Classes & Departments

Daily Agenda Blog Address
Mrs. Heather Nichol
Mrs. Pam Noftall
Grade 1

Mrs. Jennifer Owens
Miss Stephanie Pratt
Ms. Samantha Honig
Grade 2
Mrs. Anna Parkhurst
Ms. Andrea Penonzek
Mrs. Candace Stewart
Grade 3
Ms. Joan Elago
Miss Rebecca Hansen

Grade 4
Mrs. Ashley Atack
Mr. Randy Jackson  
Mrs. Lisa Sloane
 Grade 5
Ms. Janelle Nugent
Miss Kim Gadbois
Mrs. Megan Swaroop

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Northern Lights students are participating in Drumfit for the next two weeks!

Happy New Year to all our NLS families!

Students listened to The Wish Tree and created their own WISHES for the world. Our NLS Wish Trees are beautifully displayed for students to see 🌲

At NLS we are sharing some kindness and bringing light to the season

Thank You to all our Northern Lights families who joined us at Parent Teacher Conferences!