Our Staff


Principal | Mary Miller

Assistant Principal | Jeanine Perszon

Teaching Staff

Grade / SubjectTeacher

Mrs. Parks 
Grade 1 / 2Ms. Hansen (Learning Leader)
Mr. Mondoux
Ms. Myles
Ms. Sidhu

Grade 3 / 4Ms. Geraldi
Ms. Hoblak
Mr. Loewen
Ms. Paddock

Grade 5 / 6Mr. Anderson
Mr. Gray
Ms. Stenhouse
Paced Learning Program- Grade 4/5/6Ms. Innes
Enhanced Educational Supports Ms. Holly
Ms. Jill
Learning LeadersMs. Hansen
Ms. Paquette (Resource Teacher)
Music Teacher
Mr. Katchur

Support Staff


Administrative Assistant
Office Secretary
School Assistant / Noon Supervisor
Library Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant

Facility Operator
Facility Assistant
Facility Assistant
Breakfast Supervisor
Noon Supervisor
Noon Supervisor
Noon Supervisor

Ms. Boundy
Ms. Penner
Ms. Fogo
Ms. Hill
Ms. Martel
Ms. Kaneez
Ms. Brar
Ms. Ghafoor
Ms. O'Neill
Ms. McLaren-Soult
Ms. Sameena 
Ms. Shianne
Ms. Nathaly 
Ms. Kathy 

Mr. Resch
Ms. Sidhu
Mr. De Leon
Ms. Zemp
Ms. Sohi
Ms. Zemp
Ms. Azra

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RT @sidhu_nicole: In Gr 1/2, we’ve been listening to @calgarylibrary #Treaty7Storytime and Crystal Many Fingers share her Blackfoot story, “Creator and the Seven Animals,” and students made connections to Treaty 7 nations and the animal clans AND protecting the land!🧡 @OSGeiger @Area4CBE @yyCBEdu https://t.co/Rn6VbiPXvV

RT @yyCBEdu: There are no classes for CBE students on Friday, Nov 26 because it’s a system-wide non-instructional day. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/cAWIKT8nVR

Students in grades 1 and 2 explored the symbolism of the Métis flag and read “The Giving Tree” by Leah Dorian. They reflected on how the story connects to spirit, heart, body and mind. #CBEIndigenousEd https://t.co/WR61vEMlnS

RT @sidhu_nicole: Our class does a full body scan after lunch recess and choose the zone we feel best matches. Any blue, yellow or red @ZonesOfReg we have a problem solving chat. Ss choose from a menu of calming tasks to help get them regulated and ready for learning. @OSGeiger @Area4CBE @yyCBEdu https://t.co/mfFe0L50OG

Grade 3 & 4 students practiced creating and decoding new words. “This is helping me to sound out.” “I have to think….is this a real word or not? Does it make sense?” https://t.co/zMdP0AAHUP