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Health & Wellness at the CBE

At the CBE, we believe in a whole school approach to health and wellness. We call this our Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach. CSH is about healthy eating, active living, supportive social environments and positive mental health. As a system, we focus on the following four areas: healthy eating; healthy relationships; physical activity; and positive mental health. Each school creates its own approach and goals for health and wellness.

Visit the CBE website to learn more about health and wellness in schools.​​​​​

Health & Wellness


Tests & Anxiety – Anxiety BC (https://www.anxietybc.com/) has a lot of information and tips about various forms of anxiety like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, text anxiety, social anxiety, and more.  They have a youth focused (http://youth.anxietybc.com/) section of the site that targets anxiety that is specific to what you might be experiencing.  They have developed a booklet called Test Anxiety (https://www.anxietybc.com/sites/default/files/Test_Anxiety_Booklet.pdf) that helps students and parents understand text anxiety and provides some tools and methods that students can use to cope and be successful.

Studying – As a starting point, How-to-Study (http://www.how-to-study.com/) provides students with a lot of information about developing effective study skills.  This will be useful for helping you prepare better for understanding what’s going on in class and doing well on assessments.

Food for Hungry Teens – Every day before school starts, a teacher is available in the prefunction area (just outside of the drama room) that will make available breakfast items that will help you get your day off onto the right foot.  At lunch, the brown bag program is available in the Success Centre for students who would otherwise go hungry.  Both these programs are put into place to help students not be hungry at school so they can focus on their learning.

Agencies that work with Nelson Mandela High School

  • Healthy Relationships – this is a violence prevention program offered by the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.  The program is facilitated by skilled and educated therapists and focuses empowering youth to make positive and healthy life choices.  This is done through group or individual counselling.  They promote healthy relationships by talking about conflict in relationships, trust, violence and abuse, boundaries, and more.
  • Calgary Immigration Woman’s Association – This organization provides support for students who are newcomers to Canada.
  • Calgary Bridge Foundation – This organization provides support for students who are newcomers to Canada.
  • All In For Youth – Ernest Dushime, Success Coach.  This program is focused on supporting students who are at-risk of dropping out of high school by connecting youth to positive adults, removing barriers to success, and encouraging students to stay in school.  If you would like more information, visit Ernest in his office across from the business office.
  • School Nurse – Nicole Chen is available on Tuesdays to talk about various health concerns or questions students may have.
  • School Based Mental Health Family Counsellor – Michelle Kain.  This school based counsellor is at Nelson Mandela once a week to provide intervention, single session consultation, and short term counselling support.  See your Success Advisor for more information.
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