Grade 5 & 6


Learners in grade 5/6 have continued their learning around fractions and decimals. Some of the skills they have been practicing are creating equivalent fractions and comparing fractions both with like and unlike denominators. Students have been drawing on their knowledge of multiplication, division, multiples, and factors, in order to better understand and manipulate fractions.

Please ask your child to work on Math activities daily using their Mathletics account.


We are in the process of transitioning from our Electricity and Magnetism unit to our unit on Mechanisms that use Electricity. Students learned about the different sources of electricity last week, and are now exploring the different uses of electricity and the different types of switches used in electronics. Teachers have been working closely with Galileo (University of Calgary) in order to plan a meaningful task that will help students assume the role of a car engineer and learn about how electronics work. Students will be creating electric cars using their knowledge of circuits (including batteries, motors and other circuit components).

Social Studies

Grade 5/6 learners have continued to develop an appreciation towards their Canadian identity, and how people and events have helped to shape and contributed to this diverse mosaic. Students have been learning about the chronological events that led to the French settling in Canada: beginning with explorers who were trying to find spices and silk in China, to Habitants who were looking for a new life in New France, and the Fur Traders who saw an opportunity in North America to make a lot of money. We will continue to look at people and events that had an effect on Canadian identity in the last few centuries.

Special Information and Reminders:

-Learners in grade 6 participated in a field trip to the National Music Centre where they explored instruments and personalities in the Music world; they also created their very own instruments!!

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