Sep 29
Every Child Matters and National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30, 2021 is the first National Day for ​Truth and Reconciliation. School will be closed  to honour the occasion. Therefore, we will recognize this day and Every Child Matters (Orange Shirt Day) on ​September 29. Students and staff are invited to wear an orange shirt to recognize Every Child Matters - a day that acknowledges and honours those who died in and the survivors of residential schools.

​Part of Peter Lougheed School's commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is to work towards reconciliation through education. It is important for students to learn about residential schools, Treaties and relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Teachers have prepared learning experiences to thoughtfully engage students and build background knowledge about residential schools and develop a deeper understanding of the impact of the trauma that residential schools caused to Indigenous children and their families. 

As part of Orange Shirt Day students will reflect on their own understanding and write their thoughts and ideas on a strip of orange surveyor's tape. Each student will tie their tape on to the fence surrounding the school yard. This will be a visible representation of Peter Lougheed School's commitment to reconciliation within the Saddleridge Community. Each orange strip waving in the wind will represent a current PLS's students reflection and acknowledge the lost souls of students who died in residential schools and those that survived the experience. 

There is much learning to be done and some students and staff have begun to take steps and make committed actions towards reconcilation and others have yet to begin. Every Child Matters and the National Day for Truth and Recociliation is an invitation to reflect, learn, and take action.​ We invite the PLS learning community to walk alongside as we make this journey together.

Kathy Salmon, principal​

Jun 16
Principal's Message - June 16th

Grit is having the courage to push through, no matter what the obstacles, because it's worth it.

Chris Morris


It is a year that has been defined by COVID-19; a tenacious disease that has influenced our way of life on this planet over the past 15 months.   Everyone has been affected and everyone has a story on how this disease has impacted their life.  In terms of our Peter Lougheed Story, we have seen almost 1/3 of our student population learning remotely, or online, in something called HUB.  The majority of our students have been coming to school to learn 'in-person' with masks, following a long list of COVID safety measures with their classmates and teachers.  Every part of how students and teachers experience our school and learning this year has been impacted, whether you have been at-home learning through HUB, or in-person, learning here at the school.  

Reflecting on this school year I have been thinking, “What has COVID-19 taught us?"​

There are many important lessons we have learned through this experience.  The quote above, by Chris Morris, describes something called 'Grit'.  Grit is that inner voice that tells you to not give up or quit whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down.  It's more than just the 'voice'; it's the action of getting up, facing your mistakes or challenges, and moving forward.  Peter Lougheed staff and students showed enormous grit in responding to all the challenges and twists that came our way this year.  This is an important life lesson.   Whenever I see a student give-up or quit because something is not easy, my heart saddens with the lost opportunity for growth and learning.  Life is meant to be challenging.  Learning involves getting stuck, feeling momentarily overwhelmed, and feeling unsuccessful.   With effort and grit, people do overcome and learn.  What's more amazing than just the new skills and knowledge is how a person's confidence and inner spirit develops with pride, strength, and self-discipline as they move forward.  Think if all babies quit after the first time they tried to walk??  Sounds funny when you say it, but truthfully – babies have amazing 'Grit'!!  The secret here is that grit is part of all of us as humans.  We all have it; we just need to give ourselves permission to use it - always!


Another important lesson we have all learned this year at Peter Lougheed is the power of togetherness.  We have been reminded over and over that: 'we are all in this together', or 'together, we can get through this'!   Knowing that we are not alone in this pandemic has helped us to find comfort and perspective.  There is power in togetherness whether we are dealing with change, hardships, obstacles, and/or sadly - the loss of someone important to us.  Togetherness also helps us celebrate and rejoice our successes and milestones.   It helps us create meaning.  At Peter Lougheed, we have experienced togetherness as a school community as we have traversed all the changes and adjustments that we faced with his Covid journey. We have also learned the importance of a strong medical system. I do hope we appreciate the collective effort of our medical professionals and continue to remind our government that, as a society, we need a robust and comprehensive medical system to keep our families safe and healthy.  I would be remiss if I also didn't mention that a foundational part of a robust medical system is a strong public education system that shapes our students to be curious, be knowledge seekers, and be rigorous with their studies so that they see themselves in the dedicated work of respiratory technicians, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals who work tirelessly to help us when we are in need.


As I write this Principal's Message, there is talk that the Covid restrictions will come to an end at the beginning of our summer.  This will mean that we should return to a world that is more familiar to us when school's re-open next fall.  My hope is that we remember the importance of grit as we return to school next year.  This year has been a year of limited opportunities for students.  There will be anxious feelings as we re-connect with a world that is more open and invites us to participate in experiences that will seem hard and may trigger feelings of uncertainty and discomfort.  Everyone has spent too much time in-front of computer screens this past year - whether it be online learning, playing video games, or navigating the addictive world of social media.  As we enter school next year, I challenge you to find new opportunities that take you away from 'screen time' and invite you to challenge yourself to have experiences that require face to face interaction - whether it be in a school-based club, sports team, leadership, or some youth organization in your community.  Grit and togetherness are not found in online video games or social media.  Success and growth for all of us will be found in places that bring us together in real ways.

 Take care,

Mr. G. Choate

May 12
May 12, 2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

This letter is to inform you of my intention to retire as of the end of June 2021.

This decision has been extremely difficult to make, especially given our current reality. I am taking time to focus on my family, my health and new opportunities that will undoubtedly unfold.  My goal in leaving at the end of this school year was to ensure students and staff were cared for and protocols were well in hand for this last fall's unique start up.  A great deal of thought and planning has gone into the timing connected to me choosing to move on and continue my journey as a learner in a new manner.  

The opportunity to work and learn alongside the tremendous Peter Lougheed staff has been the highlight of my career! Opening this beautiful new school with such brilliant, committed, creative staff has been such a privilege. Before beginning with Peter Lougheed I had the opportunity to hold many teaching and leadership positions within the CBE at multiple sites for the past 29 years. I can say that working at Peter Lougheed has been the most rewarding experience of all.

I have the highest respect for the parents, students and families of Peter Lougheed School.   I was hired before the school opened almost 6 years ago, and had the privilege of meeting many parents well before getting into this beautiful physical building.  I'd like to thank you for your support and kindness as we worked through kinks that opening a new school brings. Your children, and you share many unique talents which make Peter Lougheed the focused, dedicated and caring vibrant school it is.

Peter Lougheed continues to be a place of opportunity, excitement, and experiences, a place where students and staff alike are empowered to make their mark, and pursue their passions. I count myself as one lucky teacher/leader to have experienced the growth and stewardship of this very special learning environment.

The Calgary Board of Education welcomes input from parents, students and staff regarding the programming and leadership attributes valued in a school principal.

I will be sending out a survey to all families in the coming weeks to gather input for the selection of a new principal.  Information collected will be used in the Principal selection process. The survey data will also be shared with the new Principal to inform their entry plan into the school. 

I wish you and your family all the best and I pray that our world can move forward to a less restricted place so that we can see family, friends and loved ones.   Thank you for your support and understanding.


Gord Choate


Dec 14
December 14, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are experiencing a fall at Peter Lougheed School like no other.  This school year, we have had to adapt and adjust our school organization in ways, that while unforeseen one year ago, have allowed us to provide learning (online and in-person) to just over 1000 students.  Currently, we have approximately 330 students enrolled in HUB online (Grades 5-9).  We have approximately 680 students attending face-to-face, or in-person learning (Grades 5-9). We began this school year in September with careful and stringent COVID-19 safety measures in place at the school. Throughout the disruptions, school has continued, online and in-school. Students continue to learn with the support and guidance of their dedicated teachers and support staff.

Peter Lougheed School has not been immune to the impact of Covid-19. All of you have received the emails keeping you up-to-date on cases. Be assured, the school is doing its utmost to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment that follows all the guidelines of Alberta Health Services.

On Monday, 30 November 2020, all students in grades 7-12 in Alberta moved to online learning. On December 13, all students in Grade 5 & 6 were moved online for the last week of school (December 14 – 18th) before the winter break.  All our students 5-9, will be online for the week of January 4-8th, 2021. All in-person students are presently scheduled to return to in-school learning on Monday, January 11 2021.

Our teachers are busy preparing their students for the upcoming weeks of online learning. Please follow teacher bi-weekly updates for up to the minute information related to online learning.  All students will use their teachers online course material, located in their Homeroom D2L area to guide and provide information on their studies.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend their online classes regularly as per their timetable.  Teachers are available via email or virtually through synchronous online meeting tools (D2L, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams)

Currently, our HUB parents have an important decision regarding their child's learning for Term 2 at Peter Lougheed (February – June 2021).  This year, CBE provided parents an opportunity to register their child in HUB online learning in August.  This was option put forth as a measure to support families who would prefer their children learn from home during the COVID pandemic.  Parents of children attending HUB online have until January 8th, by 12 noon, to inform the CBE that they would like to have their children moved from HUB to In-Person learning for Term 2 of the school year.  Parents need to make this decision based on what is best for their family.  Parents can communicate this decision through their MyCBE Powerschool account.  There will NOT be an option for In-Person students to move into HUB for Term 2.

In November, families received information of important changes to Peter Lougheed School beginning in the 2021-22 school year.  To recap, Peter Lougheed School is over capacity and is projected to be over capacity for the 2021-22 school year and beyond. This school will not be able to accommodate all students who live in Saddle Ridge beginning in 2021-22. Consequently, the Calgary Board of Education is planning to cap enrolment at Peter Lougheed School and designate overflow schools.  There will be a Virtual Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 16th 2020 beginning at 6:30pm.  Parents who are interested in attending will need to RSVP by email to with your name and email address if you wish to attend this virtual meeting. A link with the meeting information will be shared with you after you RSVP.

Sadly, this year, safety requires us to treat the holiday season differently than in years past. It is not the year for large gatherings with family and friends. It is the year to recognize that sacrificing those gatherings means helping curb the spread of Covid-19. Be healthy, be safe, be part of the solution and take care of each other.

All the very best for the holiday season. See you in the New Year – in-class or online!


Apr 03
Learning From Home

Dear Parents and Guardians of Peter Lougheed School, 

I hope this update finds you and your family safe and healthy.  We find ourselves in complex and challenging times.  This week, we are back as a staff putting plans in motion to connect with students and have them learn from home.  We know that this is going to be challenging on many fronts and want to underline the importance of connection and relationship.

This week, your family would have received phone calls from your child's homeroom teacher.  The purpose of that phone call was to touch base (check-in), gather some information on your home's ability to learn online and share about the online platform that students will be directed to use over the course of this emergency - world pandemic.   Teachers will be calling you from their home.  The call will come up as a Private or Anonymous caller.  If they are unable to connect with you over the phone, they will be emailing both yourself and your child (email will be sent to their CBE Student Email Account). 

Our goal was to have all these phone calls completed by the end of Tuesday, March 31.   We know that some of you are in various parts of the world and appreciate how you have been connecting with us via email, your child’s email and through your child’s BrightSpace courses.  We have had most of our students able to connect through their new online classroom.  We have also been working with families who do not have access to the internet and digital resources and helping them have print resources so that learning continues.

If your child has any personal belongings still at the school from their locker, they are welcome to come with an adult and pick them up.  They must be healthy to enter the school. 

Please make sure you are keeping informed about Alberta Education and CBE guidelines and expectations during this time. Our school website has updates posted regularly, but as well, you will be receiving system messages from the CBE to parents.

We know that this is troubling and uncertain times.  We need parents more than ever as partners in their child's education.  We appreciate that we have families in our community with several school-age children, in addition to college and university aged children. 

Everyone is being asked to continue their studies from home, away from their teachers.  It will be really important that you set up a work schedule with your child that makes sense and is doable for you and your family. 

Sharing resources, computers, tablets will all require understanding and patience.  Remember, our first priority right now is safety.  We all need to take responsibility in caring for each other, our families, our community and our world.

Take care everyone and thank you for all you support.

Mr. Choate & Mr. Parent

Dec 09
There is Much to Share from Peter Lougheed School

Dear Parents and Guardians of Peter Lougheed School:

There is much to share from Peter Lougheed School.  Firstly, I want to thank all our families who attended our November Learning Conferences held on Nov. 21 and 22nd.  Being involved in your child’s world is so important and will pay huge dividends to your relationship with them, their development as a person and specifically, to their success as a student.  As we approach the winter break, teachers are focusing their attention on the remaining learning time in Term 1.  In January, we will be publishing report cards to parents and students.  At Peter Lougheed School, our report cards are paperless!  To access your child’s report card you will need to a have a PowerSchool parent account.  Your PowerSchool account provides you with access to your child’s ongoing achievement in courses as well as their final marks and teacher comments at the end of Term 1 (January 25, 2020).   At this point, we have most families set up with an account.  Parents who do not have an account are welcome to come into the school office and get themselves set up.  We are also offering PowerSchool sign up support during Night of Explore on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019.

Parents and students have been reaching out to me communicating their concern and worry about the Provincial Education budget that was sent out to school districts on Oct. 24th.  This late arrival of a provincial budget has put all schools across the province into a mid-year adjustment.  This provincial budget involves significant cuts to the level of funding that schools are receiving.  Normally, we receive our provincial budget in February.  That allows schools to make plans for the following school year.  This school year, we received the provincial budget in October, which has forced us to make mid-school year adjustments.   Given the significant cuts, three weeks ago, CBE informed 300 temporary contract teachers that their current contracts would end January 2.  At Peter Lougheed School, we have 6 temporary contract teachers who received letters that their contracts will end on January 2nd.    As a staff we are very worried about the impact any loss of a teacher will have to the operation of our school and specifically to the welfare of our students.  Last week, the CBE was informed that there was additional money that could be used to help offset some of the cuts and loss of funding. At this point, we are waiting to receive an adjusted school budget.   Our priority is always to maintain a safe and effective learning environment within Peter Lougheed.  We will endeavor to support all members of our community as we make the adjustments we will need to make given our loss of funding.  We will communicate all changes/adjustments to you as soon as we receive our latest budget.

Read more about the latest budget developments from our Chief Superintendent:

There are several documents that I would like to bring to your attention:

  • Peter Lougheed School Development Plan: Our School Development Plan (SDP) is a one-year plan that outlines our priorities and goals for the upcoming school year.  It is produced following extensive analysis and synthesis of our school data.
  • Peter Lougheed School Results Report: This is a document that summarizes our 2018-19 school year (last year).
  • Peter Lougheed 2018-19 Fees Report: This is a document that reports on Parent Fees for the 2018-19 school year.  You will note that we were in deficit for the amount of approx. $7 000.00 last year.  As a school we believe strongly that providing students with rich extracurricular experiences and superb curricular focused field trips are essential.  Each year we aim to balance our Fees over the course of a school year.  In years past, we have been able to absorb any deficits with provincial school funds and others sources, such as our recycling money.  Moving forward, we anticipate that we will no longer be able to absorb any deficits given our reduced funding models.  Therefore, we will be in positions that trips may be cancelled, example – Ski/Snowboard trip to Winsport.

Finally, I want to invite all of you to join us on Night of Explore, taking place on Wednesday, Dec. 18 The evening is open to all families of Peter Lougheed School students.  The purpose of the evening will be to share and explore exciting learning from our Fine Arts and Career and Technology Foundation courses.  The school will open its doors to families so that you have a taste for the excited learning going on in our Explore courses.  One of the highlights of the evening will be a presentation/performance taking place in our main gym.  We will send out an detailed invitation leading up to the event.

I wish you all the best as we enter into our Winter Break from school.  Thursday, Dec. 19 is our last day of classes for students.  Students will be returning to school on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.  I hope that your break is met with good health and memorable family time.  My wish is that you all disconnect from this digital world for some quality family time.  Play a board game, go for a family walk, cook a wonderful ‘slow’ meal that involves time and togetherness.

Take care,

Mr. Gord Choate

Sep 05
Welcome Back!

This is the end of our second day with students.  I must tell you how impressed I am with your children.   Our school has been extremely busy preparing for opening our new school year.  Since our office opened last week, we have faced a high volume of new student registrations.  I have several items that I would like to bring to your attention:

  • Peter Lougheed Open House
    • We are hosting an Open House to Peter Lougheed students and parents on Thursday, Sept. 19th (5pm to 8pm).  Please mark that date in your calendar.  This is a great opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and learn about their year ahead at Peter Lougheed School.
  • Student Enrollment and Classroom Organization
    • Our student enrollment as of today sits at approximately 960 students.  The distribution of students and classrooms per grade is:


Number of Students

Number of Classrooms
















We are still following up with a few families to whom we understand may have moved over the summer, but are confident in our position that our student enrollment will remain significantly above our spring projections of 880.  Last week, when we saw enrollment increasing, we made the decision to add one additional Grade 8 class so that our total number of homerooms in our school is now 31.  The creation of an additional classroom has required us to make some re-arrangements to our Learning Commons space.  We now have a Grade 8 homeroom housed in the classroom that used to be our computer lab.  Our computer lab is now in our learning commons.  

Our school was originally outfitted to house 950 students when it opened in the fall of 2016.  While growth is always a ‘good’ problem to have, we understand that it will require us to respond in ways that will result in change to how we use and experience the building with students. We are up for this challenge as a school community!!  This increase will require all of us (students, parents and staff) to be community minded as we share the physical building we call Peter Lougheed School, but also our learning resources, and our public spaces in and around our school within the Saddleridge community. 

We will be monitoring our enrollment closely as we move into September and may adjust our organization again if warranted.   If you are new to our school, or need to read up on our programs, expectations, etc..  please take some time to learn more about our school by spending some time at our school website.

Looking forward to working with you this year as partners in your child’s public education!

Mr. Choate, Principal 

Mr. Parent, Assistant Principal

Jun 03
June 2019 – Our Final Three Weeks

​Dear Parents and Guardians of Peter Lougheed School: 

It is hard to believe that our school year is almost complete!  As we close out our first year, there is so much to celebrate and gives thanks for!  I am so very proud of all the students and staff for leaning into the work of opening our amazing school, the Home of the THUNDER!  We have had an extremely successful year.  I am so proud of all of our students and staff.  I would like to bring your attention to the following important items:

1. Paperless Report Cards

On Wednesday, June 26th, students will be finishing their last school day of this school year.  Their Term 2 Report Cards will be available in PowerSchool on that day.  

Report cards will no longer be printed instead, parents will be able to access and review their child's academic progress and grades online with the PowerSchool parent portal.

A MyCBE / PowerSchool parent account will allow you to access a number of supported technologies and tools at the Calgary Board of Education, including:

  • Access to your children's academic information (schedule, grades and attendance)
  • Register for transportation and noon supervision
  • Pay fees online and request waivers
  • Book school conferences

Parents/guardians who have not yet registered or are unsure how to access MyCBE/PowerSchool, on the main page and navigate to the MyCBE / PowerSchool icon to learn more about creating, accessing and using your account.

Use MyCBE/PowerSchool to Access Attendance and Assignment Information for Students

More information can be found here:

Peter Lougheed School Goes Paperless Reporting!!​

2. School Organization for 2019-20

Moving forward to next year, we are looking to have 30 homerooms with our Grade Classroom configuration being:

  • Grade 5 – 6 Homeroom Classes 
  • Grade 6 – 7 Homeroom Classes 
  • Grade 7 – 6 Homeroom Classes 
  • Grade 8 – 6 Homeroom Classes 
  • Grade 9 – 5 Homeroom Classes

This classroom configuration is based on our student projections for next year.  We are currently projected to have 880 students enrolled on our school in September.  If our enrollment is different (up or down), we may need to adjust accordingly in September.  

3. Home Alone Safety Course

The Calgary Bridge Foundation is offering a Home Alone Safety Course on Friday, June 21st.  This is a free course for students in Grade 5 & 6.  Registration forms went out in early June.  There is a limit of 20 students for registration.

4. Explore Option Courses

We will be having students finalize their explore option selections for next year in the next few weeks of June.  This is an opportunity for students to identify their top choices for explore courses.  We do our best to make sure students have at least of two of their top 4 choices.  

5. Big farewell to Mrs. Wagler

Finally, I wanted to inform you that we will be saying farewell to Mrs. Michelle Wagler, who is our school admin secretary here at Peter Lougheed School.  Mrs. Wagler has accepted a new position at Radisson Park School.  She will begin her new position on Monday, June 10th.   We are going to dearly miss Mrs. Wagler’s bright spirit, her laugh, and her dedication to all members of our community.  Please join me in wishing her all the best with her new position.   At this time, we are actively working through staffing processes to find a replacement for this position.  For the interim period in June, we will be welcoming back Mrs. Kathy McIntyre.  Mrs. McIntyre worked in our office as Admin Secretary when we opened the school in August of 2016.  She will be joining us on Wednesday, June 12th and will remain with us until the end of June.  

Wishing you all a safe, relaxing and family filled summer!!

Take care
Gord Choate​

Mar 13
Experiences at Peter Lougheed School

Dear Parents and Guardians of Peter Lougheed School

Peter Lougheed School continues to be engaged with a multitude of experiences, both within and beyond our school walls.  We are seven weeks into Term 2 and students are deep into experiencing rich and exciting opportunities in their learning.  With all the cold weather we have had over the past 6 weeks, I am pleased to say that we only needed to cancel three field trip experiences.  These were our ski-snow board field trips to Winsport as part of our phys. Ed. Program for Grades 7, 8 and 9.  We were able to re-schedule our Grade 9’s, but unfortunately our Grade 7’s and 8’s will need to wait another year.

We are so proud of our students who have been participating in our extra-curricular activities.  Whether it be our Robotics Club students participating in two Robotics events, or our CTF Showcase students immersing themselves into real life challenges in Fashion, Culinary Arts, Robotics, etc.. (both at Nelson Mandela High School), our positive Thunder spirit was on display as students represented themselves and our school with class and excellent character.

Our Thunder Basketball season is winding down over the next two weeks.  We have experienced great success on all 4 of our teams (Jr and Sr. Boys and Jr and Sr. Girls).  We have an amazing group of coaches who work with our student athletes to put competitive squads on the court.  There are so many lessons to be learned through team sports.  I admire all the coaches as they work with their young athletes to learn how to lose, win, support each other, and put forth their best effort in the spirit of the team.  They have had many early morning and late evening practices and competitive games and tournaments over the course of our season. Big thank you to all the parents who have driven our Thunder athletes and a huge shout out to all our coaches and student athletes. Way to go Thunder!

As we conclude our last week of March before Spring Break, I wanted to share the following events taking place at our school.

  • Wednesday, March 20
    • Parent Education Session: Supporting your child in Mathematics 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday, March 20          School Council Meeting 6:30 PM
  • Thursday, March 21              Peter Lougheed Lip Sync  2:00 PM
  • Thursday, March 21              Student Learning Conferences 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday, March 21              Bamfield Parent Meeting 6:00 PM
  • Friday, March 22                  No Classes for Students
        • Student Learning Conferences 10 AM – 1:00 PM
  • March 23 – March 31            Spring Break – School Closed


I hope that our winter has finally decided to give us a break so that spring has a chance to take hold.  With the coming of warmer weather and longer daylight, I would expect that more students are walking to school.  I would strongly encourage your children to walk/ride their bikes with the coming of warmer days.  This is an excellent form of exercise for their body and brain, but it also takes a lot of pressure off our traffic volume around the school.   If you do drive your child to/from school, I strongly advise you to park down by the pond and have your child meet you there.  It’s a short walk for them and a wonderful place to wait if you do have to drive.

All the best,


Gord Choate

Jan 09
January 2019
Dear Parents and Guardians of Peter Lougheed School!

Happy New Year!  I hope that you and your family had opportunity over the break to rest, relax and enjoy some connected family time together!

Yesterday, January 8th, I was at Peter Lougheed School to share my ‘return’ news personally with each class.  I shared with students and staff that I will be returning to the school on Monday, January 14th.  I have been away from the school since October 12th.  I told students that I had something that doctors needed to fix with my heart and my medical team feels that I am strong enough to return to work as Principal at Peter Lougheed School.  I still have work to do regarding my recovery but feel optimistic and hopeful that I will continue to improve over the next months.  I have really missed the students and staff!

I would like to thank the whole school community for their caring thoughts and prayers during my time away.  Your emotional and spiritual support is appreciated beyond words.  I would also like to thank Mr. Parent and Mrs. Kaiserseder for all their care and hard work to keep our school moving forward during my time away.  Mrs. Kaiserseder’s last day will be on Friday, January 11th.  If you happen to be in the school, please feel free to say thank you to her!

Moving forward, January is an important month for our school.  January will mark the end of Term 1.  Teachers have been working hard with students to complete their studies in courses that are term based.  All courses will be receiving formal assessment and evaluation information at the end of January.  This will be coming home on January 25th in the form of a Term 1 Report Card.    Monday, January 28th, will mark the beginning of Term 2, which means that students will have their new option courses beginning on this date. 

I would also like to bring some important calendar changes to your attention.  Friday, Feb. 1st will be a non-instructional day for students and a holiday for our staff.  This day was to be a day set for conferences, but an agreement between the CBE and our staff associations created this day in lieu of Remembrance Day (November) whereby our staff did not receive a statutory holiday for this official day.  In the future, the CBE staff and students will have a statutory holiday in November aligned with Remembrance Day.

In terms of our school calendar, we have had to make some adjustments due to this change.  We will be moving our Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences to February 7th and 8th.  We will also be moving an early dismissal day.

Important Dates for Peter Lougheed Families:

  • Friday, January 25th – Term 1 Report Cards
  • Monday, January 28th – Term 2 Courses begin
  • Friday, February 1st – No Classes, School is Closed
  • Thursday, February 7th – Early Dismissal Day (9:10am – 12:10pm)
    • ​​Stude​nt-Parent-Teacher Conferences  (3:00-8:30pm)
  • Friday, February 8th – Early Dismissal Day (9:10am – 12:10pm)
    • Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences  (1:00-3:00pm)

Parents will be able to begin booking conferences on Wednesday, January 30th at 10:00am.  Our conference system will be open until Friday, February 8th. 

Gord Choate

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RT @yyCBEdu: Monday, May 29 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. It is also the provincial election day – don’t forget to vote! Have a safe long weekend. #WeAreCBE

RT @yyCBEdu: All of our schools and offices will be closed on Monday, May 22 for Victoria Day. Have a safe and relaxing long weekend! #WeAreCBE

RT @letaylor82: PLS hosted Grade 4 Tours today… we are so excited to welcome students from Saddle Ridge and Hugh A. Bennett for the 2023-24 year #wearecbe

RT @letaylor82: Grade 9 wish list for Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports to try within our Collaborative Response model at PLS. #wearecbe@PLougheedCBE

RT @letaylor82: Check out this awesome anchor chart Ms Kaur created for Gr 6 writers at PLS! @PLougheedCBE #wearecbe