Personal Belongings

Articles of Value

These items are brought at the owner’s risk and the school does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Bikes or skateboards should be locked in the appropriate racks and taken home each night.

No Phone Zone

Cellphones or other technologies must be kept in the student’s locker at all times to avoid any items going missing. Again, Nickle School will not be responsible for any items lost or stolen.

Care of Personal Property

The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. Students are advised to leave items of value at home and not share their locker combinations. 

Lost & Found

Students are advised to check in the office for any items that may have been turned in. Items not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated.

Personal Electronic Devices

Our school has a Digital Citizenship Plan and an Acceptable Use Policy that addresses the appropriate use of electronic devices at school. 


We certainly encourage active living practices with children such as riding a bicycle to school. Upon arrival at the school and for the safety of all students, cyclists are expected to walk bicycles on school grounds during school hours. When bicycles are brought to school they should be locked in the bicycle rack provided. The school cannot be responsible for bicycles damaged or stolen while they are at school. 

Skateboards, Inline Skates, Scooters, etc.

According to CBE policy, equipment such as skateboards, scooters inline skates and Heelies, are not allowed to be used anywhere on school property. Students skating to school must pick it up when they come onto school property. Skateboards may be used on city sidewalks as long as they do not pose a risk for pedestrians. Riding skateboards on the road is dangerous and is not allowed by city bylaw. There is to be no skateboarding on the road, or the intersection directly in front of the school (Lake Bonavista Drive). Students breaking our policy will have their boards taken away for the day. A second offense will result in parents picking up the skateboard/scooter from the office.

Nickle has a skateboard/longboard rack that is to be used to securely store your board. Please ensure you bring a personal lock to use this feature. Skateboards are not allowed inside of Nickle School.

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