Our Staff


Principal | Mary Miller

Assistant Principal | Jeanine Perszon

Teaching Staff

Grade / SubjectTeacher

Ms. Hoblak @OSGHoblak
Grade 1 / 2Mr. Mondoux @OSGMondoux
Mrs. Myles @OSGMyles
Ms. Ranada @OSGRanada
Ms. Standing @OSGStanding

Grade 3 / 4Ms. Geraldi (Learning Leader) @OSGGeraldi
Mrs. Moore @OSGMoore
Ms. Paddock @OSGPaddock
Ms. Steele @OSGLSteele

Grade 5 / 6Ms. Andrew @OSGAndrew
Ms. Boldt @OSGBoldt
Mr. Loewen @OSGLoewen
Ms. Rae @OSGRae
Paced Learning Program- Grade 4/5/6Ms. Innes @OSGInnes
Enhanced Educational Supports Ms. Holly @OSGGlassford
Ms. Genny @OSGEger
Learning LeadersMs. Geraldi
Ms. Paquette (Resource Teacher)
Music Teacher
Mr. Katchur @OSGKatchur

Support Staff


Administrative Assistant
Office Secretary
Library Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant, PLP
Education Assistant, PLP
Education Assistant, EES
Education Assistant, EES
Education Assistant, EES
Education Assistant, EES

Facility Operator
Facility Assistant
Breakfast Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch  Supervisor
Lunch  Supervisor

Ms. Boundy
Ms. Penner
Ms. Hill
Ms. Martel
Ms. Kaneez
Ms. Brar
Ms. Dhaliwal
Ms. O'Neill
Ms. Adeel
Ms. Sameena 
Ms. Kathy 
Ms. Jiyan 
Ms. Tammy

Mr. Resch
Ms. Sidhu
Ms. Zemp
Ms. Sohi
Ms. Zemp
Ms. Sami
Ms. Azra
Ms. Penner
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RT @UsihChristopher: The CBE is committed to action toward Truth and Reconciliation. Sept 30 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation & #OrangeShirtDay. This year, the CBE is guided by the question posed by Kainai Blackfoot Elder Casey Eagle Speaker, who asked us, “What is something you can do?” https://t.co/HQ2H47NKO4

RT @OSGInnes: Orange Shirt Day is on Thursday, September 29! Don’t forget to wear an orange shirt or your favourite shirt! https://t.co/i8FgTu05f6

RT @OSGGeraldi: Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day! https://t.co/nuL4kCHf23

RT @OSGMyles: Fall artwork inspired by the book "WonderFall" by Michael Hall. https://t.co/167GbXUJld