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Armstrong, Matt

Contact Main Office @ 403-817-3500   Ext 0

Cooke, Mary-lynn
Assistant Principal
Students A-G


Emann, Tannis 
Assistant Principal
Students H-O

Hunt, Alexandra
Assistant Principal
Students P-Z


Dhadda, Avtar
Administrative Assistant


Teaching Staff

Acton, Justin Teacher Art, Photography jtacton@cbe.ab.ca 
Badeev, Danielle Teacher English dlbadeev@cbe.ab.ca 
Bader, Joy Teacher Science, Chemistry jobader@cbe.ab.ca 
Badry, Erin Learning Leader (Connect) - Science, Biology eabadry@cbe.ab.ca 
Badyal, Samia Learning Leader Student Success Centre sbbadyal@cbe.ab.ca 
Bannard, Aaron Teacher Chemistry/Science aabannard@cbe.ab.ca 
Baxter, Karly Teacher Physical Education krbaxter@cbe.ab.ca 
Benner, Bob  Teacher English  rwbenner@cbe.ab.ca  
Blondin, Mike Learning Leader Physical Education mcblondin@cbe.ab.ca 
Bent, Ari Teacher Student Success Centre ahbent@cbe.ab.ca 
Boudreau, Shawn Learning Leader  Social Studies sbboudreau@cbe.ab.ca 
Bowman, Bryan Teacher Math bjbowman@cbe.ab.ca 
Boyce, Fiona Teacher Social fiboyce@cbe.ab.ca 
Budz, Kyle Teacher Gr. 10 Community - Science kybudz@cbe.ab.ca
Cattabeni, Giorgio Teacher Spanish gacattabeni@cbe.ab.ca 
Collins, Amanda Learning Leader PLP adcollins@cbe.ab.ca 
Corvino, Lucas Teacher Gr. 10 Community - Science lrcorvino@cbe.ab.ca 
D’Aoust, Gregory  Teacher Design, Animation gjdaoust@cbe.ab.ca 
Daniel, Matthew Teacher  Social Studies  mjdaniel@cbe.ab.ca 
Daniher, Shawn Learning Leader English sldaniher@cbe.ab.ca 
Debolt, Kyle Teacher Physical Education kjdebolt@cbe.ab.ca 
Deo, Joe Teacher Math madev@cbe.ab.ca 
Donnelly, Shannon Teacher Biology, Physics sbdonnelly@cbe.ab.ca 
Drefko, Megan Teacher Social mejdrefko@cbe.ab.ca 
Eltassi, Fatima Teacher Physical Education faeltassi@cbe.ab.ca 
Evanson, Patrick Teacher Legal Studies paevanson@cbe.ab.ca 
Fisico, Isabella Teacher Aviation isfisico@cbe.ab.ca 
Fraser, Steven Teacher Physical Education safrasser@cbe.ab.ca 
Friedley, Mandy Teacher Math assuhasini@cbe.ab.ca 
Gardner, Gareth Teacher Gr. 10 Community - English gcgardner@cbe.ab.ca 
Giang, DanTeacherSciencedagiang@cbe.ab.ca 
Gillis, Lauren Teacher Physics  ljgillis@cbe.ab.ca 
Gordon, Tyler Teacher Physical Education tpgordon@cbe.ab.ca 
Grant, Erin Teacher Gr. 10 Community - English esgrant@cbe.ab.ca 
Hall, Cecil Teacher Financial Management/Work Exp cmhall@cbe.ab.ca 
Halsted, Chase Teacher Sports Medicine cnhalsted@cbe.ab.ca 
Haustein, Alexander Teacher English afhaustein@cbe.ab.ca
Hilton, William Teacher Social Studies behilton@cbe.ab.ca
Hussein, Hanan Teacher ELL hshussein@cbe.ab.ca
Ibbotson, Cheryl-Lynne Teacher Social Studies cmibbotson@cbe.ab.ca 
Inostroza, Patricio Teacher Physical Education peinostroza@cbe.ab.ca
Jaffar, Narisa Teacher Gr. 10 Community – Math najaffer@cbe.ab.ca
Johnston, Chad Teacher Math, Financial Management,  cwjohnston@cbe.ab.ca 
Katongole, Aneeta Teacher Gr. 10 Community ELL – Social, Psychology akatongole@cbe.ab.ca 
Kleiman, DavidTeacherGr. 10 Community ELL – Math, Scidakleiman@cbe.ab.ca
Lawrence, Russ Teacher Social Studies, English grlawrence@cbe.ab.ca
Lepine, Laurel Teacher Dance, Yoga lmlepine@cbe.ab.ca
McComiskey, Ryan Teacher Physics/Compter Science jkmccomiskey@cbe.ab.ca
McPhail, Matt Teacher English mkmcphail@cbe.ab.ca
Mantai, Darren Teacher English dcmantai@cbe.ab.ca 
Martin, Josh Teacher Math jwmartin@cbe.ab.ca
Merali, Tina Teacher Gr. 10 Community - ELL – Humanities,  Wellness ttmerali@cbe.ab.ca 
Moos, Lara Teacher Gr. 10 Community - English lemoos@cbe.ab.ca 
Morrow, Dawna Teacher Science djmorrow@cbe.ab.ca
Nixon, Alisa Teacher PLP ajnixon@cbe.ab.ca
Oppenheim, Julie Teacher French juoppenheim@cbe.ab.ca
Parhar, Dharmendar Teacher Gr. 10 Community Math, Punjabi dsparhar@cbe.ab.ca 
Paul, Mallory Learning Leader Physical Education, Yoga mapaul@cbe.ab.ca
Pena, Jennifer Teacher Commercial Fods/Management jepena@cbe.ab.ca 
Polowski, Ashley Learning Leader ELA Gr. 10 Community - English adpolowski@cbe.ab.ca  
Ponnuchamy, Sumita Learning Leader Gr. 10 Community - Math suponnuchamy@cbe.ab.ca 
Pratch, Chad Teacher Art/Web Design cdpratch@cbe.ab.ca
Reid, Jamie Teacher Fashion jlreid@cbe.ab.ca
Ruzol, Jerwin Teacher Math/Computer Science jerruzol@cbe.ab.ca
Senanayake, Keshini Teacher Band, Music,  kesenanayake@cbe.ab.ca  
Simpson, Alec Teacher Social alsimpson@cbe.ab.ca
Skeith, Jonathan Teacher  Biology, Math jtskeith@cbe.ab.ca
Smith, Shauna Teacher Gr. 10 Community Math shalsmith@cbe.ab.ca
Stewart, Kyle Learning Leader Gr. 10 Community – Science kkstewart@cbe.ab.ca
Stuchly, Cameron Teacher Biology/Science cammstuchly@cbe.ab.ca
Thai, Stanton Teacher ELL stthai@cbe.ab.ca
Tomasson, Kelly Teacher Social Studies kdtomasson@cbe.ab.ca
Trinier, Andrew Teacher Culinary, Marketing awtrinier@cbe.ab.ca
Vaast, Darren Teacher Photography djvaast@cbe.ab.ca
Vachon, Janelle Teacher French/Social jmvachon@cbe.ab.ca
Way, Mitchell Learning Leader CTS, Robotics mdway@cbe.ab.ca 
Weimer, Kevin Teacher Math kjweimer@cbe.ab.ca 
White, Kirstin Learning Leader Success klwhite@cbe.ab.ca
Whitford, Alec Teacher Gr. 10 Community - English rdwhitford@cbe.ab.ca
Wilde, Karen Teacher Comp Science,  Marketing/Mgmt kcwilde@cbe.ab.ca
Williams, Jason Teacher Gr. 10 Community – Social Studies Psychology jaewilliams@cbe.ab.ca
Wong, Susy Teacher Science sywong@cbe.ab.ca
Wright, Krista Teacher Physical Education, Sport Med klwright@cbe.ab.ca 
Ykema, Sam Learning Leader Fine Arts/Languages smykema@cbe.ab.ca
Ziendien, Ali Learning Leader Math alziendien@cbe.ab.ca 

Support Staff


Armstrong, Pamela

Support Staff

Baking Instructor


Bagaria, Rajnish

Support Staff

Educational  Assistant


Bahad, Navjot

Support Staff

Library Assistant


Burns, Joanne

Support Staff

Educational Assistant


Crawley, David

Support Staff

Aviation Maintenance Instructor


Gupta, Ritu

Support Staff

Business Manager


Haylow, Michelle

Support Staff

Secretary/Office Assistant


McKeever, Lua

Support Staff

SIS Assistant


Ogilvie, Brandon

Support Staff

Cooking Instructor


Omar, Dallal

Support Staff

Educational Assistant


Ondrus, KarenSupport StaffSecretary Successkaondrus@cbe.ab.ca

Qureshi, Gulnaz

Support Staff

Science Technologist


Reen, Manveen

Support Staff

Educational Assistant


Shang, Shining

Support Staff

Educational Assistant


Suhasini, Asmita

Support Staff

Educational Assistant


Sweeney, Beverley

Support Staff

Food Prep Assistant


Walkes, Victoria

Support Staff

Braile Asst.


Wong, Estella

Support Staff

Secretary/Office Assistant




Ghumman, Gurmail

Facility Operator

First in Charge


Hoeijenbos, Maria

Facility Operator

Second in Charge


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Way to go United! Our Choir opened tonight’s @WHLHitmen game with the singing of of O Canada. #wearecbe https://t.co/uvrPIHGmJU

Thrilled to host this opportunity with ⁦@OldsCollege⁩ | Olds College partners with CBE to launch AgTech program #wearecbe https://t.co/RfYrlKhA1c

RT @KeshEd_: Our @MandelaUnited Fine Arts Council hosted a Holiday Card Making Workshop this past Friday. Loving all the beautiful handmade cards that will be sent to an elderly home in our community! https://t.co/CznNv1Qdj4

RT @_GenesisCentre: Please help us improve as a facility by participating in our 2022 guest survey. By participating, you will also be given the chance to enter a raffle to win a $100 pre-paid visa card and Genesis Centre swag bag! Survey: https://t.co/DKUTTDBNT6 https://t.co/XJyICdTEMw

All 4 teams competing this afternoon! Part of a busy weekend that also sees our choir performing at the @_GenesisCentre tree lighting today! https://t.co/63JhkXAOHJ

A wonderful Winter Ex tonight! Thanks to the artists, performers, families, tech crew and staff for creating a great evening for the community. Special thanks to @marilyndyyc for attending. #wearecbe

Thanks for joining us today! Can’t wait to keep the conversation going and providing students the opportunity to help shape the city and future they want to see. #yyccc #wearecbe https://t.co/jfRfWQJgt5

What a successful weekend! Congrats to Our Lady of Rockies Jr. Boys and @BownessHighCBE Jr. Girls on their Championship wins both winning in the final minute of play.

Congrats to our own Saroop and her 1st Place finish last night in the Self-Authored Poetry category at the Sir Winston Churchill Speech Tournament https://t.co/BdVw4eO910

Girls taking on Crescent at MIT. https://t.co/6Hz2TEWHfd