Lunch Supervision

Our mandate is to provide a Lunch Supervision service that will be an important part of a child’s educational experience by addressing “What is best for children?” Lunch Supervision is a user-pay service. For those families who qualify, a fee waiver can be accessed to address supervision fees. No noon supervision is offered on early dismissal days.

Students in the lunch program are required to stay at the school during lunch recess. See more on our Lunch Supervision page.

Fun Lunches 

Fun Lunches are put on by the O.S. Geiger Parent Association. It is held on the last Wednesday of each month. Parents have the option of ordering a lunch for their child whether or not they stay for lunch or go home. All ordering is made easy online at Not only are parents getting a day off from packing a lunch, but they are giving their child a special meal to look forward to and they are also helping our school. A portion of the proceeds goes towards making our school even greater!  Order your child's fun lunch today! Thank you for your support! 

Order early! A portion of these proceeds goes toward helping our school. Thank you for your support.  This program is run by parent volunteers through our Parent Association.

Things to Remember About Lunchtime

  • Ensure your child brings a nutritional lunch with them in the morning. 
  • Students are supervised at all times. 
  • Lunchrooms do not have access to microwaves, boiling water, or ovens to heat or warm-up food.
  • If your child is in the Lunch Program and will be away, please send a message to the school or a note in the agenda so that the supervision staff are aware. 
  • Students living in the Castleridge area, that go home or to their daycare for lunch, are not to return to the school playground until 12:30 PM, when supervisors go on duty.


Many students have allergies to various foods. Sometimes a child eating something that they have an allergy or dietary restriction to poses a danger or threat. For this reason, any prepared or prepackaged treats are not distributed in class, but will be sent home for parents to make a decision on. Parents are always the best judge of what they want their child to eat or not eat. See more about allergies on our Illness & Medical page.

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