Our Staff

Staff Voicemail

Each staff member has a personal voice mail should you need to discuss a concern at any time during the year. Call the school (403-817-3360) press the # sign and key in the first four digits of the individual’s last name whom you are trying to contact.


Parents / Guardians who wish to meet with administrators or teachers are asked to phone the school office to make an appointment. 


PositionName & Email
PrincipalShellenberg, Catherine
Assistant PrincipalBauer, Rod

Teaching Staff

Grade - HomeroomName & Email
4-1Ross, Kaysi
4-2Baker, Clifton (LL)
4-3Patterson, Emiley
4-4Jagger, Janice
4-5Brewer, Greg
4-6Moldovan, Laura
5-1Roussy, Michelle
5-2Valji, Sarah
5-3Jamroziak, Michael
5-4Rozsa de Coquet, MC
5-5Cross, Catherine (LL)
5-6Barg, Stephen
6-1Macdonald, Tara
6-2Farrell, Lindsay (LL)
6-3Goddard, Kelsey
6-4Ocampo, Amanda
6-5Kassem, Simon
6-6Liznick, Lisa
7-1Murray, Brad (LL)
7-2Pond, Gail
7-3Heck, Megan
7-4Jennings, Andrea
7-5Johnson, Jody
8-1Midyette, Michele
8-2Rud, Hannah
8-3Rishaug, Aynsley
8-4Burden, Danielle (LL)
8-5Gill, Varinder
9-1Lafferty, Dan (LL)
9-2Yae, Ellyn
9-3Wesa, Colin
9-4Scott-Gattinger, Janet
9-5Ng, Emily
Fine ArtsCross, Christy
ASDIIICorbett, Cheryl
CTFSlusar, Cade
Learning Commons/CTFAsis, Sarabeth (LL)
Music Burns, Lianne
Phys. Ed.Logan, Donna
Price, Scott (LL)
Wood, James
PLPIIIWilliams, Nancy 
PLPllWills, Sharon
ResourceTudin, Jennifer (LL)

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