North Haven School provides a number of activities and clubs that assist in teaching social skills and discipline while providing fun things to do. These activities promote harmony on the playground while fostering school spirit. 

Extracurricular activities usually take place during the lunch hour. Each year, the extra-curricular activities we choose depend on the talents and interests of staff, parents and students. 

We are pleased to offer the following clubs for the 2023-24 school year. Please note: Clubs may change or be added throughout the year, so stay tuned!

Leadership ClubAll year (Tues., Bi-weekly, Div 2)
Gardening ClubJan-June (Tues., Bi-weekly)
Running ClubSept-Oct (T/TH, Div 2)
Intramurals (Gym)TBD
Crochet ClubNovember (T/TH, Div 2)
Mindfulness/Sensory ClubDecember (TBD)
Coding ClubJan-Feb (M/W, Gr. 3)
Art ClubFebruary (W, Div 1)
Coding ClubFebruary (T/TH, Div 2)
Handbells ChoirMarch (TBD)
Chess ClubApril (T/TH, Div 2)
Soccer ClubJune (T/TH, Div 2)

MakerSpace Club

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