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Things are coming together! Sooooo glad to be part of the OPEN Northern Lights School Community! If you know a family that is part of our school community, ask them to follow us @NLS_CBE. Regular posts coming soon! https://t.co/8drGEZ2VDI

We were gifted with a beautiful painted rock by our school lightpost...compliments of a mystery painter! Someone part of Painted Rocks Calgary is what the students guess! https://t.co/X5knZuVh4l

Super exciting progress! Sod in front is being laid! https://t.co/nualve1X7C

NLS students will be starting in our new building on September 8. See our website for more info! https://t.co/JOhsXV9TzR

Rainy days inside? ideas for making musical instruments at home: https://t.co/z7zRfSIpPn https://t.co/Vgq3MfA8GP