• We have 50 mins dedicated Monday-Thursday for students to have a break from their instruction.
  • We ask that ALL students eat their healthy lunch during the designated lunch time.    Lunchtime is an important part of the day for students - both socially, physically and emotionally.   Students need to use the lunch time to feed their body with healthy food so that their bodies and brains are ready for an afternoon of learning.  New expectations this year will ask that students finish their lunch BEFORE coming back into their afternoon classes.  Students who bring outside food and drinks into the school at the end of lunch hour will be asked to store them in our school fridges until the end of the school day.  They will not be allowed to put them in their locker.  This is part of our health and wellness strategy as well as keeping our school clean.   
  • Grades 5 and 6 students are to remain on school grounds during lunch with the exception of students who have permission to go home for lunch, or when leaving with parents.
  • Parents who are dropping off lunches for students are asked to drop them off BEFORE 12:00 pm.  The best plan is to have your child bring their lunch and some healthy snacks with them to school in the morning.  If that doesn't work on a particular day, drop the lunch off in the office before 12:00 pm and label it with your child's name and their homeroom. 
  • Grade 7, 8  and 9 students are allowed off-campus during the lunch hour. There is no supervision provided for students when they are off-campus.  Students are expected to return to school on time and to maintain good relationships with the residents and business people in the community.
  • All students remaining at school during the lunch break will go to assigned lunch areas. After 25 minutes, teacher-supervised activities will be accessible for students. Activities may include access to the Learning Commons, intramurals, fitness centre, games room, and other clubs and activities. Students are expected to either be in a teacher supervised activity or go outside for the remainder of lunch. Alternate arrangements will be made when weather conditions don’t allow students to go outdoors.

Lunch Supervision 

At Peter Lougheed School, lunch supervision is provided for Grades 5 and 6 students. More information on our Lunch Supervision page.

Lunch Options

Students who are staying for lunch will be expected to bring a healthy lunch from home. The Canada Food Guide suggests a well-balanced meal with fruit, vegetables and other non-processed items. Healthy lunch equals healthy minds and bodies.  We recommend that students are involved in making their lunch. Microwaves are not available this year for students to heat up their food but students do not have access to hot water. Peter Lougheed School will be pleased to offer a variety of food options  (e.g., cup-o-soup, granola bars, salads, sandwiches, yogurt, milk, etc.) available to students from our servery, The THUNDER CAFE.  These food items may change as student interest guides the menu.

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