​During a health emergency when access to school buildings is being limited for everyone's safety, please follow the Registration instructions outlined on the CBE website. 


Kindergarten Staggered Entry and Attendance on Select Fridays Only

Kindergarten students are placed into AM and PM classes based on the preference indicated by parents when registering as much as possible.  When this isn't possible due to the classes being at capacity, we use the following criteria: 

A Kindergarten Handbook will be sent home to new Kindergarten parents in a Kindergarten Information Message once students are registered.  

The first three days of the school year are a Kindergarten Staggered Entry where new Kindergarten students are invited to attend for part of the school day in small groups to begin acquainting themselves with teachers and the Kindergarten environment at the school.  Times for staggered entry are provided to families in June and then again at the end of August so parents know when to bring their Kindergarten children to school. There is no bussing available for Kindergarten during the first two days of school.  

If there is more than one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon, then classroom teachers will not assigned to particular students until the end of staggered entry days to ensure all classes are balanced for gender, identified learning needs and visible aptitudes. Once the homeroom teacher is assigned after the first week, this teacher will serve as the primary contact for communication and assessment.  

Regular Kindergarten programming occurs during the regular instructional hours of school Mondays – Thursdays from 9:05 AM – 11:55 AM or 12:55 PM – 3:45 PM. On Fridays, for early dismissal days, the AM or PM Kindergarten class will only come to school on select assigned days between 9:05 - 1:05 (regardless of AM or PM class placement). 

For the current year, please refer to the Northern Lights School Kindergarten 20-21 calendars for specific attendance days.

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