Dress Code

Indoor Running Shoes

In order to help keep our school clean, all students are expected to remove their wet and dirty outdoor footwear. As all students are required to have a pair of running shoes for gym activities, we suggest that these runners serve as indoor shoes. Please clearly label all footwear to minimize loss.  Fire drills and school lockdown drills are held on a regular basis.  Many drills are scheduled without warning. Therefore, students are expected to wear indoor footwear at all times.

Appropriate Clothing

It is expected that good taste and judgment will be exercised in the selection of clothing worn to school by students. Clothing such as halter-type tops, revealing midriffs, extremely short shorts, and clothing with inappropriate logos are not to be worn to school.  Suitable footwear, which will allow students to work and play in comfort without risk to health and safety, is also expected.  Students with inappropriate clothing will be asked to change or cover up with a painting t-shirt.  Students are not allowed to wear hats in the school – although cultural or religious head wear are exempt from this policy. Please label all clothing items before they are worn to school.

Dressing for the Weather

It is important children are dressed for the weather, whether if be snowy, cold, sunny, or wet. As residents of the prairie we all need to be both cold-aware and are capable of dressing to reflect the actual weather conditions safely. Please have your student appropriately and prepared to spend recess, lunch recess, and outdoor learning times outdoors. 

Rainy / Cold Weather

Students should be suitably dressed for current / forecasted weather conditions (in rain gear or winter clothing and boots). They are expected to play outside before the 9:05 am bell and during morning and lunch recess periods. Students remain outside of the school until the bell rings. On extremely wet and extremely cold days students may be invited inside. A general guideline for coming inside is when rain is “bouncing” off a hard surface and when winter temperatures reach below -20°C.

Consistent with CBE guidelines, we begin to monitor the local weather conditions on our schoolyard very carefully when temperatures are nearing -20°C.   On these days, we may:

1.   Shorten the length of time students are outdoors, particularly over the lunch hour

2.   Make announcements to remind students about wearing appropriate winter wear

3.   Monitor as students are getting ready to go outside to ensure that they are wearing appropriate clothing for the weather

In the event that temperatures drop below -20°C or rain is quite heavy, we will shorten, modify or cancel outdoor recesses and walking / outdoor field trips. When recesses are modified, students may be out for a shortened amount of time and will have access to an entrance off of the courtyard to come in and warm up if needed.

When walking / outdoor field trips are modified, students will go a shorter distance, stay out for less time, or stay closer to available structures on field trip sites and be monitored and asked to communicate when they are cold.

Caring for your children is a top priority for our staff.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe in Cold Weather

As indicated above, on most cold winter days students will continue to have regularly scheduled outdoor time at school.  Students will be safe and have fun outdoors if they:

1.   Dress in layers, with a wind resistant outer layer

2.   Wear snow pants, a hat and/or a hood

3.   Have waterproof mittens or insulated gloves (thin fabric gloves are not warm enough and soak through easily)

4.   Have something to cover their face, such as a scarf, neck tube or face mask

5.   Wear warm and waterproof footwear

6.   Have extra socks in their backpack in case they get wet

*In case of an unplanned fire alarm during very cold weather, students are expected to wear shoes when indoors at all times. We also recommend wearing winter clothing (pants/sweaters rather than leggings/shorts/shirts/short sleeved shirts) or keeping a long-sleeved hoodie/sweatshirt/sweater nearby.

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