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Kitsikakomiim- We honour the love in you


We have been discussing kindness and compliments in Grade One. We are on the lookout for acts of kindness, and when we see one we take a picture of the student with our "Caught Being Kind" sign. We have also been talking about how important it is to be kind and gentle to ourselves. We wrote poems about what we love about ourselves. 

February is always a fun month, and this year particularly there has been a lot to celebrate. We celebrated being 100 days smarter on our 100th Day of School. We celebrated how great we are at counting to 100 by 5s and 10s. We had a lot of fun racing to build a sturdy tower with 100 cups. Next in our learning we are practicing skip counting by 2s. Students have mastered a number of different strategies to help them add to 20, including using a number line, ten frames, or counters, and now we will move on to learning to use these same strategies to help us subtract.

We have spent a lot of our time since returning from break learning about how different animals survive the winter season. We showed our learning through a model we built collaboratively. Our teamwork really was amazing during this task. Students worked together to first research an animal of their choice. Next, they build the winter scene together. Then, they constructed their animal and its winter habitat from clay. Last, they labelled the various aspects of the winter scene with English, Blackfoot, and Cree words they had learned. 

Upcoming Dates

Feb 21- Family Day No School

Feb 23- Pink Shirt Day

Winter  ipákssaisstoyi

Beauty all around us

Welcome back families. It has been so nice to see our students again. What is a constant light around the school are the smiles of the children every morning when they get off the bus. 

Grade One has been busy, and we are learning so much each day. I love Grade One because of all of the changes that occur in our learners. We are readers, writers, and mathematicians! Each student in our class is making so much progress, and their daily hard work is evident. 


Now that we have really mastered the alphabet, we are learning to blend words together in order to read bigger books. We are learning about "The H Brothers", these are the digraph sounds (sh, th, wh, ch, ph). We practice these each day, and we are starting to incorporate them in our writing. 

We are learning to write longer sentences and sound out more words. It is important to practice the ending sounds in word, as these can be tricky. 

We have been reading about the fun things snowmen do at night while we are sleeping in this story:

In February, our daily book talks and stories will be about kindness for others and ourselves. 

In math, we have been been mastering our addition skills. We use counters (sometimes candy canes), our fingers, or our mind to add two numbers together using "Percy" the plus sign. Percy is a friendly character who loves to put things together!

We will continue to practice addition for the next few weeks, using different strategies like a number line and ten frames. Then, we will move onto subtraction.

We have been mixing our science lessons with art lately as we learn about "warm" and "cool" colours. Our creations have been beautiful.

Important Dates

  • January 27: Report Cards available online
  • January 31: Non-Instructional Day - No School 
  • February 17,18, 21- No School

With love and gratitude,

Ms. Jocelyn

October- Beauty in Na'a

Oki, Tansi, Bonjour, Ubma-wathtich, Hello,

I hope you had a restful week off with your family, enjoying the beautiful weather we had. It sounds like our class was busy and had a lot of stories to tell when they returned. 

This year, we have been asking ourselves what "beauty in Na'a (Mother Earth)" we can find. We started the year by sketching in our journals four things we found outside that were beautiful to us. We are going to continue to look at the land, as well as ourselves, and notice changes and beauty. 

As the weather changes, please remember to dress your student warmly. Please label all items with their name. 

Please send multiple masks in your student's backpack.


We continue to build on our foundational skills of reading and writing. We are reviewing our letter sounds in order to begin to blend words together and decode unfamiliar words. We have been reading our own reader books, which we also love to colour. We have been practicing copying some important words from the board to label our pictures that we draw. We have also been practicing forming letters properly. 

Now that we have learned how to represent numbers up to 10, we are beginning our addition concepts by "making 10". You can practice this at home by asking your student "what is the number buddy of ___ to make 10?". We will work on this for the next few weeks. 

We have been doing  a lot of colour mixing and creating. We have painted some very nice pictures that are full of colour, using only the 3 primary colours. Ask your student what theses are. Moving forward in science, we will be taking a closer look at our 5 senses. 

Important Dates

Oct 28- Halloween Celebration. Please pack costume and ensure your student can properly wear a mask. No weapons please

Nov 11- Remembrance Day No School

Nov 12- PD Day

Nov 15- Picture Retakes

Nov 17- Rock Your Mocs Day

Nov 24- Field Trip to Fish Creek (details to come)

Nov 26- PD Day

Ayyy for helping to create a great school year start up. 

Ms. Jocelyn 

Welcome to Grade One

Oki, Tansi, Bonjour, Umba-wathtich, Hello families, 

I am so excited to get to share this school year with your little ones. We have already had a lot of fun and experienced many different learning opportunities in our short time together. 

My name is Ms. Jocelyn and I have called Mohkinstis home for 12 years now, originally coming from Ontario. I have two busy little ones at home myself, ages 6 and 3. I have been fortunate to have taught at Niitsitapi Learning Centre since our opening six years ago. Each year I learn so much from our students and I love seeing them connect with the land, their spirits, and each other. This year I look forward to deepening these connections through learning and story. 


Our classroom blog will be updated monthly with learning updates and any important information. I will also send occasional e-mails with any important reminders. Should you ever need to reach me, please phone the school at (403)-817-3404 or e-mail me at


We will be basing much of our learning this year around what we can learn through and alongside the land. A big part of Grade One is noticing the seasonal changes around us, and we love to explore how we can do this through our senses as well as through story. In the upcoming month we will be learning about the importance of the Fall Equinox, and about our senses. 

Grade One students are working hard to master our counting skills to 10, and they are learning to represent each number in a variety of ways, including through tallies and on a 10 frame. We have been learning about colour and each other, and we even took a class survey of favourite colours. Blue won by a lot!

We are learning that we are grade one readers by examining familiar letter sounds and beginning to blend sounds together to read short and simple sentences. We love to colour and read our new reader books that we practice each day. 

Our class loves blue!

Important Dates

Sept 16- Picture Day

Sept. 30-  No school 

Please let me know if you questions, I look forward to connecting with each family throughout the year. 

Hand to heart,

Ms. Jocelyn 

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