Personal Belongings

Personal Mobile Devices

Students at Peter Lougheed School are permitted to bring their own personal mobile devices to school (eg - Cell Phone, Tablet, iPad).  Our expectation is that they are responsible with their device at ALL TIMES.  During our instructional time, students must put their personal mobile device in their locker.  They are allowed to use their personal device before school, during lunch hour and after school.  If they are unable to be responsible with their device, we will secure their device in the office and they can pick it up at the end of the school day.  If a pattern of misuse (eg - repeated requests to put their device away during learning time) surfaces, then they will not be allowed to have their device at school.  Students need to remember that our Student Code of Conduct applies to them at all times (while at school, after school and on weekends).  Our Digital Citizenship Policy clearly outlines our online expectations for students at school, at home, and while out in the community.  

Backpacks, Bags, Purses

Backpacks must be kept in lockers, and are not permitted in class. Students are expected to carry all materials required for their classes. Locker visits are permitted on the way to and from Phys. Ed., at nutrition break and during the lunch hour.

Lost & Found

The lost and found is outside the office. Students are encouraged to look periodically at the lost and found and claim their belongings. Unclaimed lost and found items will be donated to charity at certain times during the school year.  Students and parents will be notified and lost and found items will be put on display before this occurs. Watches, glasses, jewelry, keys, etc. will be kept in the office.

Skateboards, Scooters, Bicycles & In-Line Skates

We encourage students to have a healthy lifestyle which may include biking, skateboarding, scooting, or skating to school. While at school, these items are not allowed to be used on school property.  We encourage parents and students to ensure proper helmet and safety gear is worn and that safety is considered when riding these items in the community.

Bicycles should be parked in the provided bike racks and properly locked.  Please note, we may not have bike racks ready when the school opens.  The school does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen articles but will assist students to the extent possible if losses occur.  In-line skates, skateboards and scooters should be kept in student lockers whenever possible.  The office will work with students to store skateboards and scooters that may be too large for student lockers.

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RT @yyCBEdu: Earlier today we shared an update with CBE families with some important system information #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @UsihChristopher: Important: Anyone who has been directed to isolate by AHS must not return to school or their workplace during their isolation period. It is also important that if you’ve had a COVID-19 test, you must not return to school until you get your results, even if you are feeling better.

Wishing all our @PLougheedCBE families a Diwali that brings happiness, prosperity, and joy!

RT @yyCBEdu: A new daily COVID-19 symptoms checklist for children under 18 goes into effect on Monday, November 2. Please make sure to review the new checklist to determine if your child is able to go to school and if you need a COVID-19 test #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @UsihChristopher: There are a number of CBE & Alberta Health resources available to help families understand what they’re required to do if their child is sick – when you must isolate, when to be tested, how long you must stay home and when you can go back to school. For info, visit CBE website.

RT @UsihChristopher: Proud of the way the entire CBE community has come together to support the ongoing learning &wellbeing of our students. As the weather starts to become colder, it’ll be more important than ever for everyone to be mindful of the health regulations & to stay home if feeling unwell.

RT @yyCBEdu: It is important for your school to have your most up-to-date email address on file. We also recommend you subscribe to receive all SchoolMessenger email notices from your school and the system. Visit for more information. #yycbe

RT @yyCBEdu: Earlier today we shared an update with CBE families with some important system reminders and updated COVID-19 information #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @yyCBEdu: As we prepare for school opening next week, we have created a series of videos to help our families better understand and see some of the different health measures that will be in place when schools open for in-person learning on Sept. 1 #yycbe #WeAreCBE