Classes & Departments

Grade / AssignmentO.S. Geiger Staff
Kindergarten (AM and PM)
Resource (Learning Leader)
Library Assistant
Ms. Hoblak
Mr. Katchur 
Mrs. Paquette
Mrs. Martel
Grade 1 / 2
 Mrs. Myles
Ms. Ranada
Ms. Standing
 Mr. Mondoux

AdministrationMary Miller
Jeanine Perszon
Grade 3 / 4Mrs. Geraldi (Learning Leader)
Mrs. Moore
Ms. Steele
Ms. Paddock

Grade 5 / 6 Mr. Loewen
Ms. Boldt
Ms. Rae
Ms. Andrew

Specialized Programs

Paced Learning Program - Ms. Innes
Enhanced Educational Supports - Ms. Glassford
Enhanced Educational Supports - Ms. Eger
Support StaffEducation Assistants:
Balwinder Brar
Gulnaz Ghafoor
Fatima Kaneez
Audrey O'Neill
Kathy Neuwirth
Sameena Amjum
Shianne Hamman
Jiyan Ibraheem
Irum Adeel

Lunchroom Supervisors:
Sehar Sami
Amina Doha
Heather Penner
Azra Rekic
Satinder Sohi
Kathy Zemp

Office Support:
Heather Penner
Edda Boundy

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RT @OSGMyles: Fall artwork inspired by the book "WonderFall" by Michael Hall.

RT @OSGPaddock: Fall Equinox!!!Today we had fun learning about this time of change and preparation for winter. We thank Red Plume for sharing his teachings with us through a video. We will be looking at Na’a (Mother Earth) closely for her signs and lessons.

RT @OSGHoblak: Students celebrated the Fall Equinox by listening to The Leaf Man and then exploring outside to find leaves to create their own leaf people and animals.

RT @OSGGeraldi: Learning about our emotions and strategies that help us feel calm and ready to learn! Ask me about my favourite strategies.

RT @OSGEger: This week in EES 18 we started our bug buddy program with @OSGAndrew