Health & Wellness

Healthy, Active Learners

All children in Grades K - 4 will participate in daily Phys. Ed. to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

Students in Grades K – 4 participate in daily Physical Education activities that will be both inside and outside, regardless of the month. In addition, students will go outside everyday (unless it is down-pouring rain, blizzarding snow, or temperatures are colder than -20 degrees Celcius for morning and afternoon recess or on community walks and explorations. 

Students are encouraged to bring only healthy/brain-food snacks to school, in accordance with CBE Administrative Regulation 3047 - Nutrition.  They should have a water bottle for snack time and for sipping on throughout the day to hydrate. Snacks need to be portable (hold in one hand), and as healthy and litterless as possible. 


Northern Lights School is an ‘Allergy Aware’ school.  In each classroom, a sign will be posted for inform about any severe allergies that are present in that classroom, allergy alert stop signs will be posted on individual desks, and Epi-Pen signs will hang above backpacks to indicate where emergency medications are contained. We educate all students and staff on how to keep their hands and work surfaces clean of allergens, and offer options for where students with allergens can eat if their parents so choose.  Although we do not ban any food items from the school, many families consider sending alternative food options for their child if a severe allergy to a certain food exists in their homeroom class.

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SKIP THE DEPOT ONGOING FUNDRAISER Our Northern Lights School Parent Fundraising Society has teamed up with ‘Skip the Depot’ ( to help raise money for our upcoming playground installation. See details on how to help out in the attached picture! Thanks!!!

Thank you to our School Council and parents for the beautiful whipped cream cake from @OrchidPastry! Our staff are certainly feeling loved today!

What a nice treat from a family to say thank you! #feelingappreciated

Loving learning about what types of trees are around the school, the cost of each type and what we need to do to care for them!

NLS students and staff making a difference for our amazing planet by pledging a personal change!