Physical Education

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

At Peter Lougheed School, we use a modular based Physical Education program. For the 2017-2018 school year, this means that students will be able to rank between four and six activity options for each two-week period.  Module options include sport-specific activities, general fitness, performance training for athletes, dance and sport support activities, such as sports medicine. By allowing students to select preferred activities for Physical Education, we hope to develop a lifelong love of health and fitness that will lead to improved skills, strength and fitness.

Students will also learn game skills, strategy and improve fitness through group games and fitness days at the start and end of each module. At Peter Lougheed School, we work to measure the improvement of students’ skills and fitness throughout the year and will provide feedback and coaching through self-assessment, peer-assessment and teacher observations.  

We believe that every student can be an active member within Physical Education every day. As Physical Education teachers we will work with students to modify activities and options for participation to ensure that all students have the opportunity to improve their health, fitness and skills on a daily basis.

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