Apr 20
Spring has Sprung at Patrick Arlie School

Spring has sprung at Patrick Airlie School! Despite the extra snow that we have had late this year, we are definitely recognizing the anticipation of the warmer weather and the increased energy that Spring brings us each year. At this time of year, it can be easy to feel like we are nearing the end of the school year. The truth is, we still have more than 20% of the school year to go! This means we need to stay focused and continue working to support our students in their learning and growth, just as we always do. At school, we are starting to see the gains that our students are have due to the hard work that has occurred at school and the support that occurs at home.

Please remember that we need all children to come to school prepared for learning. This still means having proper outdoor clothing even when it seem nice enough. Even though it is nice in the morning, it can turn cold and wet later in the day. It is best to be prepared. Being prepared means proper clothing, proper lunch and snacks when possible and proper safety wear if riding bicycles and scooters to school. Helmets are a must for safety.

We are looking forward to a strong Spring session from now to the end of June. We hope that the Spring and nice weather, will allow us to come together in some positive community ways.

All the best

Jan 31
Where Has the Time Gone?

Can you believe it?  We have already finished an entire month of 2022!!  I do not know where the time has gone.  This new year has us holding much of the current ways of handling the pandemic, all alongside the hope for better days ahead.

Our students are handling the ever-changing situation with such grace.  We are so proud of them.

This week, report cards will be available to you to view online.  Unfortunately, we are not able to send home printed report cards at this time.  Please contact the office for support on how to view the report card. 

February is a short month with Teacher’s Convention and Family Day weekend in the middle of it.  In March, we will get ready to meet with you (online or by phone) to discuss your child’s progress.  We look forward to these opportunities so please make sure to watch for the bookings to open.  Hopefully this will be the last of the virtual meetings.

As always, please let us know if you have questions regarding your child’s learning or need assistance in a way that we are able to support you.

Stay well and stay safe


Dec 17
Happy Holidays to our PAS Community

​As we head in the Winter Break, we are hopeful that everyone stays well and has a chance for some rest and relaxation. 

The holiday season is a time for us to celebrate our community and the strength we have together.

Thank you for being such a fantastic community to work with.

I am so very blessed to be the Principal at Patrick Airlie School.

With warmth and kindness

See you back in January


Oct 06
Thankful for our Blessings

As we prepare to go into our Fall Break, we are reminded to be Thankful for all of our blessings.

At Patrick Airlie School, we are thankful for our students and the joy they bring to our work every day.

We are thankful for our families and the care that they are taking to keep our children and school safe and healthy.

We are thankful for our staff and the dedication have to teaching and learning and supporting our school community.

And we are thankful for our community partners who show up regularly to make sure the needs of the Patrick Airlie School community are taken care of.

We would like to wish you all a safe and healthy Fall Break.

See you back on October 19.

Be Well


Jun 28
It's Been a Year Like No Other

It has been a year like no other!  I want to extend a very heartfelt  thank you to our school community for standing by us and trusting us with your children throughout the pandemic and all of the shifts and adjustments to learning that helped us stay safe and well at Patrick Airlie School.  This truly is an amazing community to work with.  We would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer!  We hope that we can continue to return to learning in a more “normal” way next year.  Regardless, we will be there for all of our students and families, ready to provide quality teaching and learning for our students regardless of what that looks like.  Stay well and have a safe summer!  We will see you all on August 17th, 2021.  Take care!

Oct 13
We are Back & Doing Great!!

​Hello PAS Families

It has been an amazing start to the school year!  This is definitely one for the books though.  Never in my career have I experienced a start up like this.  I have to say though, I am so very impressed with our students and staff.

We recognize that it is tricky coming to school in this new environment.  Masks are now needed and we need to be careful who we are having contact with.  Amazingly, we are handling it with grace and forging ahead.  I think our students are fantastic at recognizing how to keep themselves and everyone else safe.

In order to keep everyone informed, the weekly update will be going out each Friday (or by. Sunday at the latest).  In here you will find all of the pertinent information that you need to be informed for the upcoming week.  I hope it is beneficial for you!  If you need help with the trnslation, please ask a friend to help you.

As always, if you need support with anything school related, please call the office and someone will do their best to help you.

Let's have a great 2020-21 school year!!

Jun 30
End of the Year

June 30…summer is upon us!  It seems hard to believe it is June when we missed March, April and May!  The school definitely hasn’t been the same without the joyful voices of students and encouragement of staff.  Nonetheless, here we are…summer!  Hopefully the rain will stop soon so we can all enjoy some sunshine!!

The past three months have been challenging, to say the least. Who knew the school year would end like this? Despite the unfortunate situation of Covid-19, we were still able to come together in virtual and distance ways to support students and learning. Our teachers and staff worked diligently to learn a new way to teach, some also managing their own young families at the same time. Our students did their absolute best to follow the learning that their teachers presented and our families supported their students in the best way they knew how.

As June always does, it has been a busy and ever-changing month.  Teachers continued to support learners online while also coming to the building periodically to start to put plans for next year into action.  We said farewell to our Grade 5 students in ways that we never imagined we would have to when we started this year together in September.  We even had to say goodbye to Ms. Louka, which we couldn’t have imagined at any point.  Regardless, here we are and we did it…together. 

As June brings to close another school year, it also means we have to say farewell to some staff who have chosen to move on to new adventures for the 2020-21 school year.  Please join me in wishing Mr. Lauser all the best as he moves to Buchanan School to teacher Grade 5 & 6 in a Learning Leader role.  He will support the English Language Learning component at Buchanan as well.  All the best to you Mr. Lauser!!  Just as we are sad to say goodbye to Mr. Lauser, we are excited to welcome Mrs. Mitchell to the Grade 2&3 team and Ms. Heaton back to the Grade 5 team.  They are going to be wonderful additions to our staff.

We would like to say thank you to all of our families who continued to show support and kindness to us throughout this crazy COVID learning time.  Your support means more than you will ever know.  We look forward to the day that we can come back together in person on a regular basis…for now please accept our deepest thanks!!

As we get ready to start on our summer experience, whatever that may look like this year, we want to wish each of our students and families a safe and healthy summer.  Be kind and be gentle.  Spend time with family and enjoy being able to digitally disconnect.  We can’t wait to see you all again in September!

Until then, stay well

Anica Robinson, Principal, & the whole Patrick Airlie staff 

Mar 20
Spring Break

These are certainly unprecedented times!  It is strange to at school without the laughter and voices of students in the halls.

Please know that we are thinking of our Patrick Airlie School family and hoping you are doing well.

We will be patient as we wait to see when we can see you all again.

For now, Have a fabulous Spring Break!

Play some games, get outdoors and enjoy the Spring weather that is coming.

We miss you all

Stay Well and Stay Safe

Love ALL the staff at Patrick Airlie School

Mar 02
Wow! It’s March Already!!

The weather is getting warmer.  The snow is starting to melt.  The students are showing more energy.  True signs that Spring is right around the corner.

We are excited to enjoy the outdoors more in Phys Ed and at recess.  Students are reminded that we are always on the lookout for positive interactions on the playground!  Safety comes first, so always find a teacher if you see something that is dangerous or inappropriate.

As the snow melts, the puddles will get bigger.  We must all remember to stay out of the puddles to stay dry.  It is a good idea to have an extra set of clothes in our backpacks…just in case!!  With melting snow, it is likely to still have freezing overnight.  Please remember to stay off the ice when possible and walk extra carefully when we can’t.

Warm clothing, including jackets are still important clothing items to wear.  The mornings are still chilly and the wind can still be brisk.  Please dress for the weather. J

Parents: Please make sure that when you are dropping your beautiful children off at school, to park properly along the sidewalk, let your children out on the sidewalk side and encourage them to walk along the sidewalk to the entrance of the compound.  When parking, it is important to keep the parking lot entrances clear for those who need access.  At no time should students be in the parking lot for safety reasons.  Drop off and walking is permitted along the sidewalk only please. 

Thank you for helping us keep all of our school community safe!

Anica Robinson

Mar 22
Spring is Here!

​We are so excited to be able to spend more time outdoors and enjoying our lovely weather.  Students are reminded to still wear a jacket to school.  Even with the sunshine and warmer temperatures, part of the day can still be chilly.  As the weather continues to improve, we anticipate more students walking and riding bikes or scooters.  Please remember that the staff parking lot is out of bounds for all students.  For safety reasons, we ask that everyone walking or riding to the school to please use the sidewalk.  Bike and scooter safety is also important.  All riders MUST have a helmet.  Other protective gear is also recommended.  We look forward to a safe and happy Spring!  Cheers!​​

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