Physical Education

April 2021

Spring is a time for growth, renewal, and new life.  Students explored their balance, flexibility, and strength with a spring yoga session.  Division one students explored the life cycle of a flower, butterfly, and frog with different yoga poses and division two students took flight with a yoga sequence leading up to eagle pose, a pose improving focus and concentration. 

Jennifer Schoenberger

P.E. Specialist-Olympic Heights School

August 2020

Welcome to another exciting year of Physical Education at Olympic Heights School.  I am excited to be teaching both Division I and Division 2 P.E. this school year.  During October 1-March 1 I will be taking some time to work on my professional learning which will include physical literacy courses as well as my 200hr yoga training.   I am pleased to welcome Brett Krokosh to Olympic Heights School.  He will continue to provide a quality physical education program for our students during this time.  His physical education knowledge and experience coincide with my beliefs around quality P.E.  and I have no doubt our students will enjoy his time here. 

We have begun the year outdoors, as much as the weather will allow us. With that in mind, I ask that you please ensure that your child has suitable footwear for P.E.  For safety reasons, we ask that all students have comfortable, non-slip indoor and outdoor foot wear as they will participate in both indoor and outdoor Daily Physical Activity. Slip on shoes and very loose footwear present safety hazards for students when running, jumping and participating in other activities. 
We will begin this month by reflecting on a very successful Terry Fox Run, as our entire school demonstrated perseverance and effort in this worthwhile cause. We will then continue with refining our soccer skills, on the field, with dribbling, passing, trapping and shooting as well as playing games. Learning and practicing fair play, teamwork, effort and cooperation in our gym and with each other will be our primary focus. 

October will also see us learning and playing volleyball-type games. We will practice our striking, sending and receiving skills with our hands.  
At the end of the month, we will once again, enjoy our highly popular Halloween Stations! We always enjoy rotating through all of the Halloween- themed stations, while continuing to develop our locomotor and non- locomotor skills!  
Division Two students will continue their Elev8 lacrosse program at the beginning of the month. 
Mrs. Schoenberger 

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RT @NickleCBE: Drive by and check out our new trees! Grade 7 Environmental Stewardship class planted 7 trees in front of our school (purchased by EcoClub last year). We are excited to be adding to the biodiversity of our community! #WeAreCBE #getoutside #environmentstewards @NickleParents

We’ve reviewed the new health measures announced by government and provided an update to CBE families #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @ohscbe: It is definitely looking like fall out there! Our Grade 6s are learning about the autumnal equinox occurring on Sept 22, which marks the change of the season! #SkyScience #WeAreCBE

Thank you to all of the CBE students involved in the safety patrol program. We must all work together to ensure student and pedestrian/wheeler safety on the roads and pathways near our schools. #WeAreCBE

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting will be held virtually starting at noon. We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe