Indigenous Celebrations & Ceremonies

Our school is proud to offer a variety of opportunities that enhance our learning experiences that impact students, families and other CBE partners.  

  • Learning from the land
  • Learning from Elders and Knowledge Keepers
  • Powwow and hoop dancing
  • Traditional games
  • Artist in residencies
  • Indigenous language instruction
  • Learning through ceremony and gatherings
  • Learning through community events

Communication about activities will be shared and updated monthly. 


Smudging is an important and meaningful practice in our culture that promotes calm, positive energy; clear, thoughtful learning; and the development of caring relationships. As an honoured tradition amongst many Indigenous peoples, we smudge at various times by burning a small piece of Sage that our students gather in the fall season. Members of each classroom sit in a circle on the floor and pass the Sage around to each individual and time to pray and reflect is offered. The Smudge is followed by a talking circle. Classroom teachers, guided by Elder Teachings are expected to offer Smudge Teachings in their classrooms throughout the school year and when new students/staff arrive.

Celebrations of Learning

Three times during the school year, Niitsitapi Learning Centre hosts assemblies that parents are invited to attend. Please check our school calendar for the assembly date and ensure to check in at the office if you are able to join us.

In addition to these celebrations, we will also host a Meet the Staff event in September, a Winter Solstice/Christmas Celebration in December, an Honour Tea in May and a year end transition ceremony in June.


As part of our school program, students at Niitsitapi Learning Centre will have the opportunity to participate in traditional drumming and singing. Part of this work will include working with Elders to build traditional hand drums and sticks.

We hope that all students will participate in the teachings of the drum and learn the songs. We understand that not all students are permitted to use a traditional hand drum, so an alternative is to use synthetic drums bought from a music store.

Hoop Dancing

As an optional lunch activity, K-2 students will be able to participate in hoop dancing lessons. Due to numbers grades will alternate weeks that this opportunity will be available. Typically classes will be Thursdays at lunch recess. 

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