Dress Code

At PFS, we respect individual’s needs to feel comfortable and fashionable in their clothing choices. We would ask that parents check what their children are wearing before they go to school to ensure that they are dressed appropriately. 

Shirt straps must be 3 fingers wide and skirts must be longer than fingertips with hands along sides. Make sure that under-garments are covered and that their midriff is not showing. Clothing with profanity, reference to drugs and/or alcohol or inappropriate remarks are not acceptable at school. If there are any issues with unacceptable clothing at school, parents will be called and expected to help solve the problem.

Indoor Shoes

We are proud of our school and would like to maintain an optimal indoor environment for students. As a result, we require that students have shoes or boots for outdoor wear, as well as non-marking shoes which are appropriate for physical activity and indoor wear only. These shoes must remain at the school. This is a safety requirement when there are fire drills, reduces dust and dirt in the school, and assists us in keeping our school clean.

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