School Patrols

School Patrols

How to get to School Patrol information

  1. Connect to Internet and go to Patroller's Corner
  2. Scroll down left side of the webpage and select “School Safety Patrol” and hit enter
  3. The menu for “School Safety Patrol” will open then select “Patrollers Corner” and hit enter
  4. “Patrollers Corner” has three parts you need to visit to learn about being a patroller

A. Read, study and memorize the Patroller Pledge because it explains the job of the patroller.

B. Select “ Steps to patrolling” and open the “Calgary student handbook”. Carefully read and study this material to learn about what you need to do as a patroller.  Review this material several times and write down any questions you have about the material.

C. Once you have learned all the information in the “ Steps to patrolling” select the “Quiz” section and hit the “try quiz” bar then answer all the questions in the quiz.

       5.  Listen for the announcement about the patrol test times and go to Room 2 to complete the patroller quiz, the EYE got it!” worksheet and to write the patroller pledge from memory.

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