Behavioral Expectations

The following is a general outline of the areas where staff intervention will occur and students will be held accountable for their actions.

Behavior Consequences

Students who are observed not behaving appropriately will be held accountable by our staff. If a change in behavior does not occur, they will be sent to the office. Time will provided for the student to reflect on the incident and speak with an administrator. School administration, in consultation with the teacher, will decide on the next appropriate action. Examples of such actions may include – temporary removal from class (time out) and/or detention, a written explanation from the student sent home for parent/guardian signature, a phone call to parents, community service at school, suspension from class for a period, suspension to home (1-5 days), suspension to the System Suspension Desk (Greater than 5 days).


We have 50 mins dedicated Monday-Thursday for students to have a break from their instruction.  We ask that ALL students eat a healthy lunch during the designated lunch time.  Lunchtime is an important part of the day for students - both socially, physically and emotionally.   Our expectations is that students are responsible, respectful and good citizens where ever they spend their lunchtime.  Students need to use the lunch time to feed their body with healthy food so that their bodies and brains are ready for an afternoon of learning.  New expectations this year will ask that students finish their lunch BEFORE coming back into their afternoon classes.  Students who bring outside food and drinks into the school at the end of lunch hour will be asked to store them in our school fridges until the end of the school day.  They will not be allowed to put them in their locker.  This is part of our health and wellness strategy as well as keeping our school clean. Learn more about our lunchtime expectations at Peter Lougheed Lunchtime.

Disruptive Behavior

This is behavior that is deemed by staff to interfere with the learning of others. Because our core mandate is to provide a safe, secure, and productive learning environment, this can be very serious.

Respect for Our Building

Students are asked to assist in keeping our school clean and tidy. Garbage and recycling should be placed in the proper containers. This is expected both inside and outside our school.

Respect for our School Neighborhood and Local Shops

We expect our students to show respect for private property and businesses throughout the entire neighbourhood and to respect others who live in our community. Please use crosswalks, sidewalks and stay off private property at all times.


Violence/bullying is any verbal or physical action taken which threatens or results in the inflicting of physical, emotional or psychological distress or bodily harm to another person. Violence/bullying will be addressed quickly and seriously. Should you be having trouble with another student, please tell your parents or a staff member in order to resolve the problem.

Personal Mobile Devices

Students at Peter Lougheed School are permitted to bring their own personal mobile devices to school (eg - Cell Phone, Tablet, iPad).  Our expectation is that they are responsible with their device at ALL TIMES.  During our instructional time, students must put their personal mobile device in their locker.  They are allowed to use their personal device before school, during lunch hour and after school.  If they are unable to be responsible with their device, we will secure their device in the office and they can pick it up at the end of the school day.  If a pattern of misuse (eg - repeated requests to put their device away during learning time) surfaces, then they will not be allowed to have their device at school.  Students need to remember that our Student Code of Conduct applies to them at all times (while at school, after school and on weekends).  Our Digital Citizenship Policy clearly outlines our online expectations for students at school, at home, and while out in the community.  


Weapons are considered to be any item that in the judgment of a staff member may be used to inflict injury. It is important to note that the student does not need to use a weapon to be guilty of possession of a weapon dangerous to the safety of others. Everyday items used in harmful ways such as paper clips and laser pointers will also be classified as weapons.

Serious Situations of Misconduct

The following are considered to be serious examples of misconduct and may result in immediate suspension to home, which requires parents to meet with administration to discuss reinstatement of the student in classes. Serious misconduct includes the following: use, possession of, or active contact with weapons, threats or harassment, violence/assault/fighting, vandalism, use, possession of, distribution of, or active contact with drugs or alcohol, criminal activity, defiance of authority, obscene or abusive language, smoking on school grounds or in sight of the school.

Smoking and Vaping

Students are not allowed to smoke or vape in the school, on the school grounds, or within sight of the school. It is strictly prohibited and illegal. Students are also asked to not bring to school any item associated with smoking, such as cigarettes, E-cigarettes, lighters or matches – they will be taken away from students permanently. Parents will be notified if a student is caught smoking during the day.

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