Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalMichelle Brinson / mlbrinson@cbe.ab.ca
Assistant PrincipalCharney Docherty / ckdocherty@cbe.ab.ca
Admin. SecretaryShawna Mason / northernlights@cbe.ab.ca

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Heather Dziuba / hmnichol@cbe.ab.ca 
Mrs. Pam Noftall / pmnoftall@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 1
Mr. Kyle Kurtz / kykurtz@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Jennifer Owens / jaowens@cbe.ab.ca
Miss Stephanie Pratt / snpratt@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Nicole Read / ndaberle@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 2
Mrs. Anna Parkhurst / alparkhurst@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. Andrea Penonzek / adpenonzek@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Candace Stewart / cdstewart@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 3
Mrs. Joan Pham / joelago@cbe.ab.ca
Miss RH / please email joelago@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. Randy Jackson / rajackson@cbe.ab.ca  
Grade 4
Mrs. Ashley Atack / amdasilva@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Lisa Sloane / lmsloane@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 5
Miss Kim Gadbois / ksgadbois@cbe.ab.ca
Mrs. Megan Swaroop / majackson@cbe.ab.ca

    Phys. Ed. for K - 5                     Mr. Brady Newton / brnewton@cbe.ab.ca

Support Staff

PositionStaff Member
Dua'a Alramahi
Cristina Villaresis
Braille Assistant
Karyn Reed
Library Assistant
Denise Barrowcliff
Lunch SupervisorsTracey Beisel
Sam Barnes
Jennifer Kiddell
Tanya Molcan
Facility OperatorJohn Quijano
Evening Cleaners
Pedro Van Dunem
Tina Lin

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