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Benjamin Williams 

Assistant Principal


 Tracy Evans 

Indigenous Education Strategist 


Nancy Turner Teacher, Kinderhttps://room24atpiitoayisfamilyschool.weebly.com
Emily Mask
Teacher, Grade 1 

Pam Grapentin 

Teacher, Grade 2https://pfsgrade1.weebly.com/blog

Jacquelin Brown

Teacher, Grade 3/4

Nadine Mundy

Teacher, Grade 3/4

Devin Green

Teacher, Grade 4/5 


Leanna Huszar 

Teacher, NOC


Georgia Paschalis 

Teacher, Grade 6


 Tash Badio

Teacher, Grade 5/6

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RT @Tombainescbe: Happy Groundhog Day #yyc Check out this student made GIF done in computers to celebrate! #wearecbc @yyCBEdu @CbeArea1 https://t.co/HitZvs1slg

February 1 is World Hijab Day. It is a day to celebrate and honor the diversity and strength of women who choose to wear the hijab. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/Q11FGeAyRz

Chief Superintendent Christopher Usih and Blackfoot Elder Saa'kokoto joined the Literacy and Indigenous Education Teams to celebrate World Read Aloud Day. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/kMS0U61gGS

RT @SunnysideCBE: Our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation is to continue our commitment to land-based learning and to build on our understanding of the Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework through the Seven Sacred Teachings. Here is what the grade 2s learned about Respect from the Bison. https://t.co/WgbyUmxdDx

Winter Walk Day is Wednesday, Feb. 1 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/2UAFm6wq8F