Our Staff

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Principal | Catherine (Cat) Gammell
Administrative Assistant | Ms. Nora Brittain

Teaching Staff

GradeName & Email
Kindergarten (AM)          Mrs. Jessica Halsall 
Grade 1/2Mrs. Ras Gouthro
Grade 2/3Mrs. Anna Duda
Grade 4/5 Mrs. Lynne Hartley 
Grade 5/6Mrs. Janelle Hastie
Music Mrs. Lynne Hartley
Resource Mrs. Jana Robb
PLP Mrs. Tanya Stewart
Literacy Teacher Grade 4/5, Social Studies Grade 2Ms. Julie Beally

Support Staff

Library AssistantMrs. Sandra Carr
Education AssistantsMrs. Becky Halsted (PLP)
Miss Lauren Code (PLP)
Diana Cucciniello (ECP)
Lunch Supervision TeamMs. Deb Marr
Mrs. Susan Oluwadele
Mrs. Tammy McDonald
Mrs. Helen Agbakwu
Facility OperatorsMr. Dong Lee

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CBE students came away with a number of wins and demonstrated exceptional talent and skills as they competed in Skills Canada Alberta in Edmonton and the 2023 Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) in Winnipeg. https://t.co/7Rigvcqpv6 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/GkTJe0yV9C