya, Grade 4, Room 10
  • This month I really enjoyed playing gym and being myself. I appreciate everything everyone has given me in life. Everyone in my grade 4 class is the nicest class I’ve been in! ~ Tyson, Grade 4, Room 10
  • A challenge this month was the “Writers Workshops”. It was sometimes hard for me. ~ Kira, Grade 4, Room 10
  • An interesting thing this month was that a new student named Affam came to our class. Welcome Affam! ~ Richard, Grade 4, Room 10
  • This month, I really enjoyed the wool art because it gave memories of my favourite places. ~ Adam, Grade 4, Room 10
  • This month, I really enjoyed drawing the CP Railway map from 1885 with some friend and we are almost done! ~ Emelia, Grade 4, Room 10

March News - February Update

Grade 4 Quotes

My At-Home Sleeping with the Dinosaurs Experience
By: Nick B. – Room 11

Last night we did the dinosaur sleepover. For dinosaur treats we had dino egg cupcakes, fossil rice krispy treats, dino bones (pretzels), dino eggs (grapes) and amber elixir.

I did a netflix party with Miles, James, Caleb and Ali. We could chat with Netflix Party. My mom made a tent. It was not a fort. We watched “Walking With Dinosaurs” the movie on Netflix Party.

I slept in my bed though. My brother, Tom and my dog Ginger were there too. After the movie we played with dinosaur toys before going to bed. We had a good time.

Emily – Room 10

This month I really enjoyed – the Dinosaur sleepover we did at home and made dino snacks!  I really enjoyed doing the sleepover especially when we watch a dino movie!!

Kaity – Room 11

A shorter month but so much to learn.  We did a little bit about anxiety.  Reading the book called, “Hey Warrior”.  Learning about our amygdala’s, we drew our own amygdala’s.  Each very unique!

Shaan – Room 10

A challenge for me in February was when we did tricky math questions and the window method.  Though, I really enjoyed the sleepover.

Alivia – Room 11

One of the highlights of this month was the chimes in music.  Mrs. Dennison taught us how to play a canon song on chimes.  It sounded really good so far.  They sound like beautiful birds singing so beautifully.  I think we are really like playing chimes.

Hadleigh – Room 10

This month I really enjoyed when we did our science projects out in the snow because we got to work as a team and I just really like science.

Miles – Room 11

This month I really enjoyed Valentines Day.  Valentines Day is the best day ibn February because you get candy and cards from everyone.  On Valentines Day, every one should be respected.

Tyson – Room 10

On Wednesday, everyone came to school with Pink Shirts.  It felt like we were more fighting against bullying.  I felt proud even though I wasn’t even wearing Pink!!  I said “black is the new pink” cause I was wearing a black shirt!!

Gabe – Room 11

This month we did skipping in the gym.  Alaya and Alivia helped me and now I am really good!!  We also did a practice test.  I had Grace in my group.  We helped her and now she is good at skipping!  We had a test, I could not perform in front of the whole class so I did it in front of the teacher!

Faith – Room 10

In February, I learned….about how the moon rotates.  Also, what it is like to see a rover land on Mars.  One more thing, what it is like to sleep in a dino cave.

Alaya – Room 11

My favourite activity this month was Valentines Day.  We got to have candy, watch a movie and read our Valentines cards.  We had so much fun.  We were smiling, laughing and talking and talking about the movie too!  I only ate two pieces of candy and Weston ate all of his candy, how funny if that!!

Tony – Room 10

This month I really enjoyed the excavation dig.  It was definitely the best activity in this school year.

Myla – Room 10

A highlight this month was digging for dinosaurs.  I dug out a super rare dinosaur.  We visited with an expert form the dinosaur museum.

February News - January Update

Well Wishes from Our Grade 4s!

We continue to focus on positive mental health and growth mindsets in our grade 4 learning community.  On January 28th, we took part in Bell Let’s Talk Day to learn about, identify, and discuss how we can support ourselves and one another with positive mental health.  We also added another tool in our mental health toolbox, Four Finger Affirmations!  


We were excited to finish reading our class novel, Finders Keepers by Andrea Spalding.  We engaged in an incredible debate related to a choice that our main character, Danny, was faced with:  Should he KEEP the lance point he found or give it back to the Piikani First Nation or local museum (government)?  We have also been identifying and looking at the various themes within this book, such as learning disabilities, fixed/growth mindsets, and friendship, to name a few.  We can’t wait to share with you some of our “Found Poems” linked to our chosen themes next month!


We continue to explore the concept of Light and Shadow in Science. So far we have explored “what is light” “natural vs. artificial light, “luminous objects”, and “Sun Safety”. We are hopeful with better/brighter weather ahead that we will be able to do some of our explorations outside in the very near future. 

We have been busy creating AMAZING Alberta animal art linked to our focus on symmetry in Mathematics!  We also have found ways to identify and create congruent shapes, and we found many symmetrical shapes around our homes during our week of at-home learning.  Currently, we are developing and strengthening our mental math strategies in multiplication while we work toward increasing our accuracy and proficiency through math art, challenging problems, Number Talks, and games!

What is a steward of the Land?   A steward is someone who is responsible, accountable, and takes care of the land. We became stewards for the various natural resources found throughout Alberta’s geographic regions.  If you need tips on how to care for our beautiful landscape and natural resources, ask our grade 4 experts and to see their outstanding informational posters and badges! 

Calling all paleontologists!  We have been busy learning about Alberta’s rich history and the discovery of fossils and prehistoric creatures, such as dinosaurs!  We are very excited for our virtual field trip this week with the Royal Tyrrell museum!


December News - November Update

November was a terrific month of building focus and stamina! We embarked on many new projects and our students, and as always, jumped into them with great enthusiasm!

In Language Arts, we began our “Finders Keepers'' novel study and we have successfully completed a quarter of the book. We continue to strive to make authentic and meaningful connections after every chapter. Many of our conversations from the book connect directly to the Social Studies curriculum for instance the North West Mounted Police and our indigenous people. Students are building stamina to write detailed chapter summaries. We are noticing that some students require additional time at home to complete these reflections. Keep a lookout for the LA scribblers in backpacks!

In Math, we transitioned from our focus on Number Sense (Place Value, Number Line, Greater and Less Than) into a review of addition and subtraction strategies using 3 digit numbers up to 10 000. The purpose of exposing our students to a multitude of strategies is to build their flexibility in understanding that there are a number of ways to reach a solution. We related these new methods to liking new foods. “Sometimes you think you will not like the new food, and then you try it and it is not that bad!” It was the same approach for the various strategies, “try it and you might like it!”

In other curricular areas, we are excited about our research projects in Social Studies. We are  looking at the attributes of each geographical region in Alberta. It involves computer research from pre-selected websites. Feel free to learn more through the Google Classroom. In Science, we are completing our unit of waste in our world. We have explored many concepts including biodegradability and growing mold. Students observed first hand which decays faster, a tomato and orange in a bag together, or in a bag apart. Additionally, our art this month connected to Remembrance day where students created poppies, origami Peace Cranes and poetry.

Finally, in Phys. Ed. we were extremely fortunate to have an enthusiastic group of student teachers at Nellie McClung who provided us with two weeks of Mission Impossible course to navigate through. We are now going to learn some volleyball skills and get a taste of serving the ball over the net!

It was wonderful to connect with so many families over the phone or video conference mid-December. We want to thank you for your continued support with your child's learning.


November News - October Update

October was a busy month as we continued to settle into the routines and expectations of our Grade Four classrooms. We have spent time

discussing “mindfulness” and slowing down to pay full attention to what we are doing. This was evidenced in our drawings of the “Alberta Rose”.

In Language Arts, we are putting the finishing touches on our Lost Thing stories from the perspective of our “Found Thing” that we brought to school in September. We have incorporated figurative language and adjectives

into our stories, and can’t wait to share them with each other. We are looking forward to starting our novel study based on the novel Finders Keepers by Andrea Spalding. We are pleasantly surprised by the similarity of the two titles. “Lost Thing” and “Finders Keepers” - we think the students will be impressed by this coincidence.

In Math, we have transitioned from our initial unit on Patterning into a focus on Number Concept. We are gaining an understanding of “Place Value” with regrouping numbers in the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands. Math Practice duo-tangs were added into our weekly home routine. This is to include parents in what we are learning as Math is an important part of our program.

In Social Studies, we completed our spotlight on mapping by creating “Treasure Maps”. We are moving forward with a look at The Regions of Alberta, and the various attributes of each region.

In Science, we are continuing with our “Waste in our World” unit and have sorted and compared waste, compost, and recycled materials.

In Physical Education, we were working on skill development in soccer outside prior to Calgary’s untimely snow. We have since moved indoors to the gym for an introduction to basketball and cooperative games.

In Art, we explored the work of Yayoi Kusama and incorporated her techniques to create pumpkins. Watch for your child’s completed pumpkin to be soon shared through SeeSaw.

Halloween was definitely an October highlight with a virtual costume parade, a dance party, a guest storyteller, as well as special Writing, Math, and Art activities. Thank-you to our generous School Council for organizing and providing special treats for our celebration.

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