May Update for June News

It’s hard to believe that we are moving into June and the last month of school! In May students transitioned once again to online learning. We are so amazed, impressed and proud of the kindergarten students who have shown such resiliency and perseverance over the past year. Over the two weeks of online learning, students worked hard at their literacy and numeracy skills. We did lady bug math, labelled and created sunflowers and explored new online tools to help guide students continued learning. 

We will begin preparing kindergarten for the transition to grade one through social stories, a tour of the grade one classrooms, entry and exit doors and discussions around what is exciting about a full day of school. 

As the weather continues to warm up, students will be taking their learning outside as much as possible while exploring the many learning opportunities nature has to offer. We will continue our focus on plants and insects incorporating cross curricular strategies to meet all of our Alberta Education outcomes. 

Thank you for working together with us during online learning. We truly appreciate your dedication and support!

May Update - April News

After the Spring Break, kindergarten delved into spring! First, we looked at pussy willows, and sketched them in our visual journals. We planted marigold seeds and a variety of vegetable seeds. Looking closely at seeds, the students noticed that seeds come in a variety of sizes and colours. The students discovered that they could identify many of the vegetable seeds by their appearance! We were very excited when our marigold seeds started to sprout, and are continuing to observe our plants as they grow. The students visited the praying mantis ootheca (egg sac) in the Learning Commons. They drew sketches of the ootheca, and are anxiously waiting for the nymphs to climb out!

In math, we reviewed patterns and focussed on part-part-whole relationships. The students discovered several different ways to build numbers and solve story problems. It was wonderful to see them apply this knowledge to the game “Snap the Tower”. Knowing how many cubes were originally in a tower, they could figure out how many cubes were behind their partner’s back! 

In literacy we finished working our way through the alphabet! We’ve learned several new “stick words”, and the students are using this knowledge to make rhyming words and help fill in the missing letters in our morning message. 

Although some of us are learning from home this week, we’re looking forward to returning to class on Monday to begin “The Amazing Race”! 

The Kindergarten Team

April Update - March News

It is hard to believe we are saying good bye to winter and welcoming spring! It was wonderful to have an opportunity to speak with families over Teams, talk about the great strides students are making and connect with each of you during conferences.

Throughout March we continued to work on our growth mindset and combined art and language arts to create hot air balloons. Each balloon was unique; just like us. By using paper mache, students were able to work on their fine motor skills and lay strips of paper onto a balloon. They choose their paint colour, drew a sketch of themselves and wrote a word that described “What They Were made To Be”. The pride students took in creating their piece of art was amazing and it was nice to see them feel a sense of accomplishment over a task that was messy, challenging and multilayered. WAY TO GO KINDERS!

In math we finished up our unit on 2D and 3D shapes by building Leprechaun traps. Students created the blueprints for their traps and brought them come to life, using the recycling we had been collecting. It was a great way to assess their understanding of shapes and to explore math concepts in a hands on and interactive way! Please continue to send in recycling as we will be building on a regular basis.

In April we will begin a science unit on inspects, bugs and plants. We will be planting seeds and making comparisons using measurement skills to learn about rates of growth in certain vegetables and flowers. It will be nice to take our learning outdoors as much as possible, so fingers crossed for a warm spring!

We look forward to seeing everyone in April.

The Kindergarten Team


February Update - January News

After Christmas break we began a week of learning from home, and we couldn’t be prouder of the way our students handled this! They quickly learned online etiquette such as muting and unmuting themselves and virtually raising their hands. It was wonderful to login to GoogleMeet each morning, and within seconds see our entire class there, ready to learn. It was also wonderful to have siblings and even some pets join us! 

Back at school, we were happy to welcome new students into both kindergarten classes! We began learning about animals in winter, and investigated hibernation and migration. The students brought their learning to life by creating winter art scenes using a wide variety of artistic tools. 

In math, the students began solving story problems that required them to add or subtract. We reviewed some 2-dimensional shapes and used them to create snowflakes. In literacy, we continued learning the names and sounds of the letters.  The students began identifying these letters, and even some sight words, in our weekly poems. 

In Social Studies we continued to focus on using our growth mindset to solve problems and talked about being members of our community. We received a thank you card from the senior’s home where we sent Christmas cards and students gained an understanding of how their actions can have a positive impact. 

Moving into 2021 we will continue to focus on resiliency as we navigate learning during a challenging time!  We appreciate the support of all of our kindergarten families and look forward to what the New Year will bring.

Kristin St.Croix and Cynthia Smith

December 2020

It’s been great watching the kindergarten students become increasingly comfortable and independent with school routines this past month.

November began with our virtual Remembrance Day Assembly. We were very proud of our wreath bearers and the respectful manner with which the students participated and sang “O Canada” in sign language.

We’ve had an emphasis this month on social/emotional learning. The students have been learning the difference between big problems and little problems and developing strategies to solve little problems on their own. We’ve also been looking at emotions, and how our faces and bodies look when we have different feelings. During November, we loved watching students build friendships and demonstrate kindness and inclusion in the playground by welcoming others into their games!


In math, we’ve looked at measurement. The students enjoyed comparing weights on their balance beams to determine which objects were heavier and which were lighter. They measured their bodies, feet, hands and supplies using “foot prints” and cubes. We also continued to learn new numbers, and build sets of numbers in different ways.

 In literacy, we have continued to learn the formation and sound of new letters. Students are beginning to use these sounds to write words using kid spelling in their journals, printing books and even in cards and notes to each other.


In gym, students enjoyed the Mission Impossible obstacle course and worked on their balance and gross motor skills. We have spent so much time outdoors getting in some physical activity and moving our bodies daily!

As we move into December we will be exploring all things winter and look forward to learning about Canadian winters.


The Kindergarten Team

Ms.Kristin and Ms.Smith


November Update - October News

Who would have believed that one day we would be outside painting pictures of fall trees and collecting pine cones and sticks for crafts, and the next day we would be outside building snowmen, following animal tracks in the snow and examining icicles hanging from the play structure! October has certainly provided the kindergarten students with a wide range of nature activities and adventures!

In one classroom, the students became very interested in seeds. After learning about different ways seeds travel in the fall, they began bringing in seeds that they collected outdoors or found in their own kitchens and snacks! We’ve been adding them to our collection and watching our seed wall grow!


In another classroom the students became very interested in animals, and learned all about bats and spiders just in time for Halloween! We labelled a bat on our own, using the printing we have been working on from the start of the school year and created spider webs using oil pastels and our imaginations!

 In preparation for Halloween, we read the story “The Bumpy Little Bumpkin”. We began using our senses to explore mini gourds. We used the sense of sight to draw pictures of our gourds, and will brainstorm words to describe how the gourds feel and sound (when shaken). We will continue to look at measurement by investigating how tall our gourds are, and explore concepts such as heavier/lighter and taller/shorter by comparing our different gourds. 

We ended the month with a day of fun-filled Halloween activities. Ms. Knight and Mr. Dyck visited our classrooms and told us a First Nations story. We participated in a school-wide virtual Halloween parade, enjoyed treats provided by the PAC, played Halloween math and literacy games, worked on our cutting skills and danced to the “Monster Mash”. 

With November upon us we are learning Oh Canada in sign language in preparation for our Remembrance Day Celebration. We will also begin to create a classroom wreath and gain new knowledge about the courage and sacrifices made by those who served their country.

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