​​​​​​​​Traffic Safety

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our schools, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times.​ ​​​​

Traffic Safety Reminders from The City of Calgary​

The City wants to remind and encourage anyone who is driving children to school to operate their vehicles safely and responsibly. Parents and guardians are reminded not park where it’s prohibited during drop off and pick up times, such as blocking crosswalks, laneways and private driveways.   
Pick up and drop off times can get quite busy. Give yourself extra time to navigate safely around schools, whether you are walking, wheeling, or driving. For those who drive, help alleviate congestion by parking a block or two away and walking in, wherever possible.   
Talk to your kids about safe travel practices like using crosswalks with patrols, looking all ways before crossing the street and not jaywalking across the roadways as a shortcut.   
Learn more by visiting Calgary.ca/BeSafe.

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Parking & Drop-Off

Kiss & Drop

What is Kiss & Drop?

Kiss & Drop is a volunteer run service that supports the daily drop-off and pick-up of students at school. The goal of Kiss & Drop is to make morning school drop-off and afternoon pick-up easier for parents/caregivers, safer for children, and to maintain traffic flow outside the school.

If you are interested in using Kiss & Drop, please familiarize yourself with the procedures below. Kiss & Drop operates best when everyone knows the expectations.

Who can use Kiss & Drop?

  • Kiss & Drop is available to all families with students in Grades 1-6 who do not need to be walked to their designated entrance.
  • Kindergarten families cannot use Kiss & Drop as students are required to be dropped off and picked up by caregivers in the West Garden / Kindergarten compound.

Kiss & Drop Zone and Calgary Transit Zones

  • There are two zones in front of the school: the Kiss & Drop Zone and the Calgary Transit Bus Zone
  • No vehicles are permitted in the Calgary Transit Bus Zone. This is a ticketable offence.

Kiss & Drop Procedures

  • Always remain in your vehicle when using Kiss & Drop.
  • Move with the flow of traffic and pull up as far as you can into the Kiss & Drop zone before allowing your child to enter or exit your vehicle.
  • Your child must be able to exit and enter your vehicle from the passenger side only.
  • Stay close to the curb as you arrive so that vehicles can pass on your left.
  • If there is a line-up:
    • Please remain patient in line and do not double park.
    • Do not block the Calgary Transit Zone.
    • If the Kiss & Drop Zone is full, please find parking elsewhere or follow the “2 Minute Loop” (see below) to loop around the block and get in line when space is available.
    • Ask students to wait along the fence until your vehicle is in the Kiss & Drop zone.
  • After you’ve dropped off or picked up your child:
    • Please do not u-turn at either of our intersections.
    • We ask you not to turn left after dropping off or picking up your child as this causes traffic to back up. Please follow the “2 Minute Loop” (see below) or exit onto Bow Trail South via Strathcona Hill.

The “2 Minute Loop” only takes an extra two minutes and is an easy way to exit the community and help maintain traffic flow!

After dropping off your child:

  • Proceed straight on Strathcona Drive
  • Turn right on Strathcona Road (after the SCA Community Centre)
  • Continue on Strathcona Road until you can turn right onto Strathcona Drive. 
  • Enjoy a less congested and safer exit!

Thank you for doing your part to make the journey to and from Olympic Heights School safe and enjoyable for all our students and community!

Questions about Kiss & Drop?

If you have questions about Kiss and drop or you are interested in giving back to the school and joining the team, please contact the Kiss & Drop coordinator Michelle at michellemherbst@gmail.com.

Parking & Drop-Off Safety Reminders

After consultation with the Calgary Police Service, we are asking for your help with the following:

  • Please do not enter the Staff parking lot at any time. Especially, please do not park in the Accessible Parking spots unless you have a permit. Even if there are empty spots in the parking lot, our concern is that children are moving throughout the parking lot, and might not be seen when drivers are turning around or backing up.
  • Please keep the ramp leading to the staff parking lot clear, particularly when it is icy. Slippery conditions put both pedestrians and vehicles at risk, right at our front entrance. The ramp to the staff parking lot has no stopping at any time signage, as well as a designated fire lane. There is an official crosswalk from the community centre parking lot to the front door of our building. Traffic by-laws require no stopping or parking for 5 meters on either side of a crosswalk.
  • Ensure your children cross the street at designated cross-walks and know how to cross safely when the weather is poor. Please cross only at designated crosswalks, so that we can keep everyone safe.
  • Please follow the rules of the road, including the speed limit, and traffic bylaws—especially related to U-turns and crosswalks. Speeding and U-turns compromise the safety of our children. Please abide by the 5 metre rule at crosswalks. There can be no stopping and no parking in this 5 metre zone.

Thanks for your help!

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