Our School

Unique Points

  • Penbrooke Meadows School serves a highly mobile, diverse, heterogeneous multicultural community.
  • 35% of our student population is identified as English as Second Language Learners.
  • 19 languages including English are represented by the students who attend our school.
  • 17% of our students have self-identified their families Indigenous. 
  • We currently provide two full day Kindergarten classes.
  • Our Breakfast Program is funded through Fuel from Schools, Meals on Wheels and PC Nutritional Grants/Donations
  • We focus on enhancing student engagement with the goal to help students take pride and ownership in their learning.
  • Literacy, Numeracy and Wellbeing remains a major focus for our learning. 
  • Noon hour/lunchroom supervision is available for parents who decide to utilize this pay-for service option.
  • We believe that it is important to focus on academics, but need also to focus on the fact that we are social beings. We can only obtain academic excellence when we feel secure in ourselves and around others. As a result we promote many opportunities to explore emotional and social growth. (i.e. Roots of Empathy)
  • We also accommodate numerous extra curricular programs via various community agencies. (Bridges, Big Brother and Big Sisters, Hockey Heroes). Many of our programs that we have had in the past will be provided virtually this year. 
  • We have a very active School Council which contributes in many ways towards developing an environment within which all students feel accepted and possess a desire to learn. We are looking to grow and develop our School Council this year. If you are interested, Please reach out and we will make sure to connect you to our School Chair person. 
  • Penbrooke Meadows School is on the modified school calendar.
  • Students are engaged in many residencies and interactive performances (virtual) throughout the school year. This year these opportunities will look differently. For example, we will have a virtual dance residency where students will interact with an instructor and practice their skills as a classroom cohort.
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School Development Plan

​Each year, our school prepares a development plan with input from teachers, school staff, students and parents. We review many sources of data, including report cards, provincial achievement test results and school surveys. Based on this information, we create our plan identifying targeted areas for growth. Our school development plan is not meant to represent all of the work that takes place in our school, but rather it focuses on specific areas for improvement.​​​

​School Improvement Results Report

Our school also prepares a results plan, which looks at our previous school year. It shows our students’ achievement and progress in meeting the goals and outcomes as set out by the CBE and Alberta Education, outlines some of the highlights of our school development plan and gives an overview of our school. You can look on the CBE website for system-wide results​.

RT @UsihChristopher: Happy to share CBE journey at the 12th CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL EDTECH SUMMIT 2021 OPENING KEYNOTE (Christopher Usih) - YouTube https://t.co/aTu9Q6i8Vd

There are no classes for CBE students on Friday, Nov 26 because it’s a system-wide non-instructional day. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/cAWIKT8nVR

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting starts at noon at the Ed Centre. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, in-person audience capacity is limited. We invite you to stream the meeting online https://t.co/nvCl1fNgoJ #yycbe https://t.co/e13SAs1TMm

We’re updating our Sustainability Framework. Help us prioritize our sustainable actions by completing our survey and participating on our idea boards: https://t.co/D0bikjmEV5 #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/LkFOPwbBMP

National Child Day is celebrated annually on November 20 to raise awareness of the rights of children in Alberta, and contributing to a healthy environment where children can grow and prosper with adequate resources. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/foUzgL5XLv