Student Code of Conduct

Prairie Sky School abides by the Student Code of Conduct and CBE Administrative Regulation AR6006 - Progressive Student Discipline.

The purpose of the Progressive Student Discipline Administrative Regulation is:

·       To support the creation of welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments for students that respect diversity and foster a sense of belonging for all members of our school community.

·       To create the conditions to help students engage in their learning.

·       To identify key responsibilities and accountabilities for CBE students.

·       To outline the expectations for responses to student behaviour.

·       To provide guidelines and expectations supporting an effective school-wide approach to progressive student discipline.

For detailed information on the definitions, principles of this regulation and discipline practices, please review the Progressive Student Discipline document. 

Hallway Movement Between Classes & Backpacks

The hallways are crowded during class changes and we expect students to move from class to class carefully and safely. Students are required to leave their backpacks in their lockers during the school day. A locker break is scheduled to allow students to exchange binders/textbooks.

Smoking and Illegal Substances

Smoking/vaping in the school or on school grounds is prohibited. The use/possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, paraphernalia or related materials is strictly prohibited. 

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