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Daily Agenda Blog Address
Mrs. Heather Nichol
Mrs. Pam Noftall
Grade 1

Mrs. Jennifer Owens
Miss Stephanie Pratt
Ms. Samantha Honig
Grade 2
Mrs. Anna Parkhurst
Ms. Andrea Penonzek
Mrs. Candace Stewart
Grade 3
Ms. Joan Elago

Grade 4
Mrs. Ashley Atack
Mr. Randy Jackson  
Mrs. Lisa Sloane
 Grade 5
Ms. Janelle Nugent
Miss Kim Gadbois
Mrs. Megan Swaroop

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Northern Lights School Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

Northern Lights Recycling ♻️ Relay to celebrate our Environmental Week

How did you celebrate Earth Day? NLS is celebrating Environmental Week April 22-29! Don't forget to Walk or Wheel to school and Pack Litterless Lunches ♻️

Thank You to #niitsitapi Learning Center for sharing. Our students loved having the chance to interact with an authentic artifact.