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RT @yyCBEdu: Don’t miss out on school messages! Subscribe to ensure you receive important information from your child’s school and the CBE. Visit https://t.co/2TEnRV9cy9 to enter your email and text the word YES to 978338. Your info must be on file with the school. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/8Z7laxUb5J

RT @OSGLSteele: Grade 4's in room 15/16 are learning about simple machines. They had to use classroom materials to make a "roller" so we could move items around easier. #markers #science #simplemachines https://t.co/XqQNw8xtFl

RT @OSGHoblak: We created homemade puzzles our of names to help us identify and practice the order of letters. Check backpacks to build the puzzle at home! # https://t.co/xRoUgg4Gfe

RT @OsgMoore: We tried to recreate one of Group of Seven artists landscape. It is called Split Rock by J. E. H. MacDonald. https://t.co/rTTQz4lJZF

RT @OSGHoblak: We have started using our knowledge of letter sounds to spell words! How do I sound out a word? 1. Count the number of sounds I hear in the word. 2. Make a line for each sound. 3. Write a letter or group of letters for each sound. https://t.co/gayZeIq4Xh