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Freezing temperatures keep students inside 

By Leilu P. and Andrew N.

The weather in January has kept students of Queen Elizabeth School (Q.E.S.) inside; even during recess and lunch recess. The first cold snap started on January 10th and ended on January 19th. “It is cold, very, very cold,” exclaimed Reva M., a grade six student of Q.E.S.

During indoor recesses, there are several options to choose from. Students that prefer to play active games can visit the gym or the music room, and others may choose to go to the library to read books. Activities such as drawing or coloring are located in the school lobby.

Students need to stay inside during cold snaps because of the risks of the cold. Lung damage can occur when inhaling freezing air. Frostbite may also happen in five minutes in -30° weather as well as Hypothermia, which is a dangerous medical emergency that happens when your body gets to the point where it’s losing more heat than it can produce on its own. For more information go to

Indoor recesses are not needed anymore, because the outside temperatures have warmed up and the cold snap is over, students still need to dress accordingly to the weather.


The Holidays held a sweet surprise at Bethany Calgary!
By Maya A., Reva M. and Eric G.

Ten lucky students from Queen Elizabeth School’s Student Leadership Team strolled to Bethany Calgary for a holiday visit in West Hillhurst. It is a senior centre located a couple of blocks away from Queen Elizabeth School. (Q.E.S) On December 19, just a week before Winter Break, students gave out Holiday cards to all 360 residents.

Students from all grades designed holiday cards during their class time. They were dedicated to the cause. Cards continued to be created right up until the last second. “Our motivation was knowing that we would be making a resident’s day or putting a smile on their face,” explained Cali Ann J., a grade six student.

The school wanted to end 2019 on a good note by spreading some holiday cheer! “Handing out holiday cards brought joy to the seniors: it also made us feel very jolly too,” commented Andrew N., a grade 6 member of the Student Leadership.  

Every student made at least one holiday card. There weren’t enough at first so some students gladly made extras!  Every senior got a card. On the day, ten students from the leadership club walked over to Bethany Calgary and read the cards to the seniors. Many seniors commented that the gesture of card giving made their day. By the look on their faces, the seniors loved the surprise and Student Leadership got a huge, “thank you.”

Olivia M. declared she had a wonderful time, “I loved reading the cards to them. One senior even hugged me. You feel so warm and fuzzy inside when you bring happiness into someone's day.”

Jess G., a grade 6 stated,“I walked into a room, and there were about 30 residents! I couldn’t wait to read out the cards, and hopefully have a good laugh.” 

A lot of students really wanted to go to Bethany Calgary and spread some holiday joy. Not all got the opportunity; hopefully, there will be another opportunity for the Student Leadership to make another visit.

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