Physical Education

Learner Outcomes 

Four general learner outcomes used for the basis of the physical education program state that students will: 

  • Outcome A:Activityacquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. 
  • Outcome B:Benefits Health – understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity. 
  • Outcome C:Cooperation – interact positively with others. 
  • Outcome D:Do It Daily For Life – assume responsibility to lead an active way of life. 


Individual activities are weighted based on the number of classes involved in the activity. Adjustments may be necessary as result of inclement weather or other unforeseen events that may require the cancellation or extension of some activities. 



Why Take Physical Education 20 & 30 

  • Exercise is proven in studies to improve academic performance.  
  • Use your grade to apply for your Rutherford Scholarship.  
  • Use as an entrance mark for some faculties and universities.  
  • Can be used to maintain an honours status throughout your high school career.  
  • To have fun and have a social break in your day.  
  • Find wellness and balance in your school schedule.  
  • Opportunity to try new off campus activities. 


Course Descriptions 

Physical Education 10  

(3 credits) 

Physical Education 10 is compulsory for all Alberta high school students. This is a participation course and students are expected to have appropriate clothing for active involvement.  A fee is charged for off-site activities and transportation. Course activities include many classic PE activities as well as a few offsites - bowling and dance. Evaluation is based on active participation, benefits health, cooperation and do it daily performance.  

Physical Education 20  

(5 credits) 

Physical Education 20 is an option course for all high school students who have successfully completed Physical Education 10. Extensive travel to off-site activities is required in this course and attendance is mandatory. A fee is charged for off-site activities and transportation. Off-site activities include golfing, bowling, hiking, skating, disc golf and curling.  

Physical Education 30  

(5 credits) 

Physical Education 30 is an option course for all high school students who have successfully completed Physical Education 20. Extensive travel to off-site activities is required in this course and attendance is mandatory. Class times are altered to meet travel times, requiring students to leave early in the morning, over the lunch hour or returning to the school after the final bell. A fee is charged for off-site activities and transportation.  

Off-site activities may include overnight trips, skiing, golfing, wall climbing, bowling, disc golf, curling, billiards, hiking and skating.  

* P.E. 30 is a fully accredited course for some university faculty entrance requirements 



In order for students to have a safe place to store their belongings during the school day, individual lockers and locks are provided to every student enrolled in Phys Ed. Lockers are the property of the school and are on loan to the student.  


  • should not leave items of value in their lockers 
  • are responsible for the proper care of the locker 
  • should not to give their lock combination to anyone else 
  • are responsible to keep his/her locker clean  
  • will remove all contents when requested to do so 
  • will be held responsible for damages to the locker 

In the event that school safety and security is a concern administration has the right to complete searches of student lockers and student property.  


If a replacement lock is required there will be a $5.00 charge.  

Physical Education (PE) Locker Rooms 

Students are provided with a small locker and lock for PE classes. These locks must be returned to their teacher prior to the last day of classes in a semester. Locks not returned will be removed on the last day of classes and any articles found in the locker will be placed in the lost and found. It is recommended that students do not leave any valuables in gym lockers or the locker room at any time. The school is not responsible for any items stolen from the locker room. Lockers are not to be used except for their allocated Phys Ed time. You will not have access to your locker before school, during lunch, during other classes or after school.  

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