Off-Campus Education

Interested in earning credits in a different setting? 

Dual CreditExploratoryInternship
Earn post-secondary and high school credits at the same time by taking a course at the college/university level. Usually requires a part-time timetable at NMHS.Earn high school credits while being introduced to a career pathway, often in the skilled trades. Usually requires a part-time timetable at NMHS.Earn high school credits while gaining in-depth career experience. Often requires a part-time timetable at NMHS.

Visit the Unique Opportunities website at for current applications


Click on “Past Opportunities” at the bottom to see what may become available in the future and read up on programs

Is there an application available for the program you want?

    1. Download the application
    2. Review the pre-requisites and program details. Notice that most applications require a teacher statement of support (a teacher who knows you!) and a personal statement about why the program would be a good fit for you. These statements can be printed separately and attached to your application.
    3. If there are pre-requisites you need to complete (HCS3000, etc.), follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to self-enrol. Email Ms. Peat ( when complete.
    4. If there is an information session – GO! Even if it is virtual. They take attendance and attendance matters.
    5. Fill in the application DIGITALLY. Save and print a copy for signatures. Off-Campus Co-ordinator is Jodi Peat.
    6. Book an appointment with Ms. Peat ( to review and/or send in your application. Bring all of the required materials
    7. Application deadlines are common for several programs. It is a BUSY day in the Success Centre. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY. Move with a sense of urgency. Get your applications in EARLY.

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    Wishing the Mandela community a joyful and safe Diwali!

    Today, on Indigenous Veterans Day, we recognize the past and present contributions of Indigenous service members in the military.

    We are so lucky to have such a great custodial team led by Mr. Ghuman!

    Some phenomenal sugar sculptures by our students in Culinary! #wearecbe

    Check out some of the programming provided by @TrellisYYC

    Today, we remember and honour all the children who attended residential schools, both those who never returned home and those who were forever impacted. #wearecbe

    Hey Mandela families, please check your emails for an important update.

    RT @chandnim14: Yesterday, in my math class @MandelaUnited our teacher started off with showing us Gr. 12 students the same exact thing to prove that there is more than one way to solve. Of course, the gr 5s had more ways than we did! This shows that as we get older we don’t explore as much!!