​​​​Getting Students to School

You can register your child for yellow school bus transportation online using your MyCBE or by completing a transportation registration form. Register every school year.

Please visit the CBE website to find more information on fees and service levels for the 2022-23 school year.​​

To be included in the yellow school bus route planning for September, parents must register by the June 8, 2022 deadline. The more registrations we receive by the deadline, the more efficient route planning will be for September. Transportation continues to accept registrations after the deadline, and students are added to the closest existing stop with space, within the distance guideline. Processing times could be up to 6 weeks at the beginning of the school year due to volume.

Yellow school bus registrations can be cancelled by Sept. 30 with no financial penalty. Cancellation forms must be completed before a pro-rated refund can be considered. No refunds will be processed for service cancelled after April​ 30 or for individual trip delays.

Parents/guardians whose children access yellow bus service can view the status of their bus using the MyBusStop App or on My School Bus Monitor.

Visit CBE Transportation​ for forms and more information.

Conditional R​iders

Students who are not attending the designated school for their program, or who are not within the transportation service area, may be able to access existing service if there is a suitable stop on the existing bus route. Fees will not be waived for conditional riders.

Criteria for conditional riders:

  • Must access an existing stop

  • Must be room on the bus

  • Must pay the transportation fee

  • No additional bus routes will be implemented to accommodate conditional riders

  • Must wait for written approval from Transportation Services before starting to ride the bus

Conditional riders are not permitted to ride the bus until it is determined there is space on the bus and riders have been approved by Transportation Services.

Alternate Addresses

We've heard from families that they would like more flexibility to access bus stops and routes to support childcare arrangements and changing family schedules. This year, CBE Transportation will allow families to add a second address to their transportation registration to have access to two bus stops and/or routes.

Note | All addresses must be within the attendance area for the school and outside the walk zone. Maps can be found on the school profile on the CBE website. The information collected from parents informs bus route planning, but does not guarantee a stop at the exact location requested.

To participate in the program, you must:

  • Pre-register for transportation in MyCBE by the June 8, 2022 deadline.
  • Fill in the Request for Alternate Address form in MyCBE and provide one additional address and schedule for your child. Note: the form will only appear after you register.

CBE Transportation will review each request to determine if the request can be accommodated. Families will be notified of the decision within six weeks of application. If it is approved, the second address will be used as we are creating new bus routes.

The cost of this request, if approved, is $110.​

​Visit CBE Transportation for forms and more information.​​​​​​​​​​​​


Busing at the Niitsitapi Learning Centre

The Niitsitapi Learning Centre is a unique program in the Calgary Board of Education and has limited charter transportation to congregated stops. It is the parent's responsibility for their children to walk to and from the congregated stop.

Southland Transportation provides busing for the Niitsitapi Learning Centre and all students require a charter transportation contract to ride the school bus. Please contact the office for additional information.

Students are transported to one address only and are asked to be at their stop 10 minutes early. Students under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver or they will not be dropped off. Any changes to a current address must be communicated to the school office who will request an address update.  You should also email Transportation at transportation@cbe.ab.ca

If the school bus is more than 10 minutes late, their update will be posted on: http://myschoolbusmonitor.ca

If you have other questions regarding the school bus route, please call Southland Transportation 403-726-5963

The school bus is an extension of the school, and therefore is subject to CBE Administrative Regulation 6005 – Student Code of Conduct.

Zonar Passes

All students will be required to scan their Zpass each time they enter and exit the yellow school bus.

CBE Transportation will be working with our schools, families, and bus drivers to monitor the process as students adjust to the new routine. 

Please know that your child will never be refused bus service if they forget their ZPass. Bus drivers will collect names of students who do not have their bus pass and will notify school administration. However, your school may contact you with reminders that students must carry and scan their ZPass daily.

School Bus Expectations & Rules

Students riding on a school bus are responsible for their conduct to the bus driver and the principal of the school. Violation of any of the following rules may lead to the loss of riding privileges, suspension from school or other disciplinary measures under CBE Administrative Regulation 6096 – Transportation Responsibilities and School Bus Rules.

  • The driver is in full charge of the bus. Respect the driver and obey directions.
  • The driver may assign specific seats to students at any time.
  • Students will not extend arms or head out of windows. While the bus is in motion, students will remain seated facing forward, and will not try to get on or off the bus, or move about within the bus.
  • Students will not throw anything on the floor or out of the windows of the bus.
  • While on the bus, students will conduct themselves in a quiet and courteous manner, showing consideration for the comfort and safety of others.
  • Scuffling, fighting, smoking, and the use of obscene language, gestures or behaviour on the bus, are prohibited.
  • Students will not distract the bus driver with excessive noise.
  • Students causing willful damage to a bus will be held accountable.
  • When leaving the bus, students will observe the instructions of the bus driver, and will not cross the road without having a clear view in all directions.
  • No student or parent is permitted on the bus without:
    • a valid bus pass; or
    • the authorization of the bus driver; or
    • the authorization of the school principal or their designate.

Students will be asked to have their Zonar (ZPass) bus pass visible on them at all times. Students have a ZPass card to scan when boarding and exiting the bus and each card is linked to their transportation contract.

Busing for Preschool Students

For those families whose child(ren) will be taking the bus, the busing company provides regular stop service – meaning they will pick up and drop off at a central location within 1000m of your home. Integrated seats will be utilized on the Preschool school buses. They are a five-point harness child seat integrated into the school bus and designed for children 22-85 lbs. The Niitsitapi Learning Centre has a bus boundary. Please phone or check our website for a map. Any changes to busing pick up addresses require advance notice to be provided to the school in order to process the new information and adjust route schedules. At the Niitsitapi Learning Centre, the bus will drop off and pick up directly in front of the school and children will be accompanied by staff to and from the bus.

Note: Please discuss with your bus driver the process for informing the transportation company when your child will be absent. You can expect to be contacted by your driver 1-2 days prior to your child’s first pick up day.

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