Digital Citizenship

1. Student Safety

Outcomes for student online safety include:

  • The school has an acceptable use policy (AUP) modeled on CBE policies A.R 1062 and it has been communicated to students.
  • Appropriate ICT outcomes relating to digital citizenship have been infused in core subjects that relate to student safety.
  • Consequences for inappropriate use have been communicated to students (possibly through the AUP).

Describe school strategies to keep students safe when they are online:

  1. Each classroom will develop their own web safety plan at the beginning of the school year. The plan will be written in kid friendly language. Teachers will discuss "digital citizenship" with their students. These conversations will include specific references on the school's Admirable Use Policy. There will be discussions on how student devices will be used for educational purposes.
  2. Teachers will supervise student use on the internet on CBE computers.
  3. Teachers will administrate consequences to students for inappropriate use of the internet as described in the Electronic Networkable Devices and Network User Agreements.

2. Student Learning

Student learning outcomes relating to digital citizenship include:

  • ICT outcomes relating to digital citizenship have been embedded in appropriate curricula. 
  • Students are aware of information regarding the reliable and authoritative resources that are currently available for all CBE students, parents/guardians and staff.

Describe how the school will meet student learning outcomes relating to digital citizenship:

  1. Teachers will become familiar with the ICT Program of Studies for their grade level and implement appropriate activities that reinforce student's understanding and compliance with digital citizenship.
  2. Students will become familiar with reliable and authoritative resources that are currently available for all CBE students, parents/guardians and staff. Link to these resources will be posted on the school website.

3. Staff Professional Development

Staff professional development outcomes include:

  • Teachers are aware of issues relating to student online safety
  • Teachers are aware of the potential impact of digital technologies on student learning
  • Teachers are aware of professional development resources relating to digital citizenship 
  • Teachers are aware of the Three Year Education Plan

Describe how the school will meet staff professional development outcomes relating to digital citizenship:

  1. The school will provide digital citizenship training to school staff using the resources available from Learning Innovations. 
  2. Teachers will be informed of any ongoing professional development opportunities that become available through the CBE.

4. Student-Owned Devices

Outcomes relating to student-owned devices include:

  • Students and staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities with regard to the use of student-owned devices in schools
  • Students and staff are aware of how student-owned devices may enhance student learning
  • Issues relating to student-owned devices have been clearly articulated for students and staff. These include:
  • Keeping their devices in a secure location at all times
  • Responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage
  • Technical support
  • Teachers are aware of professional development resources that support the use of student-owned devices in classrooms.

Describe how the school will meet outcomes relating to student-owned devices:

Issues relating to student-owned devices have been clearly articulated for students and staff. These include:

  1. Students will be asked to keep their devices in a secure location at all times. This is either within their own desk or in their backpack in their classroom. The classroom door will be closed and locked when the class is not in the classroom. Staff will not open doors of closed classrooms to other teacher's room at the request of students to get forgotten items without providing direct supervision.
  2. Students will be advised to mark these items so that in the event of loss, these items can be returned to the rightful owner.
  3. Students and parents will be advised that North Haven School is not responsible for loss, theft,or damage of students' personal devices. Students bring their personal devices at their own risk.

5. Parent Communication

Outcomes relating to parent communication include:

  • The school has communicated information about the school’s digital citizenship plan to parents.
  • The school has informed parents of issues relating to use of student-owned devices in school including
  • Staff and student rights and responsibilities
  • Student readiness criteria
  • Liability in case of theft, damage or loss
  • Impact on student learning

Describe how the school will communicate this to parents:

The school will communicate information regarding digital citizenship roll out, North Haven School's plan around digital citizenship via memo. The memo will provide information regarding the wireless student network. Parents will be assured that the content filtered that is normally used to filter inappropriate materials on the school internal network will also be applied to the open network. Parents will be advised that as with other personal belongings brought to school. North Haven can not assume responsibility for electronic devices that are lost, stolen or damaged. This information will also be shared in the school newsletter as well as it will be posted on the school website.

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​​​Digital Citizenship at the CBE

Digital citizenship is about using technology and participating in digital environments. It is key to helping our students learn to use available technology responsibly in the classroom and beyond. Our school has a Digital Citizenship Plan that is updated annually, addressing how we work to build a community where we live and work together as digital citizens.

Visit the CBE website to learn more about how we support students to develop online safety skills and be good digital citizens.​​​

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