Ms. Shauna

September 2021

Oki! Tansi! Taanishi! Hello!

Fall is upon us and we have been fortunate to have beautiful weather so far during this season of o’ko (Blackfoot), takwâkin (Cree), latonn (Michif). We have spent time outside every day observing the changes in plants, animals, and weather. We’re using our senses to explore how things look, sound, smell, and feel different as the season changes around us. We are also exploring how we are changing alongside the seasons—getting taller, making friends, trying and learning new things, and discovering so much about who we are and what we’re capable of. Here are a few examples of things we have been working on:


In September, we began to learn about counting and representing numbers from 1-10. We practiced counting every morning as we tracked how many colours of the day have been selected so far, and we’re starting to notice patterns as we progress through numbers higher than 10. We explored simple patterns with 2 to 3 elements and discovered that patterns are everywhere—even in nature!

Students engaged in learning through songs, stories, hands-on exploration, land-based learning and smartboard activities. They demonstrated their understanding by showing different ways to represent numbers and patterns using bingo dabbers, drawing pictures, and using manipulatives (beads, buttons, playdough, etc.).



In Kindergarten, we learn foundational skills that will set your children up for success in their literacy journey. Literacy is not just reading and writing, but all forms of communication, including listening and speaking. Through songs, stories, games, and hands-on activities, we spent a lot of time in September learning and playing with words and sounds. Rhyming, segmenting, blending, and recognizing the number of syllables in words are all pre-reading skills that are engaging and challenging. We are also learning about letters and the sounds they represent. We read and discussed many stories about letters, rhyming, friendship, and seasons this month.


Science & Exploration: 

We are starting to learn about seasonal changes in plants, animals, and weather. We often spend time outside exploring how Na’a is changing—leaves are turning different colours and falling to the ground, different flowers are blooming, the grass is becoming brown, and the leaves, grass, and flowers make crunchy sounds. Students showed their learning through drawing and art projects.

We were blessed by the teachings of Elder Shirley this month. We learned some excellent new dance steps with our favourite friend, Lemon the Bear. We also had the opportunity to drum with Mr. Darcy. We are so thankful for the opportunities we have to learn from our Elders and knowledge keepers.