Dress Code

Students and staff are bound by CBE regulations at all times and in all spaces associated with the school. At Nose Creek, your dress at school should be suitable for a wide range of learning activities. It should allow for comfort, ease of movement and freedom from distraction to you and peers in any learning situation. Just as there is a mode of dress that is suited to office work, to sports activities, or to various social or formal functions, there is also a mode of dress suited to classroom learning.

Distracting clothing is inappropriate for school (e.g. Beach wear, sleep wear, revealing tops, short shorts and/or skirts, clothing with suggestive or offensive messages or images). Hats, head wear, sunglasses, bandanas, chains and jewelry which may cause a safety hazard are not to be worn. Footwear must be worn at all times for both health and safety reasons.

Running shoes must be worn for Physical Education classes and students are asked to come dressed for the weather. The only exception for these clothing expectations will be during special days which are planned for the school. Students may be asked to change into more appropriate clothing if their attire is deemed unacceptable for school.

Expectations for dress at school are intended to promote a positive learning atmosphere, all members of the school community are asked to support and respect these expectations. 

Kodiak Gym Strip

Students in Grade 5 - 9 are required to change for each Physical Education classes. It is optional to purchase Gym Strip (Shorts/Shirt) as students can also wear their own clothing for their specific gym classes. For students in Grade 4, it is optional to change each day as we aim to cut down on the amount of time it takes for clothing changes. You can purchase Gym Strip through your PowerSchool account.

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