Early Development Centre/Preschool

What Will My Child Learn at School?

Your child will learn and grow a great deal throughout the preschool year. Most importantly, your child will develop skills and abilities through fun and engaging play activities that have been planned by your child’s school learning team.

Children will have opportunities to engage in tasks that promote a variety of skills such as how to:

  • Cooperate, share and take turns
  • Explore new materials and ideas
  • Express themselves in a variety of ways through art, building, movement, singing and speaking
  • Listen to stories and directions
  • Enjoy books and stories
  • Take care of themselves and their belongings
  • Take care of others and the environment

Programming at the Niistitapi Learning Centre will provide early intervention through a holistic, strength based, early learning environment. We want our students to build a strong academic foundation in a learning environment that reflects and nurtures their Mind, Heart, Spirit and Body while honouring the diversity of Indigenous cultures, languages and ways of knowing and learning.

What does a typical day look like in EDC/Preschool at Niitsitapi Learning Centre?

Below is a tentative schedule for what a typical day in Early Development Centre/Preschool at the Niistitapi Learning Centre may look like:

  • Arrival, Greetings, Healthy Breakfast or Lunch
  • Free Play
  • Smudge
  • Physical Education
  • Talking Circle (Welcome Song & Literacy Activities)
  • Centre Play
  • Outside Learning Time
  • Healthy Snack
  • Story Time/Free Play
  • Sharing Circle/Farewell Song
  • Get Ready for Home

Who Will be Working with My Child?

In an Early Development Centre/Preschool classroom your child will be supported by multiple adults. Each classroom has 3 Early Childhood Practitioners as well as an Early Learning Strategist who oversees both EDC/Preschool classes. A speech and language pathologist, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist are available to support your child as needed. A music therapist will work with the children for a specified block of time during the year. At the Niistitapi Learning Centre, your child will have the opportunity to spend time and receive teachings from community Elders.

What are the Early Development Centre/Preschool Hours?

All EDC/Preschool children attend school Monday to Thursday at the following times (start/end times may change slightly):

AM Start Time - 8:25 AM 

AM End Time - 11:15 AM

PM Start Time - 12:15 PM

PM End Time - 3:05 PM

No School on Fridays

What Should I Do If My Child Will be Away or Late?

If your child will be late or away from school for any reason, please call the school at: 403-817-3404 to report the late or absence. If your child is late for school, please check in at the Main Office before going to the classroom. If you arrive early to pick your child up for an appointment, please go to the Main Office to sign him/her out for the day.

What Does My Child Need To Bring To School?

Please be sure to send your to child to school with:

  • A backpack large enough to hold an agenda, notices and a snack bag
  • A healthy snack (please send drinks in water bottle containers)
  • Indoor running shoes with velcro fasteners (shoes will be left at school)
  • A change of clothing (pants, shirt, socks and underwear)
  • A package of “Pull Ups” and wipes if your child is not toilet trained
  • Clothing that is appropriate for the weather (children will often go outside)

Note: All clothing, backpacks, shoes and snack containers should be labelled with your child’s name.

Is Food Provided?

A healthy breakfast for morning class and lunch for afternoon class will be provided for students if needed that day.

Do I Need to Purchase Supplies?

You will be asked to pay a small fee to the school which will cover the cost of all resources/supplies used in the classroom (e.g. scissors, glue, crayons, paint, paper, etc.). Please watch for a notice coming home regarding your child’s classroom supplies.

How Can I Support My Child’s Learning?

We believe that a child’s first and most important teachers are family members or guardians and we value any opportunity to work as partners with you in your child’s education. There are a variety of ways for you to be involved with our program in support of your child’s progress.

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